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Honoring El Diablo

We've known for some time that United plans to honor Marco Etcheverry this fall. Today we learned the details of the tribute match and who will participate: Valderrama, Lalas, Ramos, Wynalda, Chacon, Cinefuegos, LeBouef, Gough, Ramirez......not to mention actors Anthony LaPaglia, Vinny Jones (former Wimbledon hard man) and Jimmy Jean-Louis.

Here's part of the press release:

Washington, D.C. (July 3, 2007) - D.C. United announced today the club will honor United legend Marco Etcheverry with a tribute match on October 20, prior to the team's final regular season game versus the Columbus Crew (7:30 p.m. ET). At the match D.C. United will honor the 10-year anniversary of D.C. United's 1997 Championship. The game will be preceded by the tribute match at 5 p.m. and pit United's 1997 MLS Cup championship team versus Hollywood United, a team made up of former MLS stars and celebrities. Tickets to the double-header are available through "Marco is arguably the greatest player to ever grace Major League Soccer," said United President and CEO Kevin Payne. "Honoring him with a tribute match is a fitting way for us to thank El Diablo for all that he has done for D.C. United. I expect that our supporters will join us in great numbers for this celebration." Those expected to join Etchverry as part of the 1997 Championship tribute and to participate in the pre-game match include John Harkes, Jeff Agoos, Richie Williams, Raul Diaz Arce, Brian Kamler, David Vaudreuil, John Maessner, Scott Garlick and Tom Presthus. Vaudreuil currently serves as the Executive Director of Hollywood United. Etcheverry and his 1997 MLS Cup Champion teammates will be matched against a host of stars of soccer and screen in the tribute match. Among those scheduled to appear for Hollywood United are former MLS Stars Carlos Valderrama, Mauricio Cienfuegos, Tab Ramos, Alexi Lalas, Eric Wynalda and Alex Pineda Chacon. International stars also scheduled to play include French National team player Frank LeBouef, Scottish international Richard Gough and Ramon Ramirez of Mexico. Scheduled to join these soccer luminaries will be "Without a Trace" star, Anthony LaPaglia, Jimmy Jean Louis of "Heroes" and Vinny Jones from the movie "Snatch". In addition to his burgeoning acting career, LaPaglia serves as chairman of HUFC and is a part of the ownership group of Sydney FC of the Australian A League.

By Steve Goff  |  July 3, 2007; 2:48 PM ET
Categories:  D.C. United  
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That's pretty cool.

Perhaps Rod Stewart will make a cameo?

Posted by: Joe Doc | July 3, 2007 3:02 PM | Report abuse

Vinnie Jones--yikes! Just make sure he doesn't try and take out El Diablo the first time he makes a run. And too bad they couldn't get Elizabeth Shue (who is the original character that the movie Gracie is based on) or any of the Bend it Like Beckham women--could have made for some nice celebs!

In any case, great to see the details on this.

Posted by: JoeW | July 3, 2007 3:03 PM | Report abuse

Vinnie Jones--yikes! Just make sure he doesn't try and take out El Diablo the first time he makes a run. And too bad they couldn't get Elizabeth Shue (who is the original character that the movie Gracie is based on) or any of the Bend it Like Beckham women--could have made for some nice celebs!

In any case, great to see the details on this.

Posted by: JoeW | July 3, 2007 3:03 PM | Report abuse

I think everyone should have to wear an Etcheverry mullet, as a tribute.

I'm surprised that Garlick can find to leave his real estate sales job in Florida...

Posted by: RK | July 3, 2007 3:05 PM | Report abuse

i played in an adult tournament in charleston, sc and valderamma played in the over 40 bracket with his club from clearwater, fl. it was a great sight!

Posted by: Anonymous | July 3, 2007 3:16 PM | Report abuse

This. is. awesome.

Posted by: Ron | July 3, 2007 3:27 PM | Report abuse

I love how an actor who has been working continuously since 1985 is regarded as "burgeoning." Poor guy can't catch a break.

Posted by: Logan Circle | July 3, 2007 3:44 PM | Report abuse

Is that "Big Chris" from "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels"? (Vinnie Jones) Love that guy! I'm in!

Posted by: JkR | July 3, 2007 3:49 PM | Report abuse

Lapaglia was great in So I Married an Axemurderer.

Posted by: the cheat | July 3, 2007 3:55 PM | Report abuse

So do my season tickets get me in for the tribute match or do I get to buy an extra ticket to go to charity? I'm game either way, and if there are charitable donations to be made, I'll make one. Just want to make sure I don't miss this.

Posted by: G-Unit | July 3, 2007 4:03 PM | Report abuse

Are you sure that isn't the line-up for the Galaxy Alumni Game printed by mistake? I saw 3/4 of those players in that game a couple weeks ago.

Unfortunately they looked better than the actual Galaxy team that played Columbus and allowed two short-haded goals by the Crew...

Posted by: Nathanhj | July 3, 2007 4:31 PM | Report abuse

It's all one event. If you have a ticket to the regular match, just show up early for the tribute game.

Posted by: Goff | July 3, 2007 4:33 PM | Report abuse

Torres officially in Liverpool, and now rumor has it that Barca has offered 18 mil for Lampard.

Posted by: RK | July 3, 2007 4:55 PM | Report abuse

where's mario gori?

Posted by: d, dc | July 3, 2007 5:02 PM | Report abuse

So then I take it we'll start rocking Lot 8 around Noon?

Posted by: AlecW81 | July 3, 2007 5:33 PM | Report abuse

I predict many in la Barra will be leaving the tailgate early on 20 Oct!


Posted by: GrillMaster | July 3, 2007 6:04 PM | Report abuse

WOW!!!!!!!!! Freddy Adu respons to all the critizim, by scoring two goals. Freddy has definitely played the game of his life so far. Can someone please explain how Poland goes and beats Brazil, and then gets crushed by the US?

Posted by: DC United Fan | July 3, 2007 6:21 PM | Report abuse

Altidore adds one. US 5 - Poland 1. GO USA!!!!!!!!

Posted by: DC United Fan | July 3, 2007 6:31 PM | Report abuse

It's now up to 5-1, according to the matchtracker at the US Soccer site. Is anyone watching this match on TV?

Posted by: Go Penn State! | July 3, 2007 6:34 PM | Report abuse


Posted by: grumpy | July 3, 2007 6:49 PM | Report abuse

Adu got his hat trick, and things wrapped up at 6-1.

Posted by: Go Penn State! | July 3, 2007 6:53 PM | Report abuse

Speaking of DCU's legendary Bolivians, Jamie just "golasso'd" against Peru with a great soft touch over the keeper. From the bits and pieces I've seen from the Bolivian games, he's one of the best on the squad. At least between him and Olsen, DCU's had a solid Copa America...

Posted by: edgeonyou | July 3, 2007 7:13 PM | Report abuse

Man, Goff is slipping, looks like his travels and international TGIF Cobb salad cuisine is getting the best of him.

He missed the scoop on Goldenballs' ankle.

He's scheduled to start 23 July? Might be off a day or week or two, but around there.

Posted by: del | July 3, 2007 11:12 PM | Report abuse

A) Feilhaber is great at drawing fouls, waiting for just that moment to lean in or go. Good stuff.

B) We all know we could have beaten Paraguay 3-1. We just didn't finish.

C) As a Coach, I'd be ecstatic about the type of games we played for 60 minutes and realistic about the stupidity of our mistakes.

D) Bornstein is so bittersweet. He's got speed, gets up the field and could be a Roberto Carlos, but he makes so many BONEHEADED mistakes. Youth and inexperience will only last him so long before we start asking WHEN?

E) With Bocanegra, Dempsey and Hejduk, I think we'd still be in this race for the Copa.

F) Oh well . . . the U-20's won!

Posted by: d | July 4, 2007 12:52 AM | Report abuse

Hats off to DC United for doing the right thing. Marco was one of the better players in the MLS, if not the best.

Posted by: SOCCERTIME | July 4, 2007 2:54 AM | Report abuse

Vinnie Jones used to play for ManU, he's got game.

Posted by: London Dan | July 4, 2007 5:09 AM | Report abuse

This looks like a great event for Marco. I am surprised there aren't more Bolivians involved though. But it is great to see all those names come out for a tribute.

Now where is Maradona???? And like someone else pointed out, Mario Gori?

Posted by: Lost in BA | July 4, 2007 9:00 AM | Report abuse

jones never played for united but he was definitely a hard guy -

he also bit a guys nose once

Posted by: oracledba | July 4, 2007 9:32 AM | Report abuse

Somewhat off-topic, but if you haven't seen it you should check out Vinnie Jones in the Burt Reynolds role in the British remake of The Longest Yard called Mean Machine. Same story but it's a former soccer star in jail putting together a soccer team.

Btw, where's former MLS star Andrew Shue in all this Hollywood soccer talk? I understand his soccer was every bit as good as his acting.

Posted by: bbarrie | July 4, 2007 9:42 AM | Report abuse

I want Juggernaut on my team.

Posted by: Joe S. | July 4, 2007 9:48 AM | Report abuse

Happy 4th of July! US v Poland U-20 highlights:

Adu's first goal is sick . . his second not too bad either!

Posted by: delantero | July 4, 2007 10:08 AM | Report abuse

Vinnie Jones did not play for ManU, I believe you are mixing him up with Eric Cantona who had real game. He did act as a ManU supporter in EuroTrip, very funny stuff.

Posted by: Red Devil in DC | July 4, 2007 10:13 AM | Report abuse

Vinny Jones and Richard Gough on the same field? I've been fouled, and I can't get up!

Why isn't Kiera Knightley playing in the tribute?

Will LaPaglia be playing with an American accent or Australian?

6-1. Rongen is a genius now, right?

Posted by: I-270, Exit 1 | July 4, 2007 10:46 AM | Report abuse

I-270, exactly my thoughts, after the US U-20s had played ONE game, people wanted his head.

Great accurate shooting by the US. I know Szetela was alone on his goal, but his placement was superb. Looks like Zizzo had a great game, as well.

Posted by: RK | July 4, 2007 11:09 AM | Report abuse

RE:Zizzo The roster states that Zizzo is at UCLA. If he has more games even half as productive as this one, he'll be going to Europe before MLS has a chance to offer him a $16,000 contract.

Posted by: I-270, Exit 1 | July 4, 2007 11:32 AM | Report abuse


Zizzo was offered a Gen Addidas contract by MLS, which he turned down in pursuit of Euro opportunties. This performance should help.

Posted by: Nathanhj | July 4, 2007 3:19 PM | Report abuse

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