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Monday Round Up

Annys Shin

Welcome to another installment in our semi-weekly round-up of Stories To Help You Weather the Recession. (I've given up tacking on Financial Crisis cause I think the R-world pretty much sums things up.)

First up is your money. Financial planner and analysts say now may be a good time to put money into certificates of deposit. In flush times, four percent interest seemed laughable. Right now, it's looking pretty darn good.

Nancy Trejos wrote about seniors older than 70 and 1/2 who face a unique situation. By law, they have to withdraw money from their retirement counts by the end of the year. President-elect Obama has proposed suspending those requirements and some financial planners have been advising seniors to hold out as long as possible. But as Nancy points out, time is running out.

Michelle Singletary talks about good-faith statements, which are supposed to give people an estimate of their settlement charges and loan terms when taking out a mortgage, but often don't.

Finally, for those counting on seasonal retail jobs to bring in a little extra cash, the competition to be Crumpet the Elf is likely to be fierce this year.

My colleagues Ylan Mui and Dion Haynes wrote a story today on the fewer number of retail jobs this holiday season, even as more people are in search of work.

By Annys Shin |  November 17, 2008; 12:06 PM ET Annys Shin , Economy Watch
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