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Obama Speech Sneak Peak

The Obama campaign has released excerpts from his nomination acceptance speech titled "The American Promise" in advance of his address tonight at the Democratic National Convention. Obama is scheduled to accept his party's nomination for president at Invesco Field at Mile High at 10 p.m. ET.

The excerpts have been posted on The Trail.

There won't be much action on the blog tonight, as The Fix will be helping to write the main story documenting tonight's proceedings over at An excerpt is below and you can continue to monitor the constantly-updated story all night.

Democrats Eagerly Await Obama Acceptance Speech

"DENVER - Hours before presidential nominee Barack Obama takes the stage at Invesco Field, his campaign manager described the Illinois Senator's acceptance speech as the "capstone" of the critical four-day Democratic National Convention.

"The convention may be more important to us than McCain because people need to know more info about Obama and are hungry for it," said David Plouffe during an interview with Washington Post and editors and reporters.

Plouffe dismissed concerns about the construction of the stage on which Obama will speak - some have said it looks like a Greek temple - and the massive crowd of 75,000 or more expected to attend tonight's festivities. Republican Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign has repeatedly mocked Obama's huge campaign appearances and rallies as the manifestation of a "celebrity" candidate who is more concerned about appearances than substance and practical experience."

Read more here.

By Paul Volpe  |  August 28, 2008; 6:58 PM ET
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Ok. selecting Sarah Palin does NOT erase McCain's poo and long record on his votes against women, period. McCain's record against women stands. Sarah will still vote the same way as McCain, which means she also doesn't believe that women should have a say in their reproductive lives! Pathetic!

And what experience did she have? the mayor of 5,000 population?? pliz!! and 2 years governor of Alaska? Alaska tha insists on being fully funded by the federal government?

Isn't that where the most corrupt Senator (Stevens) comes from? and they're apparently great friends!

I think the GOP is doomed!

Posted by: Anonymous | August 29, 2008 5:59 PM | Report abuse

John McCain has been on the Straight Talk Express for 10 years SPEAKING SPECIFICALLY about the reforms he would like in Washington.

Obama focus-groups the word "change" and all of a sudden he is the real guy. Obama then has never really been that specific about what his changes are. I sense a bit of "me-tooism" from Obama - and it is a bit deceptive. "Maybe they won't notice that I am taking John McCain's straight talk express campaign themes." Also McCain will be NOTHING like Bush, they hate each other - another deception practiced by the Obama people.


Posted by: Anonymous | August 29, 2008 6:15 AM | Report abuse

doesn't make them true.

Denver source wrote:
He did not explain the reasons behind not giving the job of VP to Hillary.

My Comment:
And why would that be an appropriate topic for THIS speech?

Denver Source wrote:
He did not talk about sitting on his hands and allowing Hispanics being discriminated against and treated diffrently in his home state of Illinois.

My Comment:
You continue to spout this essential falsehood. The sum and substance of this charge relates to a single action taken by two State of Illinois Agencies over which Obama has no direct or indirect supervision or control. While "technically" correct, it is as valid as charging that Obama is "soft on crime" because he personally did not arrest a mugger or is "weak on wife beaters" because he did not demand the prosecution of a specific wife beater. Its a B---S---t charge and you know it.

Denver Source wrote:
He did not denounce or dispute his disturbing connection with Ayers being more than he first led us to believe.

My Comment:
The Ayres connection is yet another example of "Newspeak". William Ayres, the son of the President of Commonwealth Edison, certainly was an extreme radical in the 1970's. However, he has now become a major advocate for education reform and is considered by all of the Chicago community to be a "good guy". Even Richard Daley, whoose father was one of the targets of Ayres, has named him to boards and commissions and considers him to be a valuable member of the community. As for Obama's "ties" they are truly minimal with largest connection being service on the Board of the Woods Foundation, a foundation which provides for fund to assist the growth of community. This attempt to tar Obama with Ayres is laughable...

Posted by: Repeating Lies | August 28, 2008 11:59 PM | Report abuse

Compilation of many of his speeches even lines borrowed from others Dems during primes. The speech was good as far as that goes but as for something new it did not go far enough. He did not explain the reasons behind not giving the job of VP to Hillary. He did not talk about sitting on his hands and allowing Hispanics being discriminated against and treated diffrently in his home state of Illinois. He did not denounce or dispute his disturbing connection with Ayers being more than he first led us to believe. He spoke of You, We, Us, wanting change but not why he should be trusted to deliver it...

Posted by: Denver Source | August 28, 2008 11:22 PM | Report abuse


"Now is the time to change our bankruptcy laws, so that your pensions are protected ahead of CEO bonuses..."

-- Barack Obama acceptance speech, 8/28/08

Just one problem: that bankruptcy law, the one that critics say eviscerated consumer rights and served the interests of the banks and credit card companies, was partly written and sponsored by Obama's pick for vice president, Delaware Sen. Joe Biden.

And Biden's son has been a lobbyist for the credit card industry.

This could be a huge problem for Obama out of the gate. Obama's goals and promises, as stated in the speech, are at odds with the legislation authored by his running mate, who is accused by consumer advocates of doing the bidding for the credit card and banking industries.

In today's Politico, there was an item about speculation that Obama may be forced to ask Biden to withdraw.

How will the Washington press corps, which openly worships Obama and cuts him every break, handle this one?

And will McCain, who backed the same legislation, use this issue against the Obama-Biden ticket? The betting is that he will not; that is probably why Obama picked Biden despite his public record on the bankruptcy issue.

Was that a miscalculation? Much depends on whether the press will seize upon this story as an example of hypocrisy on the part of the Obama campaign, or simply ignore the story in deference to their personal favorite in the presidential race.

Posted by: Outside the Box | August 28, 2008 10:30 PM | Report abuse


Is Obama's Campaign going to be entirely made up of false charges of racism or are they going to fabricate something else?


Posted by: Anonymous | August 28, 2008 9:24 PM | Report abuse


This is not a Convention, it's an ego trip.


Posted by: Anonymous | August 28, 2008 8:13 PM | Report abuse

Obama's an arrogant fool, your a fool wouldn't you like to be a fool to...
Just vote Obama

Posted by: Merlin | August 28, 2008 8:07 PM | Report abuse

What do you think of the stage set for Obama's speech?
It's a bit much 69%
It's fitting 31%

Total Votes: 97,508

Posted by: We don't like the God | August 28, 2008 8:03 PM | Report abuse

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