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Blogging FDA Science Board Accepts BPA Report

Annys Shin

So the report has been presented and a bevy of speakers--some from industry and some from consumer groups--have spoken. And now the board is sorting out what it is going to vote on.

The options on the table include accepting the report wholesale or with editorial comments.

Larry Sasich, the consumer representative on the board, proposed accepting the report and telling the FDA to look into immediately limiting infants' exposure to BPA.

"The point of this whole process is, 'do we have a chemical out there that is potentially harmful to infants and small children?'" he said. "It would be nice to sit here in isolation and look at the data...but [the public] expects us to come up with some solutions to this problem either to say there's no problem at all, this is perfectly safe, no question at all, but if there take some steps to limit exposure to this particular product until we get better data, until we can answer with confidence safety or lack of safety."

This notion was summarily shot down by the other board members as "not appropriate." But they'll vote on the suggestion separately.

Final vote on accepting the report and sending it on to the FDA for action: five said yes.

Report accepted.

By Annys Shin |  October 31, 2008; 2:45 PM ET Annys Shin
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