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Here is your chance to influence the nickname of the Philadelphia 2010 expansion club. The official ballot is here, the very unofficial Insider poll is down there.

By Steve Goff  |  January 19, 2009; 7:55 PM ET
Categories:  MLS  
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I'm curious about what the locals really would like it to be called.
I remember some people who'd obviously never been to the Puget Sound area trying to weigh in on their name selection process and not getting it.
When the Seattle MLS ownership came to the table with their *names* no one was feeling it.
What is the situation in Philly? If the Home town folks need a little help with their voting I'd get a tiny bit of joy out of helping their cause, sooooo.
Someone clue me in so I can lend a hand, even though, if, and when ye' all get yer team you will be another enemy in the crosshairs.
So what do the SOB's really want?

Posted by: DadRyan | January 19, 2009 8:32 PM | Report abuse

I voted "none of the above" and here are my suggestions.

A few riffs on the Liberty Bell:
- Philadelphia Belles
- Philadelphia Crack

The "omni-partnership" name
- FC Real Philadelphia Inter City 2010

And, of course:
- Chester Rockwell United

Posted by: I-270Exit1 | January 19, 2009 8:44 PM | Report abuse

Sporting Philadelphia

Philadelphia Hearts

Philadelphia Liberty

Independence FC

Philadelphia Quakers

Susquehannock Soccer Club

Posted by: Brian76 | January 19, 2009 8:50 PM | Report abuse

I can understand the SC, or FC, but AC? Philly's soccer team would be a single sport venture, not really an 'athletic club'

Posted by: carmines757 | January 19, 2009 8:59 PM | Report abuse


You know, I've never been sure whether Chest is short for Chester or not. I like to think it's a mystery that will never be solved.

If they named the club after me, I'd insist on a tournament against any and all clubs named after some dude (invitees would include Luis Angel Firpo, Bolivar, O'Higgins, and Peralta's former club Almirante Brown). I'd also have the odd experience of rooting against something named for me, which could be fun but might cause some sort of psychological problem.


I'm just glad they don't want to be another FC. There's nothing wrong with the term soccer, and the FCs of MLS convey a certain inferiority or subservience to the game elsewhere. We have nothing to be ashamed of, and while it might seem like an overreaction to a matter of semantics, I say semantics matter.

Posted by: Chest_Rockwell | January 19, 2009 9:45 PM | Report abuse

I'm tired of the faux traditional choices. Real Salt Lake was idiotic. These choices for Philly are pretty bad. What's wrong with picking something that has something to do with the actual place instead of trying to create tradition where none exists.

I suppose they could be the Atoms.

Independence sounds like an interesting suggestion though

Posted by: fedssocr | January 19, 2009 9:48 PM | Report abuse

Chest: how about Newell's old boys?

Anything but AC. Do we need to pay more homage to Mussolini?

Posted by: joshuaostevens | January 19, 2009 9:50 PM | Report abuse

Anything but a fake European name:

Spartak Philadelphia
Phildelphia 1776
FC Philadelphia
Borussia Philadelphia
Philadelphia Old Boys
Philadelphia United
Philadelphia S-Pulse
AC Philadelphia

or any of the suggestions above:

Sporting Philadelphia (what the hell does that mean in the US?)
Philadelphia Hearts (sounds a little effeminate)

Posted by: Palin-McCain2012 | January 19, 2009 9:50 PM | Report abuse

There is no Sounders-type name in terms of rallying the soccer world to stack the vote. In terms of which name seems to have the best fit on a number of fronts, I would recommend that it is Union.

1. Philly History : Lots of connection with the Revolutionary and Civil Wars - Keystone of the Union, Federal Union, Union League, Union Army, etc.

2. Team Story: Union of owners, government officials and fans in getting a team in Philly.

3. Soccer Tradition: Lots of teams throughout the world with Union in the name yet it would be unique in MLS - see PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands), Palermo, Sampdoria & Lecce (Italy), Almeria, Levante & Salamanca (Spain), AEK Athens (Greece), LeMans (France), Uniao de Leiria (Portugal), Peralta's new team - Union de Sante Fe (Argentina), Uniao Sao Joao (Brazil), Union Atletico Maracaibo (Venezuela), Union Sportive de Douala (Cameroon), etc.

4. Philly's Blue Collar Image: Some people like the name for this reason, others dislike it for the same reason.

Just my $.02 on the topic.

Posted by: PhillyMLS | January 19, 2009 9:54 PM | Report abuse

Old Glory SC
Philadelphia Friends
Philadelphia Express (as in Schuylkill)
Philadelphia Pikers (as in Turn...)
Continental SC
Philadelphia Whigs

Posted by: spata2 | January 19, 2009 10:02 PM | Report abuse

A team should have something to do with the city; you should be able to look out the window and see it. What to they see when they look out their window? Santa booers, mafia members, murderers, crackheads, jerks. That's it: The Philadelphia Jerks. : )

Posted by: 9Nine9 | January 19, 2009 10:14 PM | Report abuse

I agree with the folks who want something unique to the city. Here's a Philly-centric game to play while you brainstorm:

Posted by: Pedalada | January 19, 2009 10:49 PM | Report abuse

How about Philadelphia Freedom? It has a nice ring to it, and its what the Liberty Bell represents.

I also like Union. By far the best of the chosen list...

Posted by: BurchFan4 | January 19, 2009 10:52 PM | Report abuse

the Minutemen... best punk band ever btw...;-)

Posted by: DadRyan | January 19, 2009 10:56 PM | Report abuse

Can we vote for team motto?

My vote, "Join or Die" (in honor of Ben Franklin.)

Posted by: Metzengerstein | January 19, 2009 11:48 PM | Report abuse

Philadelphia Freedom - former pro tennis team in Philly - it is a no-go

Philadelphia AC - great if you are a AC Milan fan; otherwise AC means Atlantic City to most fans in the area.

Posted by: PhillyMLS | January 19, 2009 11:51 PM | Report abuse

Philadelphia Athletics
Atletico Philadelphia
AC Philadelphia (all could be called A's)
Philadelphia Stakes (goalpost/steak play on words)
Pennsylvania Turnpikes
Philadelphia Blueballs (Blueball Avenue is in Chester)

Posted by: IamAM | January 20, 2009 12:24 AM | Report abuse

Philadelphia Athletics --> Kansas City
--> Oakland. MLB might have something to say about that one.

Philadelphia Freedoms --> World Team Tennis of the 1970s. See also "Sir Elton John."

Old NASL entries were Fury and Atoms.

Philadelphia Bell were a Seventies World Football League entry.

I kinda like Philly Union or Independence FC.

Posted by: SportzNut21 | January 20, 2009 12:50 AM | Report abuse

The Ben Franklins
Poor Richard FC

A kite with a key on it can be their logo. Or a mailbox.

Posted by: Section106 | January 20, 2009 1:35 AM | Report abuse

I hope it's Philadelphia City, and I can't wait for sportscasters to say "The City played well, but DC United played better. United 3-1."

Posted by: dsheon | January 20, 2009 2:25 AM | Report abuse

Perhaps the Philadelphia %&$^*%)&, that way they don't have to change what they yell now.....

Posted by: throwin | January 20, 2009 2:49 AM | Report abuse

I could possibly vote for Union or City if someone could explain to me WHAT THOSE NAMES ARE SUPPOSED TO MEAN.

Posted by: Wendell_Gee | January 20, 2009 6:58 AM | Report abuse

Philadelphia Phat A's

Posted by: Barracudas | January 20, 2009 7:59 AM | Report abuse

Philadelphia Continentals
Philadelphia Soccer Club
Philadelphia Independents
Philadelphia Constitution
Philadelphia Freedom
Philadelphia Whigs
1776 Philadelphia (my fav)

Philadelphia Union was the best of the lot in the list. Union can be taken to be the Union of States that was formed in Philadelphia in 1776

Posted by: RRP1 | January 20, 2009 8:52 AM | Report abuse

We should try to decide on one single TERRIBLE name for the Philadelphia team and vote for it. It would be a great start to a DC/Philly rally if United supporters actually had a say in choosing the name of the Philly franchise.

Posted by: DCUMD | January 20, 2009 9:13 AM | Report abuse

>Philadelphia AC - great if you are a AC Milan fan; otherwise AC means Atlantic City to most fans in the area.

I like AC, but you are 100% correct. I can't believe it is even a suggestion.

Posted by: Reignking | January 20, 2009 9:19 AM | Report abuse

I prefer Philadelphia 1776 or Philadelphia Union.

Rocky's Old Boys
The Philly Cheesesteaks
Boooooooooooooooooooooo SC

Posted by: noptov | January 20, 2009 10:02 AM | Report abuse

Main Line Philadelphia
Philadelphia Blues (as in Blue Bloods)
Inter-River Philadelphia
5 Square Philadelphia

Posted by: Eric_in_Baltimore | January 20, 2009 10:30 AM | Report abuse

Philadelphia Hearts (sounds a little effeminate)

Posted by: Palin-McCain2012 | January 19, 2009 9:50 PM

Just trying to think of some kind of play on the city of brotherly love, and I like the name Heart of Midlothian, very unique name. I'm in the middle about referencing other soccer teams. Obviously Real Salt Lake is dumb because there is no connection to anything royal and its just copying another team name.....but so is DC United, it just happens to sound really appropriate and at least it isnt out of place. Plenty of other sports franchises copy names of others (or at least use the same names) and then there are the ones that make no sense because of the fact that the teams have moved (but can anyone imagine the lakers called anything else?). I do like soccer team names to be different in the fact that its not the city/state and an animal, those are just so many panthers or cardinals can there be? I do like 1776 Philadelphia too, again its copying another team name, but still making it their own.

Posted by: Brian76 | January 20, 2009 10:33 AM | Report abuse

Something can be said for a name that will induce at least some people to learn something about U.S. soccer history, and in particular the contributions of the Delaware Valley to that history:

Posted by: universityandpark | January 20, 2009 10:52 AM | Report abuse

I'm really hoping that they vote in Philadelphia Union, so when they come to town, we can chant...


You gotta love that Phily sense of humor!!
Even the supporters group, The Sons of Ben, has a good sense of humor....

The SOB's!!!!

Posted by: PocketKings | January 20, 2009 11:17 AM | Report abuse

I'm not much on Philadelphia Independents, but I do like the sound of the Philadelphia Independence

Posted by: BurchFan4 | January 20, 2009 11:19 AM | Report abuse

Having grown up in Philly in the late 60's and '70's, "Union" means they'd demand excessive wages, never show up for work, and form a picket line around the stadium preventing management from getting in. Hmmm. Might just be perfect. At least they'd have plenty of strikers.

Philadelphia 1776 is a great name, but methinks the bastketball team already has claims to that name.

The only other Philly icon not previously mentioned: Philadelphia S.P. (Soft Pretzles).

Posted by: BlackandRedRedDevil | January 20, 2009 1:02 PM | Report abuse

Of course if I could spell that would be pretzels.

Posted by: BlackandRedRedDevil | January 20, 2009 1:03 PM | Report abuse

Chester Cheetahs

It's not easy being cheesey.

Posted by: PeteO1 | January 20, 2009 1:45 PM | Report abuse

Homage to William Penn: The Phillybillys

Posted by: I-270Exit1 | January 20, 2009 2:12 PM | Report abuse

Philly Manayunks

Philly Tinker Bells

Philly Iggles

Schuylkill Soccer Club

Club of Brotherly Love Soccer Club

Posted by: delantero | January 20, 2009 3:16 PM | Report abuse

Philadelphia Nationals

Posted by: OWNTF | January 21, 2009 9:10 AM | Report abuse

Chester City, of course!

Posted by: Kev29 | January 21, 2009 10:12 AM | Report abuse

The Ben Franklins
Poor Richard FC

A kite with a key on it can be their logo. Or a mailbox.

...or bifocals. Wait, that could be for the refs.

Posted by: soccerman | January 21, 2009 3:34 PM | Report abuse

Yes to:
Independence SC
Philadelphia 1776

I'd wouldn't object to:
Chester anything, since they're not actually in Philly.

No to:
Anything that is faux-European. It's old and sounds almost shameful when trying to convince a non-American that MLS is a legit league and not just a wanna be.

Also, as previously noted, in Philly, my hometown, AC = Atlantic City not Associazione Calcio or Athletic Club or anything of the sort. It should be stricken from consideration.

Posted by: pilampinto | January 22, 2009 8:12 PM | Report abuse

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