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The Financial Crisis and YOU: Some Helpful Links

Annys Shin

As the financial crisis has unfolded, many of my colleagues have been compiling information for consumers, from details such as whether they can still use their Wachovia bank card, to whether or not they should buy that pad in Brooklyn. Some are based on your questions so keep them coming at

Here are links to those pieces:

The Crisis and Your Pocket Book series are answers to reader questions.
You can check out the installments so far here:
The Crisis and Your Pocketbook 3

The Crisis and Your Pocketbook 2

The Crisis and Your Pocket Book

Getting in Touch with Your Investment Angst

ARM Holders Would Do Well to Shop Around Now

Retirement Wreck: Are 401(k)s still viable for saving?

The Financial Crisis and You

What a Bank Failure Would Mean for Depositors

What Market Tumult Means for Average Stockholders

The Effects at Home After Wall Street's Shake-Up

Know the Rules to Keep Your Cash Safe

Chart a Road Map to Weather Rocky Times

What Happens When We Forget to Diversify

With Good and Bad Advice Flowing, Learn to Discern

Be Wary of Buying When Shares Tank

McCain Plan Draws Doubts from Experts on Mortgages

By Annys Shin |  October 15, 2008; 1:58 PM ET Annys Shin , Economy Watch
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