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Parenting Inc. Part Deux

In case you missed it, the second installment of Parenting Inc., the business of parenting ran on Saturday. The story is about the rise of specialized services for parents of infants and young children. There appears to be a coach for almost everything. Potty training. Sleep. I just heard there's a local lice lady who comes to you house and tells you what to do when you kid comes home with the critters in her hair. I hope I never have to call her.

For the next installment, I'm thinking of writing about companies or consultants who specialize in finding work for women or men transitioning back to work after having kids. It appears to be an emerging field. Part time work, as you know, is what many parents would prefer but find hard to come by.

So I'm interested in hearing from parents who have used such services if you're out there! Or people who run such businesses. You can drop me a line at shina AT

By Annys Shin |  March 11, 2008; 12:25 PM ET Consumer News
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has this blog jumped the shark?

Posted by: Anonymous | March 12, 2008 9:26 PM

Parents we all have our homework cut out for us regarding head lice!

2001, NCLB was created. 2002, Feds/Prin's Assoc turned to AAP b/c children miss to much school b/c of head lice. Three "recommendations" were given b/c they didn't have a solution: get rid of head lice checks, no-nit policies & keep using pesticides. All live lice policy is dangerous & bringing w/it epidemic proportions of head lice. We don't know what's there unless we look, period! Only 50% itch! '06, KS school sent home 200 children/18 teachers, is your school next? Parents we are being mislead! Removing policies, continuing to hand out old outdated info & lack of help is only making more of us itch! NCLB is being misinterpreting by most of our Dept of Ed's/schools & Feds are doing little to correct this! I contacted mine, have you? Main reason policies are leaving schools is the very fear they won't receive the much needed state funding (Title 1 & 2) which comes from the Feds, these are our tax $'s! W/o our children, schools wouldn't exist. I beg to differ if parents don't have a say in these policies of OUR OWN children in OUR schools!

Most schools/Dr's/Dept of Health's/Ed's & now CDC are taking advice from "powers that be". Their mission statement reads, "Committed to the attainment of optimal physical, mental & social health & well being for all infants, children & young adults". How does lowering our quality of life & allowing lice to spread unnecessarily agree with that statement? Parents I encourage you to get a 2nd opinion, become educated from Natl Lice Expert- Katie Shepherd, Lice Solutions who disagrees w/such policies & can tell you why. She too attends Meeting of the Minds (110 lice experts all can't be wrong), speaks at School Nurse Conf's & deals with 100's of cases of lice a week! None of us want to see any child left behind, none of us want head lice either! It is disease, much more than a nuisance! I've tried to begin talks, our system has built a wall. Parents, let's build bridges instead & work together, we don't have to wait for them!

Lice Solutions, only 2 non-profit (2 more in the works) treatment/research/study/education facilities in the US, help has to be there for everyone (62% free/reduced), not just those who can afford the help. or 561-842-9969. Make the call, ask your own questions, decide for yourself what is true & in the best interest of your children/school/community. This highly contravisal issue has 2 sides, you are only hearing one side...they don't want you to know what other lice experts are saying. I fought to keep our policies at my school through petitions, probono help from an atty(open records & privacy), help from lobbyist in DC who specifically deals w/HIIPA (privacy), contacted Fed/State on this "new" state law. Check into your state health code, is your state complying? PA wasn't in '06. Volunteer to help w/ head lice checks, support no-nit policies. I agree there are holes in this policy, I'm working with Katie on fixing them, not throwing them out! Head lice is found everytime we do checks, we now have the best info for our parents b/c of Katie & I offer to help families get past head lice for free in our school. We can't get head lice from helping those that do, powers that be should know this! Not every parent is able to get past head lice, this is why policies are leaving our schools, its a fact/reality! I started an annual bake (Heart/Health) to raise funds for health/hygiene items along w/ safe non-toxic treatments ($12) & the best comb out there, Terminator ($8). School acct was setup & approved by our Supr. Schools are know for fund-raisers, there is no excuse why we can't do this also! We all have an opportunity to become the example, I have taken aggressive action to insure children are in our school but lice free. I can't believe that all our schools can't find a few trustworthy parents/nurses/hair help w/ head checks 3xyr. I'm proud of what we have accomplished.

We need these policies back! We need to focus on better education & find safe ways to help those who need it! Laindane, ban in 52 countries, yet the US continues to use it for head lice on our children. '06, EPA banned it from farm use (land/water). Something stinks besides these pesticides!

Parents, you have nothing to lose, but so much to gain! Make our own decision after getting ALL the info from both sides. It's ultimately up to us what is best for our children, they're counting on us! Have faith, don't give up, do something! I'm so proud of our NEW PROACTIVE school nurse/Supr/supportive school board members (one even helps w/ head lice checks & is a hair stylist). Best of luck parents!

Kelly Addison, WI PAHLS (Parents Advocating Head Lice Solutions), Reeseville WI 920/382-4056

Posted by: Kelly Addison | March 13, 2008 11:05 AM

That's it...I won't read this column anymore. The long reply from Kelly Addison was impossible to read with all the 'w/'s and abbreviations. Way too long. Way too little information...

Bottom line with lice: Check your kids head and treat with the appropriate medication. My daughter had lice when she was in 1st or 2nd grade. One treatment with Rid (?) and she was taken care of. You wash all the bed linens, etc. Problem solved.

Bring back consumer issues that interest more of your readers.

Posted by: blasher | March 13, 2008 11:13 AM

"Bring back consumer issues that interest more of your readers"

I propose a new blog: Checkout On Balanced Parenting.
Didn't the used to have a blog about consumer issues?

Posted by: tj | March 13, 2008 6:23 PM

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