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Maggie Williams to Join Clinton Effort

Even before the polls close in New Hampshire comes word of changes at the top of the Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's (N.Y.) presidential campaign.

Maggie Williams, a longtime Hillary Clinton confidante, is reportedly being brought on to coordinate the campaign's activities. Insiders have urged campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle to stay on, but no decision has been made, according to senior-level campaign operatives.

Williams has already been on a handful of strategy calls although no firm start date has been set.

Williams served as Hillary Clinton's chief of staff during Bill Clinton's first term and has remained close to the former first lady ever since. (Here's a 1994 story about her by The Post's Ruth Marcus.)

We hear that more change is on the way.... stay tuned.

By Chris Cillizza  |  January 8, 2008; 6:15 PM ET
Categories:  Eye on 2008  
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Maggie Williams is the epitome of a black "sellout or modern day Uncle Tom." She is a part of the machine that has pit the black vote vs. Hispanics and the black vote vs. white women.
Barack Obama's strenght as a presidential candidate has blown white America away. He has simply become too much for the Clinton think tank to go head-to-head against so they have to make the democratic race a ethnic "problem."
The Hispanic vote I'm sure is pertinent in its own way ... but does not have the power compared to the droves of black folks who are coming to Obama's side. Black folks who probably haven't gotten involved in the process for some time due to boring white candidates in the past. Obama is not just black, he exciting and tells it like it is.
And historically, dating back to the Jim Crow era, whites have always had this standing need to defend the "white woman's honor" against "mean and immoral black men." In their pathetic, 21st century version of "sophisticated racism," Maggie Williams and her slave masters have tried to pit Obama against white women.
Obama has nothing to do with Clinton losing white women ... they just don't like Clinton.
Let's get back to the issues: the Iraqi war, the economy; and the healthcare that is non-existent to so many Americans ... of all races.
And should Obama win, African-Americans should distance themselves from Maggie Williams.

Posted by: scribenoir | March 13, 2008 10:44 AM | Report abuse

Excuse me, is it not relevant that Maggie Williams had some unfortunate dealings with a huckster who provided a whole lot of money to the Clintons under less than ethical circumstances? And that there were public investigations of those dealings?

I mean, the Clinton campaign now needs money and-----am I the only one getting a picture here?

Posted by: HillNo | February 11, 2008 11:04 PM | Report abuse

Nobody factored in that the Clintons would CHEAT.

Posted by: Marnie42 | January 9, 2008 11:22 PM | Report abuse

It is common knowledge that it is VERY simple to falsely register to vote in NH and Hillary flooded the state with operatives from Massachusetts. Google; (Russert license plates Hillary), if you don't believe me.

Posted by: H29ector | January 9, 2008 4:13 PM | Report abuse

As a white, moderate democrat, I was outraged by hillary and bill injecting race into this campaign

It was vile, foul, and repulsive.

I cannot, in good conscience, ever, ever support them.

Shame, shame, shame on hill and bill.

Posted by: bobnsri | January 9, 2008 1:57 AM | Report abuse

it was worth it just to stuff the stinking dog crap down Chris Matthews' arrogant obnoxious lying condescending revisionist macho-licking throat

Posted by: andfurthermore1 | January 9, 2008 1:31 AM | Report abuse

Wonder if Obama is going to start playing the race card in the next primary?

Only time will tell. In his book he talks about the "white man" doing this and the "white man" doing that. The racist door swings both ways. I hope I am mistaken, but time will tell.

Posted by: cjones210 | January 8, 2008 11:36 PM | Report abuse

"HRC is making a surprisingly strong showing."

Oh how expectations change! (me too)

Posted by: bsimon | January 8, 2008 10:51 PM | Report abuse

Breaking news... Nov 1st, 2008

Osama just congratulated Hussain Obama for leading the US Presidential race. What will American voter do?

Democrats seems to be getting back their senses.

Posted by: SeedofChange | January 8, 2008 10:33 PM | Report abuse

Mark: This is a surprise to me, I readily admit it. Maybe my message about the Repub strategy to knock off Hillary got thru to some folks there in NH. She is holding about a 4 to 6 % lead for quite a bit of time now. I'm watching two TVs and using my computer as well.

Posted by: lylepink | January 8, 2008 9:07 PM | Report abuse

lyle, you must really be liking this.

No matter what the result, HRC is making a surprisingly strong showing.

Posted by: mark_in_austin | January 8, 2008 8:56 PM | Report abuse

20% reporting-- Hillary leadin 40 to 36%.

Posted by: lylepink | January 8, 2008 8:47 PM | Report abuse

How sweet it is!!!

Posted by: lylepink | January 8, 2008 8:25 PM | Report abuse

Hillary 40% Obama 36%

Posted by: lylepink | January 8, 2008 8:24 PM | Report abuse


Hill 14,028 "38%"

Obama 13,201 "36%"

Posted by: rfpiktor | January 8, 2008 8:18 PM | Report abuse

We can enjoy this a few minutes longer, AT Least.

Posted by: lylepink | January 8, 2008 8:16 PM | Report abuse

There's some chicken counting going on, but only eggs to look at...

Posted by: bsimon | January 8, 2008 8:11 PM | Report abuse

She's winning!!!!! What say you know Chris? Sober second thought rules the day. I thought it was possible. He was polling only 1% ahead of her yesterday, and the old folks came out in greater force than the kiddies, which is normal.

GO Hillary! Even if he wins by a bit, which he still might. She came back! She did it. Rational thought prevails. Obama is not a great choice right now. Maybe in 8 years. He may still win, but boy is in he for a fight! Maybe then he will have earned it and it will have toughtend him up and it would be ok, but it wasn't going to be ok as a media love afair.

Posted by: slbk | January 8, 2008 7:50 PM | Report abuse

Does anybody believe that retooling Hillary's inner staff will make Dems drop the mantra of "change"? No...

Posted by: parkerfl | January 8, 2008 7:50 PM | Report abuse


I don't read books. I write them.

My newest is one sentence long:

Obama wins the White house.

Posted by: rfpiktor | January 8, 2008 7:48 PM | Report abuse

JUST IN: 8% reporting and suprise Hillary is ahead by 2% points. Hint--Hint--Jab- Jab.

Posted by: lylepink | January 8, 2008 7:44 PM | Report abuse

ryan.crowley wrote...

"No way Obama wins the general election, btw."

Despite Bush's poll ratings, and the giddiness in most Democratic quarters for at least a year, I'd be very surprised if the GOP doesn't retain control of 1600 PA. Ave. Read Greg Palast's book 'Armed Madhouse', specifically his 60-page chapter detailing precisely what occurred in Ohio in '04 and how a repeat is likely this year.

Posted by: snowbird25 | January 8, 2008 7:44 PM | Report abuse


Bill takes over the campaign staff, decides to run for president and Hillary accepts to run as vicepresident.

The people are not amused.

Posted by: rfpiktor | January 8, 2008 7:33 PM | Report abuse

Nothing the Clintons do is without political calculation. I think Hillary thinks she will appeal to more women with the choked-up bit. This woman thought it was embarrassing. Plus, as I mentioned before, she was telling us a month ago that "this is the fun part."

Posted by: joy2 | January 8, 2008 7:26 PM | Report abuse

Hillary should have gone long ago not to yet another Clinton loyalist from the glory days of yesteryear, but to some people outside of the Clinton camp who have won campaigns in multiple states recently, and by "recently" I mean this decade. If you haven't made any new friends since the days when Kurt Cobain still lived and breathed, Team Hillary, you really need to get out more.

What I'd like to see tonight:
*600k+ turnout, 60% or more for the D's
*65%+ of indies voting D
*Obama winning by 15%+
*A muddle on the R side, at 1-2 and at 3-4-5
*Richardson out, Edwards doing well enough to keep going
*Wizards thump Houston

Posted by: novamatt | January 8, 2008 7:22 PM | Report abuse


What is your conclusion on the crocodile tears.

Posted by: rfpiktor | January 8, 2008 7:18 PM | Report abuse

Obama's appeal to democrats, republicans, independents, liberals, conservatives, blacks, whites, men, women will make for a very exciting and inspiring white house win.

we haven't even begun to see the upswell of support.

Posted by: wpost4112 | January 8, 2008 7:16 PM | Report abuse


It takes a village to kick these Clintonista gang of fools back to their Lindy "Gulf of Tonking" Johnson glory days.

Dr. King, Obama is kicking major behinds!

Posted by: rfpiktor | January 8, 2008 7:16 PM | Report abuse

Bill's rant about the "fairy tale" basis for the Obama campaign made him look like an aging, adled Elvis whining about the ascendency fo the Beatles back in the late 60's, which led to that famous "Elvis meets Nixon" moment. But the best line so far tonight belongs to Jack Caferty of CNN: "That's not a fairy tale. A fairy tale is when you say "I never had sex with that woman...."

Posted by: dmooney | January 8, 2008 7:10 PM | Report abuse

It takes a village to kick these gang of fools back to their Lindy "Gulf of Tonking" Johnson glory days.

Posted by: rfpiktor | January 8, 2008 7:10 PM | Report abuse

I can already see all the RATS fleeing Hilary's sinking ship... Poetic justice at it's best!

No way Obama wins the general election, btw.

Posted by: ryan.crowley | January 8, 2008 7:09 PM | Report abuse

No one and nothing will help Hilary at this point. Her day is over. She and her husband have revealed that they are the other side of the Bush political coin. Negative and inaccurate attacks, unchecked narcissism, polarization, etc.

It is time for them to leave the stage before they fall off in total disgrace.

Posted by: wpost4112 | January 8, 2008 6:55 PM | Report abuse

Earlier today I said:

"...having heard HRC's "moment" on the car radio, I reacted negatively to her WORDS, which sounded a condescending vision of her entitlement and our witless, callous disregard."

Now I have seen the "moment" on tv - and I take it differently. I THINK she may have meant she loves the country very much.

The difference between hearing it and seeing it? Priceless.

Posted by: mark_in_austin | January 8, 2008 6:51 PM | Report abuse

"Roger Simon: Inside New Hampshire

By: Roger Simon
Jan 8, 2008 12:05 PM EST


Hillary's mention of King enrages Obama camp

A senior Obama staffer just told me the Barack Obama campaign is livid over Hillary Clinton's recent comment about Martin Luther King Jr. and what was apparently her attempt to point out the difference between dreaming and accomplishment.

"Dr. King's dream began to be realized when President Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act," Clinton said in the TV interview Monday.

"It took a president to get it done."

Some in the Obama campaign are now outraged at what they take to be a denigration of King's accomplishments and the sacrifices made during his era.

"Go ask black people what they think of that statement," the Obama staffer told me.

"People died for the civil rights movement in this country. People marched and put their kids in front of fire hoses! They were bitten by dogs! This is the worst thing she has said in this entire campaign."

So no matter what the results here tonight, don't expect the two sides to kiss and make up soon.




Posted by: JKrishnamurti | January 8, 2008 6:33 PM | Report abuse

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