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Men, Women and Shopping

Ylan Mui

A new poll by Consumer Reports quantifies what many of us already know: Men and women just don't shop the same.

The survey found that 84 percent of couples say they shop together at least sometimes. Three-quarters say they have held hands while shopping, and 46 percent admit to "other" public displays of affection, which, really, we don't need any more detail about.

That's the boring stuff, anyway. Here's the good dish: More than a quarter of couples say they have argued in public while shopping, and 25 percent have been embarassed by their partner in a store. ("Honey, put that DOWN! It's just an eyelash curler, ok?) Six percent say they have even abandoned their significant other while shopping.

The full study will be in the September issue of ShopSmart, which is published by Consumer Reports' parent company. But we all live the results. An argument with a college boyfriend that started over a pair of pants in BCBG planted the seed that finally ended our relationship. A guy friend used to meekly follow around his fiancee as she shopped for hours, stepping in only to swipe his credit card at the checkout.

Last year, my hubby and I cleared our schedules on our anniversary to spend quality time together. We ended up at Bloomingdale's -- me in dresses, him in dress shirts -- where we blithely bought new clothes to wear out to a fancy dinner that night. Perhaps the couple that can spend together, stays together?

By Ylan Mui |  July 15, 2008; 7:05 AM ET Consumer News , Ylan Mui
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There's a blog called Men Hate Shopping that helps men with the dreaded task of shopping for clothes.

Posted by: David Harrington | July 27, 2008 4:55 PM

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