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"Live Fix" chat: What Tuesday night meant (and didn't), Linda McMahon AND pro wrestling

Earlier today, we fielded question from Fixistas across the country about what Tuesday's primaries meant, the Connecticut Senate race and, yes, our six favorite finishing moves in professional wrestling.

A few excerpts are below. You can read the whole thing here. And, don't forget that we are now "Live Fix" chatting three -- count them, three! -- times a week. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11 a.m.. Mark your calendars!

Q. Primary narrative

"My favorite comment from media analysis Re: tuesday's primary was by Chuck Todd. (Paraphrasing) "The only thing one can say about the results of Tues. primary is that the candidate with the most votes won. " I love seeing the pundit class prognasticate and then watch The Daily Show or Colbert do a bit on how wrong, silly or far-fetched they were. I know that it is their job( and yours too) to make sense of what elections mean, but sometimes the stretch to find a narrative to fit what is a diverse country with diffferent problems in different areas seems ridiculous. Also, there seems little emphasis on the actual performance of the candidate. I will never beleive that Scott Brown could have been elected if he had run against a better campaigner than Martha Coakley turned out to be. If Harry Reid ends up winning in NV, it will be because of the candidate he was running against, not some larger, sweeping narrative of " lincumbant's rule" or 'white men make comeback against Grizzlies.""

A. Chris Cillizza

Look, I think there is a tendency on the part of the media on days/nights when there are multiple states voting on the same day to try and find the common thread that links them all.

Sometimes there is a common thread. Sometimes there isn't.

Tuesday night was an example of the latter scenario. Establishment candidates (Michael Bennet, Nathan Deal) won. Establishment candidates lost (Jane Norton, Scott McInnis).

The tea party guy -- Buck -- won. But, Buck is also the guy who called some elements of the tea party "dumbasses". So, not sure he is in the same cartegory as either Sharron Angle or Ken Buck.

Sometimes the trend on a certain primary day is that there is no trend. Or, to quote Ty Webb quoting the Zen philosopher Basho: A donut with no holes is a danish.

Q. McMahon

"I was watching Hardball and they had an interesting debate on what the CT senate race. They were debating whether McMahon could actually win or if her sole purpose was to cause the DNC and DSCC to spend more money on Blumenthal and sacrifice money that would have gone to people like Brad Ellsworth who has the potential to make Indiana competitive. What are your thoughts on this?"

A. Chris Cillizza

I think anytime a candidate wins a primary and is pledging to spend upwards of $50 million on the race, he/she has a chance to win.

McMahon is obviously the underdog in the race against state AG Dick Blumenthal who has been around the state forever and is quite popular.

But, her money and her VERY outsider profile could allow her to step in if Blumenthal slips.

I think Republicans are thrilled to have her as their nominee since she can fund ads in the very expensive New York City media market (it reaches much of southwestern CT) and they don't have to.

Q. Linda McMahon

"Is Richard Blumenthal's campaign destined to put Linda McMahon in the Iron Sheik's camel clutch?"

A. Chris Cillizza

Thanks for giving me a perfect segue to discuss the best finishing moves ever for wrestlers.

1. Undertaker's tombstone pile driver (that looks like it would really hurt)

2. Ric Flair's figure four leglock

3. Chris Benoit's crippler crossface

4. Jake the Snake's sleeper hold

5. Triple H's pedigree

6. Diamond Dallas Page's Diamond Cutter.

The two worst finishing moves ever? Hogan's leg drop and The Rock's People's elbow. Both lame.

By Chris Cillizza  |  August 13, 2010; 6:19 PM ET
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