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Lieberman, Dodd and all things Connecticut

The Fix is, as loyal readers know, a native of Connecticut. (Nutmeg State! What, what!!!)

So, when Dennis House, the CBS anchor in the state offered us the chance to appear on "Face the State" -- think "Face the Nation" but for Connecticut -- we leapt at the chance.

The topics: the re-election prospects of Sens. Chris Dodd (D) in 2010 and Joe Lieberman (I) in 2012, the open seat governor's race next November and, of course, the Fix's high school years including our graduation photo. (Long sideburns were in back then!).

For unknown reasons, the video of the two segments can't be embedded so we are linking to them below.


Segment 1: Chris Dodd and the Fix as high school senior

Segment 2: Joe Lieberman and the 2010 governor's race

By Chris Cillizza  |  December 28, 2009; 6:38 PM ET
Categories:  Governors , Senate  
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I totally forgot to sign that post!

Dennis House
WFSB-TV Hartford

Posted by: dennishouse | December 29, 2009 7:25 PM | Report abuse

Chris (aka Pride of Marlborough,)
Thank you for coming on "Face the State" to talk about all things Connecticut. Your appearance was a big hit with the viewers and here is a sample of the comments:

"Nice "get" on the Wash Post big shot."
"Home run w/ Chris Cillizza this morning. Inside beltway knowledge, solid presence wrapped around a energic personality. Good job!"
"You always have the most interesting guests on...but getting Chris Cillizza raises the bar"
"That was a great show. I think Chris was dead on about Murphy running for senate in '12 if Dodd steps out of the way and allows Blumenthal to run in '10 (we'll probably know whether or not Dodd will run after the next Q-poll in late Jan)."

Thanks again, Chris
Happy New Year!

Posted by: dennishouse | December 29, 2009 7:13 PM | Report abuse

The point is, what do they stand for? They seem to be all over the place. The thread that seems to unite them is that they are angry and feel that somehow they are victims. But of what, they can't really articulate. Many say they are losing their freedoms, but when asked, can't say which ones.

Posted by: drindl | December 29, 2009 4:11 PM | Report abuse


Living just outside Washington DC I get to attend all kinds of interesting rallies. Yes I have been to one. I happen to agree with a "few" of their points. However, taken as a whole I cannot support the tea-bagger movement.

I am sure "main street Americans" do attend them. Your friends are a case in point. However, using the term main street Americans to me implies that a majority of Americans support the cause.

So when they say we represent main street Americans, I think that the majority of Americans support their cause/stance.

This may or may not be the case. Tea-baggers are a fringe group. They try and lend an air of legitimacy to their cause by saying we represent main street Americans and therefore the majority of Americans. Saying it does not make it so.

Posted by: ModerateVoter | December 29, 2009 2:52 PM | Report abuse

Tea baggers are the PUMA of 2009.

Posted by: nodebris | December 29, 2009 1:40 PM | Report abuse

I don't know how you can say that the main stream media denigrates te teabaggers. (I know it's a sexual term, but it's also a good roll-off-the-tongue word for these guys). The tea parties were essentially sponsored by FOX news. And yeah, they were attended by blue collar Americans, but not all blue collar Americans are the same. I went to one party where I am, just to check it out. Only about 15 people. Some were racist, some weren't. Some were vocal, some weren't.

The common thread?

Not one of them had a single clue as to what they were talking about.

Posted by: DDAWD | December 29, 2009 1:35 PM | Report abuse

The TEA party is a tiny, noisy group of yabbos. Their premiere effort in DC drew 60K, not the 2 million Fox was predicting. Advertised and promoted for weeks and it couldn't get people to drive in from Virginia or NC?

Like Club for Growth, the Birthers and that BEAR Revolution group this is a small element. They are happy to show up at town halls and shout against their own interests if that's what Limbaugh or Glenn Beck tell them to do. The media, always looking for something colorful to boost ratings, made them seem more than they are.

I come from a family of conservative, midewestern Republicans. Not a one of them would involve themselves in the TEA party.

Posted by: margaretmeyers | December 29, 2009 1:30 PM | Report abuse

To bsimon1:
A valid point and question.
The friends I was referring to are from varied backgrounds. Some white, some black with a couple of Asians thrown in. LOL. We're all friends from High School & College. We live on Long Island and we're definitely not small town, rural USA. We also run the gamut of professions; White collar office workers, Blue collar truck drivers and Civil servants. As such I don't think they are in the minority. However, based on your observations, the media have given you a very different view of Tea-partiers, haven't they? There have been quite a few Tea parties held on Long Island & I don't recall any of them being telecast.
Wonder why that is? I mean Huntington is only 40 miles away from Manhattan, tops.
The Nassau Coliseum 25 at best. For some reason they can travel to some out of the way backwater town that no one outside its county ever heard of (a town that matches the description you gave) and film there, a town that is as you say; white, rural and conservative but they can't find their way to a racially & politically mixed area 30-45 mins away. Kind of strange, don't you think? See what I mean about media bias coloring people's perspectives?

Posted by: ironwolf1 | December 29, 2009 1:10 PM | Report abuse

ironwolf1 writes
"While I have never attended a tea party, I do know several people who have & they are about as main street, blue collar America as you can get ... Do you know anyone who went to one?"

Ironwolf, I don't know anyone who has attended one of these tea parties. Depending on one's perspective, they might draw conclusions that the attendees are not from main street, or that I don't know anyone from main street. So, really, the question is: who are 'main street' Americans? The Tea People like to think that they get to define who main street Americans are: mostly white, mostly small-town or rural, very conservative. I think that defines a minority of Americans, not a majority. Can a minority claim to be 'main street'?

Posted by: bsimon1 | December 29, 2009 12:49 PM | Report abuse

@ Moderatevoter:
I'm afraid I have to disagree with you about the tea-bag protesters being "fringe elements". While I have never attended a tea party, I do know several people who have & they are about as main street, blue collar America as you can get (not that there aren't some kooks who go to them but every group has those). Do you know anyone who went to one? Because if you are basing you view on what you see from the media reports then you really aren't getting a true perspective of the people there.
Everything you see on TV is subjective, edited for content and pre-packaged to send a specific message.
Think about it, I'm the reporter, I choose what questions I'll ask & who I'll ask them of. I then get to decide when the interview is over and later I get to edit what parts of the interview to use.
This is true of the Left and the Right, but the mainstream media is admittedly left of center and only the most naive would believe they don't have an agenda that they use their medium to forward.

If you get the chance to attend one of these "tea-parties" or town hall meetings, do so. I'm sure it will be an eye-opening experience.

Posted by: ironwolf1 | December 29, 2009 12:40 PM | Report abuse


You know the tea-baggers actually represent the fringe elements and not main street America.

I do agree with you that the extreme elements on both sides tend to drown out more reasonable discussions.

I keep thinking back to as a nation "united we stand, divided we fall". This country seems very divided right now and you wonder why the great issues of our generation do not get solved.

Posted by: ModerateVoter | December 29, 2009 12:10 PM | Report abuse

I'm afraid I must disagree Optimyst. The insulting way that the left-wing media and the Democratic leadership have portrayed Main Street Americans as "tea-baggers"(the very term is used as sexual euphemism) shows a certain disconnect with, and contempt for the general population. These town-hall meetings were not Republican obstructionism but a deep rooted fear the people have of an over-reaching Federal Government.
Have the Republicans stood in the way of Obama's plans: YES, they certainly have. But, beyond the hard-core Anti-Obama types, many of their objections are because they actually are listening to their constituents and/or they aren't being bought off by the Democrat leadership. Each party seems to have been hijacked by extremists of opposite sides of the political spectrum to their detriment. The Left seem to have adopted a view that tolerance means acceptance of their policies w/out dissent and the Right view is that being obstinate is better than being original.
To which I can only say to the Politicos out there: SHUT UP!!! STOP TELLING US WHAT YOU WANT US TO HEAR & START LISTENING TO WHAT WE HAVE TO SAY!
Thank you, you can have the soap-box back now.

Posted by: ironwolf1 | December 29, 2009 11:22 AM | Report abuse

I watched the videos. I believe Chris mistakes a weather vane for a pendulum though. Yes, as the Ds try to implement the agenda they were elected on, the Rs are pulling out every stop in opposition. The fury registers on popularity polls, especially now that we are on the cusp of a major legislative victory. Soon the winds will abate, then change direction. Chris's antennae are tuned to such moves. The swing of the pendulum he doesn't ken at all. It doesn't happen over weeks or months. It takes years and decades to observe.

Posted by: optimyst | December 29, 2009 10:35 AM | Report abuse

What's Senate Homeland Security Chairman Lieberman doing about THIS?


• Secret Bush legacy multi-agency federal program uses cell tower/GPS satellite microwave/laser electromagnetic radiation attack system to torture, impair, subjugate "targeted" citizens -- and oversees local "community watch" vigilante terrorism and financial sabotage campaigns.

See story at: ("Reporting" section)



Posted by: scrivener50 | December 29, 2009 10:19 AM | Report abuse

As a NYer I have no say in CT elections but I would be very proud of the people of CT if they held Dodd's feet to the fire for his part in the FannieMae/FreddieMac fiasco & subsequent housing melt-down & then launched his hind-quarters out of DC.

Posted by: ironwolf1 | December 29, 2009 10:02 AM | Report abuse

Thanx for the inside stuff on CT, Chris.

Posted by: mark_in_austin | December 29, 2009 9:28 AM | Report abuse

AggieMike, I was rooting for them last night and watching them self-destruct, especially on special teams, was painful.

Not as painful as watching Roland's limb snap in the UW basketball game, however. Davis and Sloan will have a lot of weight to carry in conference.

I am glad y'all are enjoying Okinawa, and thankful for what you do for our country, Mike. I think Reagan said something to the effect that Marines never have to look for their purpose in life.

Happy New Year to you and your family.

On an unrelated note, thanks to all of you who complimented me yesterday. I think bsimon is the outstanding contributor here, and when I started posting, about a year after I began following, bsimon and JimDinFL were the two writers whose contributions I always looked to read. At [then] 64, I was "behind" on current cultural references, and ProudToBeGOP and JudgeCrater were tutors. I miss AggieMike as a regular, as well as Proud, Judge, Optimyst, Blarg, Bokonon, and the suddenly silent Ohioan, BHoomes, whose disappearance since August has actually worried me. Shrink has provided more thought on the health and medical insurance debate than anyone here, and I hope that he sticks around. The juvenile insults, like "democrap" and "rethuglican"; the personal attacks, like "ped" and "asylum inmate"; I will not miss them when they are gone. To a better New Year - Cheers!

Posted by: mark_in_austin | December 29, 2009 8:22 AM | Report abuse

37th, you just aren’t happy unless something is being blown a Republican, are you? If he had followed your list verbatim, you would have another list of things he should have done. Honestly, is there anything the President could do to please you?

Posted by: elijah24 | December 29, 2009 8:02 AM | Report abuse

I am not really happy with Obama's response to the latest terrorist incident.

First he was not wearing a tie - something as serious as this should have a tie.

I just don't get this statement by Obama: "We are going to learn everything we can from this incident"

This war with al Queda started 8 years ago - Obama has been in charge for almost a year - he should be ready for this kind of incident - not wanting to learn about it.

Al Queda today said that this terrorist incident was "in response to the drone attacks in Yemen." So this incident is part of the war. This attacker is an enemy combatent - I don't even know if a trial is appropriate under the Geneva Convention.

Obama should be more ready for this incident - we are at war - this country can not afford to wait around while Obama tries to figure out his own way to deal with terrorism.

Obama has to take ownership of his own Yemen bombing - he needs to have an oval office speech stating why he is bombing a third country - and tell the American people that he has gone to war in Yemen too.

Obama has to take responsibility that this attack on the plane over Detroit was IN RESPONSE to Obama's bombing of Yemen.

Obama needs to tell the country directly, AND explain why he has bombed YEMEN.

AND while he is at it, Obama can explain why he has troops in Somalia, in Africa.


Posted by: 37thand0street | December 29, 2009 6:13 AM | Report abuse

Someone's stuttering again ...

Posted by: JakeD | December 29, 2009 1:33 AM | Report abuse

Talk about starved for attention ... Do you fake being sick, Jake, so Mom uses the pooper thermometer on you?

Posted by: SeattleTop | December 29, 2009 1:15 AM | Report abuse

Talk about starved for attention ... Do you fake being sick, Jake, so Mom uses the pooper thermometer on you?

Posted by: SeattleTop | December 29, 2009 1:10 AM | Report abuse

What is the Secret Service? (with an office in Hartford) was the Final Jeopardy question.

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2009 10:31 PM | Report abuse

The Coast Guard Academy was a $1,600 clue on tonight's Jeopardy!

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2009 10:26 PM | Report abuse

CC, I'm unable to view these videos on the government network.

Would be interesting to read a transcript or at least your thoughts about Dodd's re-election chances.

As for Lieberman, '12 is (I think) too far to forecast, though not uninteresting to talk about.

Posted by: USMC_Mike | December 28, 2009 6:51 PM | Report abuse

LOL!!! Now we are DEFINITELY moving to Connecticut to vote against Dodd.

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2009 6:43 PM | Report abuse

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