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Ten Things We Learned

I tried to post this last night, but blogs were down across the land. So here it is this morning:

1) All attempts to predict which bowl Maryland will land in are futile. But it’s safe to say the Terps will land in a bowl game. We think.

2) The next opponent is unranked and winless-in-the-ACC North Carolina State. Be afraid, be very afraid.

3) I just keep repeating this in my head … Maryland is the only team in the country to beat three ranked teams in the same season in which Friedgen has suffered two of the worst losses of his career.

4) Obi Egekeze’s leg is now a strength. With four field goals, Egekeze has now made nine straight after missing his first five attempts this season. He was all ready for that kicking duel with Sam Swank.

5) When Maryland plays noon games it means the Terps will show up and win.

6) When Maryland plays noon games it means the crowd won’t totally show up.

7) Enjoy watching Darrius Heyward-Bey while you can. He likely earned himself a lot of money with an 11-reception game and that 41-yard jaw-dropping catch.

8) Anonymous critics on message boards get awfully quiet after Chris Cosh pitches a shutout.

9) Da’Rel Scott is still not 100 percent physically.

10) Anyone up for a Maryland-Virginia rematch in Tampa?

Anyone learned anything else today yesterday?

By Eric Prisbell  |  October 19, 2008; 9:52 AM ET
Categories:  Football  
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Number 10: I'm up for that. MD and VA winning their respective divisions would be a hoot!

Learned yesterday-defense wins games (College Park, C'ville.)

Posted by: Ho Ho Ho | October 19, 2008 10:10 AM | Report abuse

A big part of the problem of the crowd not showing up is the new parking polocy. I live near Rockville and was thinking of driving down to campus to see the game. Then I remembered that if I didn't have a certain color pass for a particular lot that I would get hosed for another $15 for the priviledge of waiting in a long line for a pay lot.

I called a buddy and we watched it on tv instead. We had a great time without the rip offs or hassles! The beer was cold and the bathroom was empty! I recommend all Terps fans to boycott home games until Yow comes to her senses! This is just another way to fleece the fans and if no one shows up, beleive me the polocy will change!

Posted by: donmac | October 19, 2008 10:20 AM | Report abuse

Sam Swank is a punk.

Posted by: Joe | October 19, 2008 10:30 AM | Report abuse

I would love a rematch, and Cosh is still a dolt. Name on one had all the impressive defensive performances we have seen from him since he has been here...

Posted by: Mariolucasforthree | October 19, 2008 11:06 AM | Report abuse

Hey donmac -
How can the program get better if "fans" like you don't support the program? Empty seats and decreased revenue because "fans" like you won't shell out $15 for parking won't help recruits go to UMD and assist in building top-notch facilities. Take the metro -- it's cheaper and there is a free shuttle that the university sponsors. Tickets were available for $25 - certainly an affordable amount to watch a Top 25 opponent.

Posted by: MB | October 19, 2008 11:08 AM | Report abuse

donmac - thats pretty lame. $15 is nothing for a major sporting event. Terps ticket prices and parking are very cheap compared to just about any other major sport in the area.

As a long time season ticket holder, I was concerned about the new parking policy too. But the results have been fine. I actually get a better spot than I used to and the way in and out of the lots is much more orderly than it used to be.
I don't mind the extra $5 for peace of mind. In past years, sometimes I'd drive around for a long time before I found an open lot if I didn't get there early enough. I've had no trouble evry game this year. And I did not have to join the terrapin club.

Posted by: scott | October 19, 2008 11:15 AM | Report abuse

Much, much better to see the games in person. There are some drawbacks like bathroom lines and post game traffic but the whole experience makes up for it. Yesterday was a beautiful day to be outside and not stuck in front of a TV. Already looking forward to next week but Eric is right. A down team like State gives us fits.

Posted by: ewg | October 19, 2008 11:49 AM | Report abuse

"Anonymous critics on message boards get awfully quiet after Chris Cosh pitches a shutout."

Eric, the name's Curt. i've been using the above moniker for over a decade in various message boards and forums, so i don't consider it "particularly" anonymous. i will readily confess to NOT being a MD. alum, although my younger brother is, and attended classes with MacMillan. i attended Springbrook, sandwiched between some Ward kids and 2 years ahead of Lefty's kids.
having established my "creds," i'll just say my criticism is unchanged....and not limited to Cosh. either this entire staff doesn't know how to recruit kids that can be reached on a consistent basis, or they don't know how to coach them up on a consistent basis. the predictable flatness of this team against lesser opponents over the last few years is becoming a memorial to failure.

Posted by: mdrockjock | October 19, 2008 11:50 AM | Report abuse

Regarding a U.Va./Md. rematch - I watched the TERPS beat the Deacons,(thank you, Napoleon Dynamite), and then,in OVERTIME, watched VIRGINIA 16 NORTH CAROLINA 13
GOD was in his heaven - the sky was CAROLINA BLUE,
I don't know. I WATCHED IT, and I don't know. Tar Heels won the stats. I DO KNOW that the WAHOOS NEVER QUIT!
Be careful of what you suggest - you may get it, with similar results.

Posted by: lmiller328 | October 19, 2008 12:02 PM | Report abuse

Terps are trying to build their program, and are not there yet. You do see some good things. VA showed they are decent --beating Heels. Beating NC St and taking two or even one of the last four games would make this a successful season, after the MTSU experience.

So I would say "building" is the word. Terps have good football guys as coaches, and recruiting is decent if not spectacular, with some nice weapons coming in.

All it takes is one breakthrough year. It probably won't be this year (unless they win three games more), but maybe next. By positioning Franklin as the head-coach-in-waiting, I can see the Terps as a program that can make some very good things happen down the road.

Why would recruits want to go to WF or Clemson when they could come to College Park? The Terps should be well-positioned.

Posted by: EdDC | October 19, 2008 12:25 PM | Report abuse


NC State – 27
Maryland - 10

Maryland will finish with a 5-7 record.

Penn State will crush Maryland in recruiting this year - I am so happy that Penn State is ranked number 3 in the country - and soon to be ranked number one.

I am happy that Maryland is no longer recruiting Tavon Austin.

Jelani Jenkins, Travis Hawkins and Isaac Holmes will be signing with the University of Florida.

Go Tar Heels

Posted by: Gary | October 19, 2008 12:36 PM | Report abuse

-Real worried about Da'rell. He has been pretty quiet in the past couple weeks after being an absolute beast to start the season. We need a strong running game.

-Sure, people aren't criticizing Cosh after a win. But no one is convinced after this game that our defensive problems are solved.

-Nice to see Hey Bey get the ball so much. I was among those who felt that he wasn't getting open, as opposed to the sentiment that Turner and Franklin weren't getting him the ball. It was clear from the opening snap yesterday that they were determined to get him the ball, AND he was able to get open and make plays. A good combination. But I also think its just as likely that he could have a one catch effort next week.

-Speaking of which, where is the praise for Turner? I've been on his bandwagon since the Rutgers game, was flabbergasted that Fridge would bench him to open this season, and feel he has performed extremely well this season, some bad games notwithstanding. Real excited we have him for another season.

Posted by: drterp | October 19, 2008 2:05 PM | Report abuse

open note to gary -

Will your post change next week when the Terps win their 6th game of the season?

MD - 26
NCST- 17

Posted by: Anonymous | October 19, 2008 5:22 PM | Report abuse

Yesterday was a great day!!!Nice weather , blue skies. and those who showed up in good mood!.For those who do not come for whatever reason,its your lost! Noon games are hard for some because their own kids are playing sports.
As far as parking ,we are Terp club members and yes we bought special passes but we do not use them. We still park in the same place for 30 years.
I hope you continue to buy your season tickets,butttt at least give them to someone who will show up.GO TERPS !
I'd like to go back to Jacksonville,great time there.

Posted by: Orlgm | October 19, 2008 6:05 PM | Report abuse

Kudos to the team and coaches but me thinks 1.5 games of quality coaching and scheming does not make for a hook to hang a career hat.

Posted by: AnonymousCoshCritic | October 20, 2008 9:00 AM | Report abuse

Hey Gary,

How'd those Tar-Heels do this week?

Posted by: steve | October 20, 2008 9:50 AM | Report abuse

There is a reason Cosh is on his fourth program as defensive coordinator. All he has managed to do at previous stops was help get his head coached fired. I'm not going to hand out laurels when you blank an offense that scored 12 points against Clemson and is near the bottom of the ACC and FBS in most offensive categories.

Posted by: Matt | October 20, 2008 11:46 AM | Report abuse

I will put up Garys phone number and email address after his next idiotic post

Posted by: TopTerp | October 20, 2008 3:32 PM | Report abuse

I will put up Garys phone number and email address after his next idiotic post

Posted by: TopTerp | October 20, 2008 3:32 PM

do you have those drag queen pictures of Gary printed up yet?

Posted by: mdrockjock | October 20, 2008 6:48 PM | Report abuse

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