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Cadbury Pulls Products in Asia Because of Melamine

Annys Shin

Just got off the phone with a Cadbury spokeswoman in Britain who said the only region affected by the recall is Asia. However, she could not tell me where North American Cadbury products are sourced or where the ingredients for North American Cadbury products come from. She forwarded my question to another spokesperson. I'll let you know what they tell me. In the meantime, here is what is known so far, courtesy of the AP:

HONG KONG -- A Cadbury spokesman says preliminary results show its Chinese-made chocolates contain the industrial chemical melamine.

The spokesman said Monday it was too early to say how much melamine the chocolates contained. He declined to give his name because of company policy.

Cadbury said earlier the tests "cast doubt" on the safety of its Chinese-made products but didn't elaborate.

China's recent food safety scandal started with the discovery of melamine in baby milk powder.

Four deaths have been blamed on the bad milk, and some 54,000 children have developed kidney stones or other illnesses after drinking the contaminated baby formula.

The AP reported earlier that two U.S. food makers were investigating Indonesian claims that high traces of melamine were found in Chinese-made Oreos, M&Ms and Snickers.

UPDATE: According to Deborah Louison, a spokesperson for Cadbury, milk used to make Cadbury products is sourced close to where it is produced so North American customers can rest assured that the potential for melamine contamination in products sold here is practically nil. If you're concerned that you're buying a Cadbury product made in China that was imported here, check the label. Any Cadbury product made in China will have Chinese on the label.

By Annys Shin |  September 29, 2008; 10:53 AM ET Annys Shin
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Great ... thank you CHINA and greedy Corporate America for putting yourselves ahead of the well being of people and our planet. Ever wonder how much of the items we buy in the supermarket wind up in the trash? Just about ever plastic container, plaster wrapper, foil, box, tray. What goes down the drain ... an entire aisle of cleaning products and other crap. But, this is not a concern of the manufacturers. They are able to create huge volumes of CRAP which eventually pollutes the earth without ANY consequence. It's time to hold the manufacturers liable for the junk they sell.

Posted by: Bill Monroe | September 29, 2008 11:52 AM

I am totally amazed how it takes so long, nearly a year, for people to finally realize how dangerous those chinese prodcuts are. For those who had followed the story of melamine-poisoned pets, it was quite clear that this chemical had been used in chinese products for human consumption and a FDA spokesman had stated it was safe for humans. It became a huge story after the babies are dying in China after using melamine-laced formula and it may be too late to track down all of contaminated products now.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 29, 2008 12:41 PM

This is a direct quote from a FDA consultant: "Melamine is minimally toxic, and has an LD-50 in experimental animals that is similar to that of common table salt or sodium chloride. " I guess that babies could potentially die after consuming table salt.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 29, 2008 12:50 PM

I dont trust any information coming from either the government, or the manufacturer.

I look at the company's reputation, did they catch on to the problems inherent in the Chinese manufacturing system before the crisis, (mainly the corruption, and complete lack of conscience about safety, and quality)?

If not, it's usually indicative of poor business skills, poor reasoning, and not to be trusted.

No thanks.

I wouldn t trust my family's health to those simple minds, man couldn't see this coming...

Posted by: Anonymous | September 29, 2008 1:58 PM

For the US, Cadbury is produced by the Hershey Company, in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Once just needs to look at a wrapper to see where it is produced. I would suggest that this reporter contact the Hershey Comapany to see where they obtain their ingredients.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 29, 2008 3:07 PM

These CRIMES go to the heart of the problem with Chinese commerce... The ENTIRE business culture is based upon lowering the cost of goods sold!

...Anyone who says otherwise has not dealt with Chinese nationals in business...

The milk scandal is a learning moment for the world. A perfect example of how under regulated, and commonly bribed Chinese commerce works in regards to the ever present hunt for lowing the cost of goods sold:

*Sanlu sets impossibly high protein requirements.

*Sanlu pays the dairy selling honest, unadulterated milk 25% of the market rate claiming the milk isn't high quality. This allows them a low cost of good sold, and is where the impetus for poisoning the food supply for profit begins.

*Unscrupulous dairys and milk stations add water and melamine to jack up the nitrogen and make it look/test like the milk's protein is in Sanlu's rediculously high range. The water/melamine mix allows them a lower cost of goods sold than they would have just selling pure milk, and a 400 percent higher sales price.

*Honest dairymen get the shaft, and your baby gets kidney stones, or dies.


Posted by: JBE | September 29, 2008 3:21 PM

couple pretty interesting articles from greenfaucet... second one puts a chill down my spine.

Posted by: macebruce | September 29, 2008 3:28 PM

Where are they now, all the Chinese government shills who were posting furiously just a little while ago, defending the Chinese dishonesty and oppression that was so evident during the Olympics? Where are the great defenders of China now that it is clear that they are poisoning the world's people? It is IMPERATIVE that Western countries stop importing food and medicine from China, a country that is backward, irresponsible, and indifferent to the havoc and death it is causing.

Who is to blame for the fact that Chinese poison is allowed to infect our food and medicines? Is this something new, never seen before? How about the melamine in the pet food and the adulterated heparin that caused death and destruction only a few months ago? And now this, the poisoned milk products. What will it take for our government to stop the importation of Chinese foodstuffs and drugs? Mass injuries and deaths? The idiots in our government think that WMD are things that explode. But there are other types of WMD. The Chinese products are like quiet WMD, killing without a sound. Our government, so obsessive and ferocious in its hypocritical war on "drugs," ostensibly to save "The Children," doesn't give a rat's a$$ if they are poisoned by China because the clique that runs this country always sides with business in trying to cut corners, even if the consequences are illness and death for Americans. Where is Congress, our so-called representatives, when we need them to keep out the Chinese poison? The fact is that they are not our representatives, but represent only the business interests. The voice of business is always dominant when it comes to exporting jobs, screwing Americans on their credit cards, and importing cheaply produced foods that are laced with poison. And we are unable to stop this, because no one in authority gives a damn or is on our side.

Posted by: zorbathegeek | September 29, 2008 10:02 PM

A few companies in China do bad things aand we are quick to blame the entire country. I suppose we can blame the entire US for what is going on in the with banks right now.

Blame the source, not the country.

Posted by: Mike | September 30, 2008 11:51 AM

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