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Wag the Blog: The Readers on Rudy

We asked and you answered. Already more than 160 comments have been posted on the question of whether or not former New York City Mayor
Rudy Giuliani
can win the Republican nomination and -- eventually -- the White House.

The conversation continues, but if you need a crash course in what The Fix community thinks on our Wag the Blog question, here's a sample from some of the best comments of the day.

* "There is absolutely no way Guiliani can win the Republican nomination. A party's nominee needs to be able to do two things: unite the base and appeal to swing voters, and Rudy only meets one of these requirements."

Posted by: Ryan

* "I can't imagine his surviving the kind of hideously ugly campaign that these things always turn into, however. The things Giuliani has going for him (cleaning up NYC, strength following 9/11) are vague, small in scale, and difficult to translate into national initiatives. More importantly, the things he has going against him (personal peccadilloes, liberal positions on social issues, and a less-than-surefooted political style) are EASY to translate into negative advertising."

Posted by: Iva Norma Stitts

* "Yes, Rudy can win it. As recently as a few months ago, I would have never believed someone with his positions on social issues could pull it off, but rules in politics are made to be broken (or at least amended). It took being the seminal figure of the greatest national tragedy of the modern era to even have a chance, but Rudy has found himself in the perfect storm."

Posted by: Chris DeRose

* "Rudy cannot win the Republican nomination. One fifteen second ad will sink him... it will show video of him dressed in drag with voice over it saying. "Following his second divorce, which was a consequence of his cheating on his wife, Rudy Guiliani moved in with a gay couple until he could get back on his feet." As it fades to black a simple question is asked, "Rudy Guiliani... does he really represent Iowa's values?"

Posted by:TheLastStraw

By Chris Cillizza  |  March 7, 2007; 6:37 AM ET
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The conservative wing of the Republican party has had their chance. They got everything they wanted in Dubya - stupid, xenophobic, hostile to gays, gets guidance from the God-of-reinforcing-your-preconcieved-notions, pro-business, anti-intellectual, head-in-the-sand anti-environmentalist. Now that they've had their chance it's time for the rest of the party to take it back. I'm a Democrat, but I welcome a return to sanity in the other side. I may disagree with 99% of Republican planks, but at least I recognize that some parts of the party are competent, honest, and fair. None of those parts have had any say for 8 long years and the result is a quagmire of a pointless war and a ballooning deficit where before there was peace and prosperity.

Posted by: Amy | March 10, 2007 11:52 AM | Report abuse

I think most of the negative comments about Rudy are from libs who hope he doesn't win the nomination because they know he has a great chance to win general election. Compared to Rudy's real accomplishments: 1) helping break up the Mob as prosecutor, 2) cleaning up what had been an ungovernable and crime-ridden NYC, and 3) acting heroically on 9/11, Dem candidates are pygmies. What have Obama, Edwards and Hillary done taken together to match Rudy alone?

Posted by: Richard | March 9, 2007 9:48 AM | Report abuse

Here's an interesting poll released 2/25 from New York's Quinnipiac University for the state of New Jersey. New Jersy has affected deeply by 9/11 and the poll appears to show Rudy is still well liked there. Most of those voters have seen Rudy in drag, so it apparently does not matter there. A New Jersey electoral flip would be significant.

If the 2008 election for President were being held today, and the candidates were (the Democrat) and (the Republican), for whom would you vote?

Giuliani(R) 50% - 41% Clinton(D)
Giuliani(R) 50% - 39% Obama(D)
McCain(R) 45% - 45% Clinton(D)
McCain(R) 41% - 45% Obama(D)

Posted by: tarheel | March 7, 2007 5:44 PM | Report abuse

It is widely accepted that if Rudy were to be nominated, he could definitely be elected. I agree with that. It is also widely accepted that the overwhelming majority of GOP Primary voters are too conservative to accept Giuliani. I agree with that as well. This usually would lead one to think that Rudy WILL lose the Republican Primary, which I disagree with. There is one scenario in which Giuliani can be nominated. Of course it would help if GOP Primary voters were pragmatic enough to vote for him simply because he's the strongest candidate, and some will. However, it is not a necessity for that to happen. There are nine other candidates to choose from, and they are all (excluding Rep. Ron Paul) pandering towards the right. Despite the fact that McCain and Romney are vulnerable to suspicion from the right wing, they're trying to get the social conservatives behind them, too, and may be hurt by changing positions, and may turn off moderates by trying to pander to the right. With conservative support split 7 or 8 ways, the moderate vote, if strongly behind him, could give Giuliani an Iowa victory. Momentum would be able to get him through New Hampshire and South Carolina, and money would take him through Super-Super-Super-Super Tuesday. Therefore, Giuliani's moderate beliefs could clear the path for his nomination. If Gingrich ran, nobody would benefit as much as Giuliani would. This void on the right to find a social conservative candidate could split the vote so that Giuliani wins the nomination. Even if Giuliani loses the nomination, he would still have the option of seeking the nomination of Unity08, and his popularity could likely make him the candidate on the bipartisan ticket. So, one way or the other, Giuliani has a strong potential to be our next President.

Posted by: Justin Perez | March 7, 2007 4:46 PM | Report abuse

I can't believe what I am hearing on this post! I live in New York now, and was here before Rudy took over. It was a mess untill he came along. You all are so ungrateful. You are even saying it wasn't him who cleaned it up?? The city was a crime infested, prostitute ridden, rotting apple, taxes were out of control, central park was unsafe, and according to you all of that happened because other people got together and decided to do it all and Rudy just sat there taking credit for it all. A coincidence you all say! Come on you know that's not true. We owe it to Rudy for all he did. He cut state taxes 23 times, he took a 3 billion dollar defecit and turned it into a 2 billion dollar surplus, abortions went down b/c of his adoption agency programs, education improved b/c of his choice vouchers where students could choose which school to attend, he used a no tolerance attitude to wipe out the prostitutes, drug dealers etc. and was THERE on 9/11 as scared as he might have been to get New Yorkers safe. Some fire fighters in my neighborhood owe their life to him. I'm sick with how much people are hating on him. It makes me sad. I love Rudy and will be voting for him! Don't listen to all of the ungrateful spoiled people on here Rudy... WIN IT IN 08'

Posted by: Ryan | March 7, 2007 1:46 PM | Report abuse


Have you considered actually asking New Yorkers who are familiar with RG to comment?

This man will make a poor candidate, yes, but of much greater import, he will make a terrible president.

After 5 years of Moron Boy, I think most Americans now understand that being POTUS requires more than an ability to make facile (abeit quick) jokes regarding one's lack of experience-- I reference here RG's comment regarding his lack of foreign policy experience. "Who says the mayor of New York doesn't need a foreign policy?"

Posted by: Damian (now) in Pittsburgh | March 7, 2007 1:30 PM | Report abuse

the luster of rudy's career as mayor and a s a prosecutor will be dimmed when more people start digging in to the facts. the myth is that he cleaned up crime in the city. the reality is that it was bill bratton, who brought in revolutionary new police tactics, which giuliani fought tooth and nail. look for ray kelly and others to be good sources of the truth. failing that, just go through old news stories about bratton's fights with rudy to revise allocation of cops to more duty at night and on weekends when crimes are committed, get them powerful guns and walk beats more (all things rudy resisted)

as regards his prosecution skills, not one of his indictments against wall street guys stuck. you will also find some nasty instances of potential anti-semitism in his dealings with some holocaust survivors who worked for drexel. if people want a fasciist, he may be their man

Posted by: mr t | March 7, 2007 12:45 PM | Report abuse

I don't think too many voters have seen this video -- -- and when they do, I think voters, especially in the South are going to have trouble with Rudy.

It's not so much his positions on issues. It's the fact that as mayor he dressed up as a woman and let Donald Trump smother his face in his fake breasts... It will be an independent expenditure campaign that gets him in states like Iowa and South Carolina... Next January, all you'll be seeing in those states is the clip of Rudy in drag.

Posted by: William | March 7, 2007 11:05 AM | Report abuse

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