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Drudge: Bill Clinton Acknowledges 50 Percent Solution

INSIDE THE RULES AND BYLAWS COMMITTEE MEETING -- Give Matt Drudge this: dude's got a sense of timing.

Even as Jon Ausman wrapped up his statement on Florida's challenge to the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee, Drudge flashed a link to a You Tube clip of former President Bill Clinton speaking at what is billed as a "private fundraiser" in late April.

Here's the video:

"Probably the only option now is to seat them under our rules at half delegates," Clinton appears to acknowledge on the audio.

Such a 50 percent compromise would be short of the argument Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's (N.Y.) campaign has been making in the run up to today's meeting that the Florida delegates should be seated in full.

The report on Drudge set off a flurry of emails and instant messages from reporters to operatives -- both in the room and outside of it -- even as Sen. Bill Nelson (Fla.) took his seat to represent the interests of the Florida Democratic Party.

By Chris Cillizza  |  May 31, 2008; 11:10 AM ET
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Who's complaining about the 50% part?
It's the delegate aportionment part that sucks.
The Clinton camp is cool with the half votes, they say uncommitted should stay that way.
If you take your name off the ballot why should you get any delegates?

Posted by: Mullet | June 1, 2008 10:23 PM | Report abuse

I am from michigan and voted in the state Democratic primary knowing the state would be penalized for moving the primary up. There are many people that did not vote that would have if it had not been moved.
Most of us know when you break rules there are consiquences to pay.
Hilliary her staff and some supports are a great disapointment to me.

Posted by: Lee Aikens | June 1, 2008 8:48 AM | Report abuse

Everyone knows just how the DNC is going to vote on how to seat the delagates!!! The same as they and ALL the newsmedia has beeen against HILLARY all along & for Obama. I just hope they remember they voted for this slick talked lier when he is destroying the US from the inside.He nor his never proud of the her country until a few months ago (but then maybe she wasn't talking about the US when she said that).No matter what comes out about him he finds away he lie himself out of it. I think we have had enough of that in the past by several of our Presdients. Doing my husbands side of the family tree going back several hundreds of years of the Predients in his family I really hate to find out that the Bush's are in it.Family memeber's try not to link themselves to them. HILLARY DOES NOT HAVE A CHANCE OF with the news media.No not everyone is treated equal. OBAMA WILL RUIN THE UNITED STATES!!! We are in enough troble without him running our country.

Posted by: momabear | May 31, 2008 4:35 PM | Report abuse

Howard Dean is the one to blame for the mess Dems are in. He changed the rules and he is acting like a "king maker"... All these talks about super-delegates shows how little people "real" votes count. I thought Democrats were the party of people, I guess they can be considered the party of "super-delegates"...How sad!

How can the same people who were so mad at Florida vote count in 2000, can almost do the same and ignore people's votes...(I mean, delegates are not reflecting people's vote!)???

Posted by: frieda | May 31, 2008 12:59 PM | Report abuse

The actions and tactics of the Obama campaign campaign can be viewed has NOTHING LESS THAN SOVIET STYLE.

Posted by: | May 31, 2008 12:30 PM

Right, Words of Wisdom, the candidate who doesn't want to change the rules after the game is the SOVIET STYLE one, not the candidate who thinks she should be the only name on the ballot.

Posted by: aleks | May 31, 2008 12:44 PM | Report abuse

It is pretty clear that Obama's efforts to exploit the Michigan and Florida situations has been a DISGRACE TO DEMOCRACY

This is true

The actions and tactics of the Obama campaign campaign can be viewed has NOTHING LESS THAN SOVIET STYLE.

Obama is against having ALL the votes count.

Obama does not want a re-vote, he simply wants Michigan and Florida OUT OF THE DELEGATE TOTALS.


Posted by: Anonymous | May 31, 2008 12:30 PM | Report abuse

Watch this youtube video of Florida DNC chair Geller, a Fla. State Rep., in the Florida Legislature, mocking the DNC's threat to sanction Florida - and basically saying F U to the DNC.

It is absolute proof the Florida Dems collaborated with the Republicans in moving up the date of the primary in knowing violation.

Geller is smarmy, rude and nasty in his comments about the DNC.

He is arrogant - he knew full well what he was doing.

Posted by: BlueDem | May 31, 2008 12:23 PM | Report abuse

The Florida and Michigan branches of the DNC knew the rules and failed to abide by them. Now, it seems very childish to me that these same people are crying and making threats because they were sanctioned for breaking the rules. I don't know of any organization that would exist for long, if its members were allowed to ignore its rules with impunity. To me, they made their bed, not let them lie in it. If they want to act like children and vote for McSame, more pain to them.

Posted by: Caliguy55 | May 31, 2008 12:20 PM | Report abuse

Chris is moving fast this morning on the topics

Chris don't you agree that Chris Mathews has really gone off the edge now ???

We are looking for Chris Mathews in the brush and we still can't find him.


Posted by: 37th&OStreet. | May 31, 2008 12:15 PM | Report abuse

Just two weeks ago on Meet The Press, Terry McAuliffe said he would accept a 50% solution.

The Clinton campaign has no basis for backpedaling off of that as their starting point for negotiations.

Posted by: copa | May 31, 2008 12:11 PM | Report abuse

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