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FixCam: Help Us Decide What's Next

It's a time of major change in Washington (Barack Obama is now the nation's chief executive) and in the Fix home with Baby Fix on the way in just a handful of days (gulp!).

With that spirit of change in the air, the Fix is re-examining a few things about the blog too. In addition to a redesign that should launch sometime this month, we are also hoping to launch a daily web video feature -- building off of our FixCams of the past 18 months or so. (Make sure to subscribe to our You Tube channel so you can catch all our video stuff.)

The goal is to do a daily web video feature that's fun, informative and doesn't duplicate what we are doing in our traditional text postings. The other key: we have to be able to do the video relatively quickly (an hour or under) and with the current tools at our disposal (a Macbook Pro).

Because so many good ideas have come from the Fixista community over the past few years, we are hoping to tap into your creativity for an idea on what that daily video feature should be.

We're using Google's Moderator tool to let you all sound off with your best ideas for a new daily video feature. It will also allow everyone to see what ideas are catching on and which aren't. So, click here and let the ideas flow.

Thanks in advance for participating and for your unwavering support of the Fix over the past three and a half (!) years.

By Chris Cillizza  |  February 4, 2009; 2:25 PM ET
Categories:  FixCam  
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I think you should eliminate the spamming comments - the people who post unrelated or tangentially related comments in the threads. General "I hate Republicans/Democrats" comments are boring and don't meet the criteria of analysing, commenting and challenging. You should consider restricting comments to a group of people with a record of commenting intelligently.

Posted by: qlangley | February 5, 2009 7:40 AM | Report abuse


Bring two opposing views to discuss for 30 seconds a subject and then your wise conclusion on the matter. You are in D.C., the only other place after NYC where opinions are a dime a dozen.

Posted by: rfpiktor | February 5, 2009 5:03 AM | Report abuse

Obama need to stop with trying to be bipartisan.
1. He should fire Robert Gates
2. Get rid of The Republican Tranportation Sec
3. Withdraw Gregg's appointment as Commerce Sec

The Republicans are NOT INTO OBAMA. They will never follows his agenda and Gates will try to delay the pull out from Iraq. The Republicans want Obama to fail and I would not trust them one bit. He does not need them anyway.

Posted by: mattadamsdietmanager1014 | February 4, 2009 3:43 PM | Report abuse

@milbrooks27.... is keeping track of all his promises... kept, broken, comprised and such... check it out... I don't agree with it..never held anyone else to that degree before but there it is.

Chris, I guess the only suggestion I would have would be to hold the media accountable, keep their feet to the fire, at the same time we try to keep the governments feet to the fire. I think the level of journalism is lacking anymore.

Just in the last week especially broadcast media has been overwhelmingly on the GOP side, as far as the stimulus for one thing. I don't have the link right in front of me but I could look it up and get it if you really needed me too..but of all things, FOX was the one that had a more balanced ratio than all the others in having Dems and Reps on the air..but still the GOP out talked the DEMs...No, I am not advocating the whatever you call that media bill thing...just saying the GOP had their talking points all over the air ways and that was all you heard about and it ended up about killing the stimulus bill, before it was passed.

We can't afford that to happen much. Our country is in too much trouble for that.

Posted by: sweetlucy47 | February 4, 2009 3:32 PM | Report abuse

Point of information:

Why "Google Moderator"? Google has allowed itself to become a surrogate Big Brother. Google facilitates prior restraint of political web sites, because content passed through Google is subject to its "filters" and perhaps, site mirroring at the behest of its "clients."

As for the video suggestion:

How about if you walk up to random people on the street with your hand-held cam and say:

Hi, I'm Chris, and I'm a writer for The Washington Post. I'm making a concerted effort to reach out to real people outside the newsroom and away from the corner tables at The Palm.

"So... what's on YOUR mind? What do you think we should be inquiring about, writing about, worrying about, today?"

You may discover fresh items to place on your agenda... and the responses you generate may be entertaining as well as informative.

The exercise also will require you to interact with people who otherwise may not enter your orbit. Vox Pop.


And please... will one of you WHPC folks ask Gibbs about the reports of pervasive NSA spying on the public and on virtually all journalists... what the administration plans to do about it... and whether the spying is just the baseline for other secret programs that may be violating civil liberties.

Why hasn't this been covered?

Posted by: scrivener50 | February 4, 2009 3:16 PM | Report abuse

How about a daily list of where Obama is failing to keep his campaign promises. I mean, I campaigned for the guy and I am flat out furious. He poses with a bunch of CEO's, the same corporate swine that outsourced millions of jobs. The group he appeared with are directly responsible for more than 2,000,000 guest worker replacements for U.S. workers. I'l like to know what happened to the guy who was supposed to be for us? Obama and the whole Democratic establishment needs a daily spanking for failing us. At the present rate, in two years we will throw them out en mass anyways. This column could give them an early heads up about how the people who elected them are learning very early on to simply loathe them.

Posted by: mibrooks27 | February 4, 2009 2:41 PM | Report abuse

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