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New TARP Bill to Aid Small Financial Institutions

The chairman of the House Financial Services Committee has introduced a bill (pdf) reforming the program designed to shore-up the nation's ailing financial structure. It will require the Treasury to permit smaller community financial institutions to participate on the same terms as the large players that already have received funds....

By Sharon McLoone | January 9, 2009; 3:00 PM ET | Comments (1)

Consumer Law Clarified, but Small Firms Likely Unprepared

Owners of consignment stores, thrift stores and some toy stores are breathing a sigh of relief thanks to a new clarification from the Consumer Product Safety Commission over an upcoming regulation that could have abruptly put many of them out of business. However, many small firms that could be impacted...

By Sharon McLoone | January 9, 2009; 2:00 PM ET | Comments (1)

How Do I.... Run My Business During Inauguration?

Around Washington, there's not just talk of plans for Inauguration Day - although there's plenty of that - but Inauguration Week. Some area businesses like restaurants, retailers and hotels will see a much needed burst of activity as millions flood the city looking for places to eat, shop and sleep....

By Sharon McLoone | January 9, 2009; 11:41 AM ET | Comments (0)

IRS May Push for Tax Compliance in Virtual Worlds

The IRS soon may keep a closer watch on the thousands, if not millions, of small firms and the self-employed that have sprouted up in virtual worlds. The nation's taxpayer advocate, who recommends to the IRS how to improve the average consumer's tax-paying process, released her annual report Wednesday describing...

By Sharon McLoone | January 8, 2009; 12:00 PM ET | Comments (3)

Business Group Offers 'Wish List' to Lawmakers

A small business advocacy group is asking lawmakers to include certain provisions in the much-talked about upcoming economic stimulus bill. The National Small Business Association said the number of small business owners who believe the national economy is worse than it was five years ago jumped to 64 percent from...

By Sharon McLoone | January 8, 2009; 7:30 AM ET | Comments (0)

Study: Ailing Economy Pinches Franchise Growth

The nation's ailing economic environment is hitting franchises where it hurts. The International Franchise Association released a report today forecasting that the number of business franchises will decline in 2009 by 1.2 percent -- a drop of about 10,000 establishments to about 855,000 franchises. Jobs in franchise businesses are expected...

By Sharon McLoone | January 7, 2009; 2:45 PM ET | Comments (0)


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