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Wag the Blog Redux: Debating the Stimulus

Over the weekend, the we asked Fixistas to weigh in on the merits of economic stimulus plan.

Given that the bill seems headed for a vote on final passage in the House and Senate tomorrow, now seemed like a good time to review your comments from the weekend post.

The most insightful responses -- as culled by politics producer Sarah Lovenheim -- are below.

Congress's Moving Too Fast

"There is absolutely no reason this needs to go through in such a hurry. We need two or three weeks to look at this thing and figure out exactly what the impact will be. For example, today we learned that some of the spending in this bill won't go into effect until 2013!! Some of this stuff needs to be stripped out and put through the regular appropriations process. Obama's ridiculous fearmongering diminishes his credibility." --get_it_rig

Say Goodbye to Billions

"This is a horrible waste of money being rushed to judgment at breathtaking speed. It is a payback to Democratic special interests and does very little for the agony facing many today - loss of a job and foreclosure. The fear mongering by Obama to get this passed is reminiscent of Bush and Paulson with TARP." -- PghGuy

No Time to Explain?

"This bill needs to be massive given the state of the economy, but the rhetoric needs to be focused on how it will create jobs and thereby stimulate the economy. I am deeply disappointed that the Obama admin. lost control of the debate on this issue. They have not, nor has Speaker Pelosi, adequately explained to the American people why this bill will stimulate the economy by dealing with the staggering loss of jobs..."--jrosco3.

The Model's Right, the Audience's Wrong

"The economy model that is being served is the wrong one for the people... The stimulus seeks to preserve industry and commerce, not people and jobs. Nor is there any long--term benefit in simply moving money. That is the model that is collapsing. That is the model that consumed all the dollars and ran away with them." -- sobi1

We Want Tax Cuts, Too

"Having been a member of the middle class for most of my life, I appreciate the efforts being made by the Obama administration and most of the Democratic members of Congress to provide relief for the middle class. The Economic Recovery legislation is much needed -- and needed immediately. But, now that I am a poor senior, I would hope that there would be some relief for us too... many of us have lost our retirement funds in the banking and stock market meltdown. Since many of us are retired, we do not receive the benefit of tax reductions, so I would appreciate the efforts of members of Congress to remember us in their deliberations." --marmac5.

Banks Win, Taxpayers Lose

"The fat cat bankers and bank owners aren't going to lose anything while the American taxpayers will never get back the $700 billion we're putting into making these insolvent banks solvent again. The Obama plan looks like it is only marginally better than the Bush plan. I'm a huge Obama supporter and so I'm hugely disappointed with the direction it looks like the bank bailout is going." --matt_ahrens

Tax Cuts Can't Cure Us

"We have a terrible economic problem that this government inherited from the previous administration and doing nothing would be disastrous. On that we can all agree. The Republicans want to cut taxes which seems to be their solution for every problem this country encounters. The problem with that is that this does not create any new jobs, or save old ones.

A tax cut would put between ten and twenty extra dollars a week in every wage earners pocket AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHERE IT WOULD STAY, IN OUR POCKETS. Considering the current economic situation, nobody is going to spend money unless they have to. Prudent financial behavior dictates that we save as much as we can."

By Washington Post editors  |  February 11, 2009; 7:00 PM ET
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My understanding is that individual taxpayers can receive $400. Couples $800
By midyear a credit to my Fed withholding @$13 per week ouch. Lets see $13 won't make busfair forget a cab maybe the daily newspaper surely not Bread milk and eggs for a week. And those of us unemployeed won't even get $13. How about the homeless, no mailing address, so they probably won't see it either.
Now our president has a job, lives in a nice home,white house, oh yeah we pay for that too. The stimulus not quite $800,000,000,000 I guess thats right most of us can't imagine numbers that large. Probably enough to just pay for that inaugaration. Oh yeah is the money coming out of a hat are all the elected officials contributing their salaries perks and benefits or was it borrowed at interest and guess who gets to pay it back? Thats what I thought @$13 a week it ought to take those of you who still have a job just a few generations to pay it all back...

Posted by: chevysedan2001 | February 14, 2009 9:31 AM | Report abuse

veehaann -

Was it just my imagination and finances that things went from worse, Carter, to better, Reagan?

Posted by: leapin | February 13, 2009 1:28 PM | Report abuse

Clearly, the pursuit of the Reaganonsense fantasy (which holds that: regulation is bad, government is bad, tax cuts cure all problems) is the main cause of the pending economic collapse. There is little hope of recovery if we do not abandon it. We must resist the Republican sincere, but misguided, addiction to this failed policy.

Posted by: veehaann | February 12, 2009 12:46 PM | Report abuse

Day 24 – The War on Prosperity

Our country had the greatest economic engine in history. One that allows most people to have something to eat each day which is not the norm for many people on earth and one that was so successful that large portions of the population don’t contribute or work, but still survive (w/ cell phones, hdtv, and more), now has come to the point where those people, who have greatly benefitted from it, now reject it .

Government of the people, by the people, for the people. The people in this phrase are referred to by our royal elitist politicians as chattering classes who if they received a tax cut would probably spend it outside the country.

Some much for openess and accountability on the stimu”less”. The taxpayers should be getting the trillions and the government should be getting $13 a week. It would prove to be much more effective.

Don’t be surprised if there is a time when all the inflated/devalued currency will be recalled and you will be issued a government debit card for your needs. It will be nice card with a smiling Barry on it and good at all soup lines.

Posted by: leapin | February 12, 2009 12:03 PM | Report abuse

I've said it before - where is the debate? Did anyone see a debate? Maybe the PAC groups are debating over coffee at the Mayflower.

Posted by: newbeeboy | February 12, 2009 7:36 AM | Report abuse

Before morning could you post the link to the conferees' version of the bill that will go to the two houses for final vote?

Posted by: mark_in_austin | February 12, 2009 12:37 AM | Report abuse

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