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Knowing When to Call 'The Suit'

Most entrepreneurs and other small business owners don't have business degrees, but they have a lot of grit and passion for what they do. And those that do have backgrounds in finance or management often get so caught up in daily operations that it's easy to lose sight of the...

By Sharon McLoone | January 4, 2008; 8:15 AM ET | Comments (0)

And for His Next Trick.... Organic Beer

Meet Alan Newman. You may know him from his firm, Seventh Generation, which grew into a powerhouse of environmentally friendly cleaning products that are now sold nationally in thousands of stores. Or from his first small business, which rode a wave of consumer interest in mail-order services and blossomed into...

By Sharon McLoone | January 3, 2008; 8:00 AM ET | Comments (3)

Women's Groups Lambaste SBA Plan

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and that's just about the reaction that women's business groups are having to the Small Business Administration's new plan I wrote about last week. The latest to weigh in is the National Association of Women Business Owners, which called the government's plan...

By Sharon McLoone | January 2, 2008; 2:30 PM ET | Comments (0)


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