Why Does College Hoops beat the NBA?

College basketball season is well underway, and that comes as very good news for many hoops fans, especially local ones who might want to focus on something other than the Wizards for the time being. But many fans strongly prefer college basketball to even well-played pro hoops, so our question is: What makes college basketball better than the pro basketball?

By Desmond Bieler |  November 23, 2008; 8:00 PM ET College Basketball , NBA
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. . . (1) because college basketball is interesting throughout the entire game and not only the last minutes of the 4th quarter, (2) because the fans are usually invested in the product as students or alumni, (3) because the players aren't only going through the motions, (4) because of the electricity during the whole season not only the dreadful drawn out playoffs, (5) March Madness and tournament week, (6) it is not run by David Stern, (7) owners aren't constantly prying open my wallet for more cash upon more cash, (8) four year [maximum] eligibility always has hope for next year . . .

Posted by: LortonVA | November 23, 2008 8:42 PM

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