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Wag the Blog Redux: Overlooking Obama?

Last week's Wag the Blog discussion on whether the mainstream media was missing something about Sen. Barack Obama's (D-Ill.) performance in the early presidential debates was, by The Fix's estimation, a high point in the nearly two years we have been doing this.

The comments were insightful, well reasoned and on topic; Len Downie, the executive editor of the Post, called it the most thoughtful political discussion he had witnessed on the 2008 race. High praise indeed!

That made choosing the best comments all the more difficult. We did our best but we would love to keep the conversation going below if you have more thoughts on this fascinating topic.

* "I think what we're underestimating is that people who are not as tuned in as we are don't care about whether Edwards' health plan mandates coverage and Obama's doesn't or the various gradations of opinion on exactly when and how to pull out of Iraq....They want something that feels different....bama feels different for a host of reasons, one of which is this idea that he might "change Washington."

Posted by: inonit

* "I am among those people that live outside of Washington, am under the age of 30, and am sick of hearing about people named Bush or Clinton. I voted for George Bush once and John Kerry once. I don't mind Hillary Clinton's points, but quite frankly, the woman is shrill and grating. John Edwards sounds like he is constantly pandering. When I hear Barack Obama speak, I hear someone who THINKS."

Posted by: Cal

* "What an odd question. A member of the mainstream media who constantly praises Clinton and ignores Obama is asking why the mainstream media constantly praises Clinton and ignores Obama."

Posted by: Blarg

* "I don't get it either. When I look at Obama, I see a preacher, not a President. Further, in every debate, Obama has proven himself to be careless with pertinent details both in his questions as well as his answers. Why should the Democrats send into the general election someone who, by making rookie yet avoidable mistakes, hand the state of Florida to the Republicans by angering the Cubans and Jews?"

Posted by: JoeCHI

* "I think you're analyzing this race intellectually, rather than emotionally and spiritually. Obama is the leader of a growing movement, not just a candidate."

Posted by: Michael

* "For political junkies like ourselves, it seems the campaign has been going on forever, but that makes us myopic to the vast majority of the voting public who still hasn't seen Obama in action. They've heard about him, certainly, and they may know there's a "buzz", but they haven't seen for themselves what the fuss is about. His performance in previous debates have not worked to reinforce this buzz. But I think this one did. When Obama is on, like in his Democratic convention speech, he cuts a winning impression: sincere, smart, and soulful."

Posted by: Brendan Herlihy

* "One thing that the mainstream media always misses: The fact that people can tell a scripted answer from a genuine answer. That's why Barack Obama comes across as the more genuine candidate in these debates. He may not be as polished as say Hillary Clinton, but regular folks can tell what is real and what is scripted. It's a reason why people are drawn to Obama."

Posted by: Mark Williams

* "The MSM is missing the boat on Obama. To me, it is very reminicent of how the MSM and the politicos never really "got" Reagan. In many ways (none policy-wise), Obama reminds me of Reagan. He is a person that speaks optimistically of what we can do better as a society in a big theme sort of way. He might even have the same sort of connection Reagan did with people."

Posted by: Dave!

* "If the Fix is truly interested in learning what he missed, he needs to stop by the desk of the Post's movie critic. Movie critics have been trying to figure out why the public disagrees with their picks for eighty plus years. Whatever the answer is, it probably applies to politics as well."

Posted by: muD

By Chris Cillizza  |  August 1, 2007; 4:56 PM ET
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