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Drill here, drill now

By Tom Toles
c_03222010.gif Okay, so they're smart again now

After the health-care near-death experience, the story about the administration's competence now reverses completely. For a second or two anyway. All the preexisting facts will now be reported as having entirely new meaning. The inside game suddenly looks like a smart play, inside being where laws are actually passed.

This might be a moment when we could start talking about the actual bill and it's actual impact.Take a rest from the blizzard of nonsense for awhile. Yeah, right.

And that's precisely why the administration ought to have an outside game, too, and should have had one all along. Inside/outside are not either/or. People may well decide in time, maybe a short amount of time, that, oh, they actually do support the bill which contained all the things they said they supported. But the noise storm against any administration initiative is NEVER going to stop, the headwinds of unemployment are likely to grow, and, um, there are still a few things left to do. Public anger isn't imaginary, even if it is cynically stoked. You can either try to address and harness it with a narrative about how you understand problems and solutions, or let real public anxiety default into permanent opposition to everything you're trying to do. -- Tom Toles

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By Tom Toles  | March 22, 2010; 12:00 AM ET
Categories:  Environment & global warming  
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It will come as a bit of a surprise to the supporters of the Health Bill that they may have given the green light to expanded drilling operations everywhere in the United States. The new spending priorities that have been adopted mean that governments at the federal and state level will be looking for new sources of income. The costs for Healthcare will climb (don't kid yourself about any savings) and become the number one priority for all levels of government. Creating wealth that can be taxed will be the problem. As manufacturing seems to be becoming history on this continent that leaves either services or resource development as you can't keep on mining the middle classes or the wealthy forever. Eventually the wealthy move away and the middle classes revolt. The scramble for tax revenue has just begun. In the near future there will be a massive expansion in the development of coal, natural gas and oil reserves as governments become desperate to create jobs, receive royalties and obtain the tax revenue they'll need. This will also affect all those renewable energy projects which can't survive without massive subsidies from the government. Eventually the subsidies will disappear along with the wind and solar farms because they aren't cost effective and government priorities (ie healthcare) will dictate where scarce tax dollars will go. Far from being progressive this legislation may have some of the more regressive consequences never intended.

Posted by: RockDoctor | March 25, 2010 12:35 PM | Report abuse

Mr Toles,

I'm glad to see your opinion pieces along
with your cartoons!

Please include a link that allows "previous
day" and "next day" functions, just like
your old page.. I don't get to your
cartoons every day, and the new setup is
hard to navigate thru several days..


Posted by: cbmira01 | March 24, 2010 9:47 PM | Report abuse

America is already digging oil in Iraq. I hope the oil in Iraq is sufficiently enough for him.

Posted by: reakonbbey | March 23, 2010 12:59 AM | Report abuse

Stick to your drawing.Your opinion is rubbish.

Posted by: captgrumpy | March 22, 2010 7:13 PM | Report abuse

"Drill here, drill now".
Incredible that someone could still be stuck in that mindset.
Remember how we won WWII? By cutting the Axis off its oil supplies. Oil is probably the most critical resource in time of troubles, so it is not to be squandered in time of peace.

We should not import 75% of our oil, we should import 100%, and leave our strategically important domestic oil in the ground. If we cannot afford importing 100% of our oil, then we need to conserve and convert to renewables, but we should never deplete our domestic oil.

"Drill baby drill", or the newer "Drill here, drill now" is a short sighted and historically incoherent policy.

Nuclear Iran? How do you think they finance their nuclear industry. As oil becomes more expensive, they increase their revenues. Conserving and using renewables will help reduce the price of oil, then by importing as much Iranian oil as we need while its price is low, we reduce their future earnings. When their oil gets in short supply, civil unrest is sure to toppled these dictatorial governments (see what is already happening?).

We need to deplete FOREIGN oil, not our DOMESTIC oil. On top of that, we are now depleting our friendly neighbor's oil (Canada). What kind of policy is that? Those left with oil will soon be Russia and OPEC, most unfriendly countries.

People need to understand that there are more important things than filling up their SUV's tank.

Posted by: alochin | March 22, 2010 12:00 PM | Report abuse

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