Halloween: Powered by Small Business

As you dutifully dole out Halloween treats today and enjoy your neighborhood costumes, peruse some of these statistics culled from 2004 U.S. Census Bureau data.

* Ninety-four percent of the 135 businesses in the nation that made chocolate and confections from cacao beans had fewer than 500 employees. Seventy-six percent of the total, or 103 firms, had fewer than 20 workers.

* About 1,038 entities were in the business of making confections from purchased chocolate and 78 percent of them, or 807, had fewer than 20 employees.

* There were 479 makers of non-chocolate candies across the nation and 95 percent of them, or 457, boasted fewer than 500 employees while 351 had fewer than 20 staffers.

* There were 2,090 confectionery and nut stores, of which 2,074 or 99 percent had less than 500 employees. Eighty-five percent of the total had fewer than 20 workers.

* The United States has 1,155 costume and formal wear rental shops in 2004, of which 1,151, or almost 100 percent, had fewer than 500 employees. Eighty-nine percent of the total, or 1,025 small businesses, had fewer than 20 workers.

Data courtesy of Raymond Keating, chief economist at the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council.

By Sharon McLoone |  October 31, 2007; 8:03 AM ET Data Points
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