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Circling back to gay rights

By Tom Toles



Friday Rant; muddle America

The Guardians of Functioning Washington have noticed that the GOP is getting wacky and are alarmed about it all of a sudden. Washington might start not functioning after the election! The political center is gone! Could this analysis be mistaken? Let me count the ways!

One: You can put the start date anywhere you like, but, uh, Washington has NOT BEEN WORKING for some time now. Take the last two years, please! Imaging a future where the GOP will not cooperate with Democrats in the project of governing does not take a WHOLE lot of imagination. The politics of NO, or is it HELL NO, have been about as defined, announced and manifest as you could want. Sure there's room for MORE crazy talk, always is, but in terms of legislative rigor mortis, the GOP's waxlike form has been shimmering in its glass coffin since 2008, and is even included on many D.C. tours now.

Two: THE CENTER HAS NOT DISAPPEARED! Where is it, then? The Obama administration! The radical rescue of the economy straight out of Economics 101, designed and administered by the WALL STREET ELITE! The radical redesign of the health-care system lifted from Leninist MITT ROMNEY! Confiscatory tax policies of extending the BUSH middle-class TAX CUTS! A DEFICIT commission (that the GOP won't support)! Offshore drilling! Nuclear power! A SURGE in Afghanistan! CAP AND TRADE: formerly known as the REPUBLICAN MARKET-BASED approach to climate change. Come on! Let's stop pretending here. The Democrats have moved right and ARE THE CENTER. The left is on its fainting couch of disillusionment over it and may stay home election day and let the new corporate-financed Tea Party maniacs vote in their dystopian melange of frustration and fear, and OH! trust in corporations! Can we at least start accurately describing what is going on here? --Tom Toles




By Tom Toles  | October 15, 2010; 12:00 AM ET
Categories:  Same-sex marriage  
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Abortion is against the constitution that guarantees right to life long before abortion was considered as a right at all. As far as control over their body, it occurs to me that a lack of control was the problem in the first place.
But, if there was a need for abortions, I am curious about the need for public funding of abortions and a 750,000,000 dollar per year Planned Parenting Clinic that has prospered the Medical Profession and Health Care suppliers at tax payer expense. An early term abortion costs less than $500 but for some reason the Supreme Court decided to make a close to billion dollar business out of it!
There has been 52,000,000 abortions at taxpayer expense since Roe vs. Wade has been enacted and nobody has a clue as to the actual total of taxpayer dollars has gone into this enterprise but it is safe to say that it is in the billions. Who is profiting? Those with interests in the Health care Industry and the doctors who have forsaken their "Hippocratic Oath." Who is losing-The U.S. Taxpayers, as usual!

Posted by: dave6729 | October 20, 2010 8:34 AM | Report abuse

There you go, bertzel, just like Tom. You are tricking yourself into believing that statistics (because MOST people believe or do something) absolves you from responsibility for the act, specifically the act of allowing abortion. You also absolve yourself from the responsibility of your vote. When you vote at any level you are supporting the platform of the party of the candidate. Because you don’t see the abortion performed doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. When I vote the Republican Party, I am aware that I am voting to protect my country (which includes you) and that war is a possibility. When I vote for a bond issue to build a new jail I am aware that the jail will keep criminals off the streets. Since I won’t appease the criminal in my home town, I won’t appease criminal acts outside my home town. See the difference? By refusing to fight the jihadist or other miscreants anywhere their threat appears or to announce a date of withdrawal is cowardice. That’s what democrats believe in and what Obama got elected on only he too has discovered his folly. Let’s hope it’s not too late.

Posted by: quiensabe | October 18, 2010 9:28 AM | Report abuse

so you are saying that abortion is wrong or are you saying it lacks morality?
No one 'votes for abortion.' The freedom to choose is a right that every woman deserves. The majority of women do not choose to abort their pregnancy and those who do ususally have extenuating circumstances behind that choice. Back to your comment... Just because one believes in the right to choose does not mean one would choose to abort their you see the difference?? That statement also would be like me stating that a voter for the republican party is a vote for war and that too is wrong. Do you see the similarity??

Posted by: bertzel | October 17, 2010 1:25 PM | Report abuse answer to your first question:

A vote for a Democrat at any level is a vote for abortion. It is not choice, it is wrong.

Posted by: quiensabe | October 17, 2010 12:23 PM | Report abuse

you are very good at wearing a skirt, especially when it comes to avoiding the issue. My response to you is SSDD AND none of the above.
You still have not answered my first question.
fyi a yahoo is also a boor...

Posted by: bertzel | October 17, 2010 11:05 AM | Report abuse


I did not say wrong AND morally defunct. I said morally defunct in several areas. You can be wrong without being morally defunct. See the difference?

AS far as my authority to judge morality, I claim none. My point is that Tom wants me to come along with you guys so you can have your way even if I consider your way wrong or defunct of morality. See the difference?

So, I "sound like the puritanical yahoos [you've] been dealing with as of late on the home front" do I? Well a yahoo is an internet search engine and a "jehu" (pronounced 'yeh who'} was a guy who commanded the eunuchs of the royal palace to cast Jezebel down into the street. See the difference?

Now we've presented several type casts: Democrats, morally defunct Democrats, Puritans, search engines, eunucs, and Bible characters.

Which one(s) are you?

Posted by: quiensabe | October 17, 2010 9:51 AM | Report abuse

If you can keep irritating the right
wing wackos as you have been doing,
all I can say is KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Posted by: aerie2 | October 16, 2010 10:46 PM | Report abuse

OchamsRazor. Your 'comments' deserve reflection and after having done so...concerning 'parents'; the father is in fact described as (no offense, not my literal description) nothing more than (in the familial way)a male parent, any male ancestor, the founder of a race or family, founder, inventor,title of respect and on to religious connotations ....
while the mother is defined as; a female parent, a woman in control or authority. something that gives origin or rise to something else. to care for or protect.

Personally, kids don't need a male and female parent..they need positive feedback and guidance. If one parent can do it be it. If another person is needed to 'pick up the slack' so be it. It does not matter what the 'sex' of the 'parent is or whether or not it is the "bioligical parent" let alone the number of parents involved cuz if you look at the animal kingdom, just one parent does just fine...depending of course on the parent!
just sayin... as I'm listening to the changing of the guard no

Posted by: bertzel | October 16, 2010 6:43 PM | Report abuse

Actually, you sound like the puritanical yahoos I've been dealing with as of late on the home front : (

Posted by: bertzel | October 16, 2010 4:05 PM | Report abuse

Wrong AND morally defunct. Interesting. In what areas are you referring and what makes you an expert on morality?

Posted by: bertzel | October 16, 2010 4:03 PM | Report abuse

So, Tom...Your idea of Republicans working with Democrats is for Republicans to abandon their principles. We're not saying no to abstruct. We're saying no because Democrats are not only wrong, they're morally defunct is several areas.

Posted by: quiensabe | October 16, 2010 9:40 AM | Report abuse

On the subject of what happened to the center between the left maniacs and the right maniacs is the same as what happened to the cooperation that is required to fix the mess we have gotten ourselves into.
We have the three stooges running around in circles looking for ways to satisfy their benefactors. They think their benefactors are Corporations when they were intended to be their constituents.
The center is not holding and the ship of state is sinking while our enemies cheer the three stooges on with great glee.

Posted by: OchamsRazor | October 16, 2010 2:18 AM | Report abuse

People were designed so that they can have children. The woman was designed to be a mother and the man was designed to be a father. This family is the foundation of human existence.
The corruption of the family unit goes against nature and the religious beliefs of most people. There are exceptions to the standard family but the ideal family is still a man, a women and their children. When there are exceptions to this rule, special provisions must be established to support non-traditional families without undermining the traditional family structure.
Poverty is bad for any Family and the children suffer when wages are inadequate or jobs are not available.
Civilization is based on human compassion and cooperation. The earliest of mankind knew this and worked together to survive. Without civilization, everyone lives in chaos and great danger. People are not designed for survival of the fittest.

Posted by: OchamsRazor | October 16, 2010 1:56 AM | Report abuse

"All of this blather is just the noise of a drowning party that walked out too far on the thin ice of the current administrations promises for hope and change. The problem for Libs is that you promised one thing and accomplished another with a significant majority in Congress."

You fail to take into consideration the fact that most people who plan on voting republican this election say they believe the repub's will behave themselves and govern differently this time around. This is hardly a resounding endorsement of republican governance. It also reveals a far more dire future for the righties than they seem to realize. The republicans are dinosaurs and they're going away, just give them a little more time.

Posted by: Kevin71707 | October 15, 2010 6:31 PM | Report abuse

@pararanger22 I agree that the Democrats are going to get a thumping in this election. And the reason for that is that conservatives in the U.S. expect simple and immediate solutions to complex children. And Republicans have done what they could to try to ensure failure of the Obama administration...THAT'S WHAT REPUBLICAN LEADERS SAID THEY WERE GOING TO DO. Haven't you been listening?!?!?!? Sure Obama and Congressional Democrats got quit a lot done, but they were severely constrained by the GOP and conservative/Rush Limbaugh/Glenn Beck/Palin/O'Reilly/... lies. A federal-spending stimulus program is how a country gets out of a's how we eventually got out of the depression. But this past stimulus package was simply too small, and most economists knew that. Conservative bed-wetters made it politically impossible to .pass a real stimulus package. Obama's stimulus package helped, but it was not enough to complete the job. As for the health care bill, the CBO estimates that it will not cost us a dime. You, no doubt have a better estimate of cost for that program?!??!?!?!? If you want to talk about spending policies, go back to Bush's unfunded wars and his unfunded Medicare Part D. Since 1980, every time we've had Republican presidents, we've spent years recovering from their economic policies and spent years apologizing to our allies for our bad behavior.

Since WWII, under only three presidents has the national debt relative to GDP one up: Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43. Gee..all are Republicans, the party of fiscal responsibility???? Even under the much-maligned Jimmy Carter, the national debt relative to GDP went DOWN. AND YOU RAMBLE ON ABOUT "TAX AND SPEND POLICIES" OF THE DEMOCRATS. Yes, I'm shouting. How does one get through to you?

Obama did not accomplish all the things he wanted to. HE IS LESS THAN TWO YEARS INTO HIS PRESIDENCY! Pay attention. Wake up. Stop watching Fox News. That said, he never will get all the things done he wanted to. He tries to build a consensus for action, can't do it with the current group of Republicans--how did we get to call these fruitcakes "moderate" Republicans-- that does what he CAN do.

I'd like Obama to act more strongly on some things. DADT is just one of them. But _considering the alternatives_ to Obama and other Democrats, I will NEVER vote for a Republican again. Not unless O'Donnell runs in my state. Ha...ha...ha! ;-)

The Tea Party will be DOA after all the compulsive and exhausting tail-chasing they've done in this election cycle. And good riddance.

Posted by: ptgrunner | October 15, 2010 4:03 PM | Report abuse

Fox news and similar pseudo patriotic organs of phony enlightenment are like continuous subliminal messaging droning on in the background of our culture, getting more and more sophisticated for the last 10-15 years.

They and their growing leagues of mindless minions have willfully and deliberately pulled all political discussions as far to the right as possible, claiming as much extremism as they can for every left of center position, and simultaneously insisting on legitimacy for every far right lunacy as worthy of consideration in a 'rational' discussion, as if one can bargain with martians as they attempt to take over the local school board's reading lists.

It creeps in this way, in a thousand ways, local and national, in every media, and in every political discussion, like mold spores, or a virus, and it's now reaching critical mass, and you have to wonder if there's any hope.

The best hope is the ballot box, and the best time to sound the alarm is right now. The crazies are clearly thinking they have an advantage...

Posted by: thanksforfish | October 15, 2010 2:39 PM | Report abuse

TT's rantings beg a bonafide on-the-ground challenge to the Dems and the GOP. Consider this option: compromise on this don't-ask-don't-tell thing by either (a) shortening the policy to simply "don't-ask," or (b) shortening it to "don't tell." It might be a little confusing at first, but Goodness knows - it's a start.

Posted by: dudeupnorth | October 15, 2010 1:49 PM | Report abuse

TT's rantings beg a bonafide on-the-ground challenge to the Dems and the GOP. Consider this option: compromise on this don't-ask-don't-tell thing by either (a) shortening the policy to simply "don't-ask," or (b) shortening it to "don't tell." It might be a little confusing at first, but Goodness knows - it's a start.

Posted by: dudeupnorth | October 15, 2010 1:49 PM | Report abuse

This is by far my favorite rant, yet.

If only news organizations were interested in educating and informing viewers rather than repeating what people said without any regard to the veracity of the statements.

Excellent summary of the "radical leftist" Obama administration.

Posted by: will12 | October 15, 2010 1:09 PM | Report abuse

Toles- what do homosexuals look like? Get a clue!!

Posted by: 10bestfan | October 15, 2010 12:40 PM | Report abuse

All my lefty friends are angrier with Obama than they were with Bush.

I try to remind them that Obama is, above all, a skilled politician.

That didn't help.

My point?

Here it comes...

...all caps...


Posted by: tony_in_Durham_NC | October 15, 2010 12:38 PM | Report abuse

Tom, thanks for the drawings and the comments. Almost enough to make me believe that the whole country hasn't gone nuts.

Posted by: zpope | October 15, 2010 11:42 AM | Report abuse

I truly used to enjoy reading your short, inciteful and reasonable blogs. Now it seems more LIKE A RANT where your USE of ALL CAPITAL LETTERS distracts from both the point that you are trying to make, and from any humorous twist that you may have discovered. Lately also, the labels and accusations contained in each line without any substantiation or explanation, especially as to the meaning which you ascribe to your terms, raises questions as to your credibility. What has happened to the logical paragraphs you used to write, and why do you now sound ABSOLUTELY DERANGED?

Posted by: chispaquitena | October 15, 2010 11:36 AM | Report abuse

I don't want to spoil this blog as a daily joust between you and your haters, Tom, but just feel I have to chime in today and say, FABULOUS COMMENTS and I ALWAYS love your cartoons. You have the best visual imagination of any cartoonist I've ever known.

Posted by: herzliebster | October 15, 2010 11:29 AM | Report abuse

| homosexuality is sin, people. God hates sin. Deal with it.
| Posted by: Robster1

But all people sin, right Rob? So, according to your Old Testament-Tali logic, then God hates all people.

Maybe instead of focusing on hate, ignorance and intolerance, you should follow Christ. Though I'm sure Buddha would be fine too.

Posted by: UNLISTED | October 15, 2010 11:05 AM | Report abuse

@Robster1: homosexuality is sin, people. God hates sin. Deal with it.

Even if I agreed with your religious/moral belief -- and I don't -- America isn't a theocracy. Deal with it.

You know, there are many very nice countries in the world that are Christian theocracies, without America's freedom of religion. Have you considered moving to one of them?

Posted by: egc52556 | October 15, 2010 10:46 AM | Report abuse

Tom Toles is not only a first-rate cartoonist, he's currently the best and most insightful writer at the Washington Post.

Posted by: Bud0 | October 15, 2010 10:44 AM | Report abuse

Mr. Toles, we may not agree on much but I have to say your rants are the most compelling screeds I can find within the blogosphere. I feel required to read them as often as possible.

The big question, however, is when are we going to see a drawing of the Nanny-State Stormtroopers?

Posted by: gowen1 | October 15, 2010 10:41 AM | Report abuse

homosexuality is sin, people. God hates sin.

Deal with it.

Posted by: Robster1 | October 15, 2010 10:23 AM | Report abuse

homosexuality is sin, people. God hates sin.

Deal with it.

Posted by: Robster1 | October 15, 2010 10:23 AM | Report abuse

Are we all too simple to think that our military today needs to know whos who? When they single out individuals for duties going through boot camp based on looks and behavior don't you think telling some drill sargent that your gay will get you bathroom cleaning with a toothbrush ? They don't need to know and should not have to tell or be asked.

Posted by: concernedinTX59 | October 15, 2010 9:47 AM | Report abuse

You can't fight unlimited stupid when it has unlimited funds. The motto of the TP should be "we had to destroy it to save it."

The money the Koch brothers and big oil are spending on this election would have been a good start on some alternative energy factory, but they would rather play dog in the manger. And good luck with that, while China and India move into the current century, and America moves back to 1910.

Posted by: wishnevsky | October 15, 2010 9:27 AM | Report abuse

If you can put your philosophy on a bumper sticker - you need to think more.

Posted by: GaryEMasters | October 15, 2010 9:22 AM | Report abuse

pararanger22 writes
"Your problems in Twitter Terms"

Perhaps the problem is in trying to describe complex policy in 140 characters or less. Soundbite politics may inspire people to dress up in tri-corner hats, but doesn't do anything to solve the problems we face.

Posted by: bsimon1 | October 15, 2010 9:07 AM | Report abuse

Well,I'm a liberal & some of my liberal friends have already early voted so no fainting in my world yet. I live in an inter-racial family & Obama has done a good job rallying the black vote sorta undercover. In the divided world we live in, 99% of MSM is white so he's reaching out thru black media & they are pretty fired up by the damn TP Repubs. They've got the prez's back so if you live in the right place you just might get reelected if your a Dem! Hopefully, the rest of the damn liberals will get off their damn couches! The HC nor anything else will get anymore liberal with the repubs in!

Posted by: carolerae48 | October 15, 2010 8:38 AM | Report abuse

Hope and Change = Money down the drain.

Posted by: bobbo2 | October 15, 2010 5:11 AM | Report abuse


You and ptgrunner should form a band. You both sing the same song about Liberal policies being misunderstood; Conservatives and Independents are children - Liberals are the adults; Fox news brainwashes those who aren't smart enough to adhere to the Liberal manifesto. ptgrunner achieves a special level of hypocrisy in his comment on Bush's cunning plant to plant tax cut expiration during a critical election season. How about the Dems plan to pay for health care, where the bulk of the pain doesn't descend upon Congress for years?

All of this blather is just the noise of a drowning party that walked out too far on the thin ice of the current administrations promises for hope and change. The problem for Libs is that you promised one thing and accomplished another with a significant majority in Congress. Your problems in Twitter Terms:

1 - GITMO will close. Not.
2 - 8% Unemployment. 9.6%.
3 - America Recovery Act. 3/4 trillion dollars bought 1.5 million jobs. WH let Congress manufacture the policy. Do the math - too little effect for too much money.
4 - Health Care Law. Premiums up. Insurance companies running away. Took over a year to pass. 70% don't want it.
5 - Democrats aren't running on their record. Democrats running against Pelosi. Disillusionment Mr. Toles? How about lack of courage .

The Libs have had all the gold Willy Wonka tickets since 2006 and spent them all foolishly. Time to get on the Wonkavator and fly away.

Your team is about to get a thumping. It's over and you have no one to blame but yourselves.

Posted by: pararanger22 | October 15, 2010 3:26 AM | Report abuse

Pretty reasonable comment by Toles. But the TP trolls here simply can't break free of the mind control by Fox News. I can't think of any time that Obama has increased taxes or spending yet. Where is it? Sure, Obama wants the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy expire...I'd think that the TP, so concerned with the deficits created by Bush, would want to do something about those deficits. Clearly the Bush administration, diabolically devious as always, intended for his tax cuts to expire at a time that they would be a major election issue, thus making it impossible to allow the tax cuts to expire. Guess again, President Bush. We will allow some of your tax cuts to expire because we need the revenue to help overcome the deficits and debt that you created and that the Republicans and the TP would continue.

The only adults in this debate are Democrats and liberals and they, only marginally. Republican leadership said early on that their goal was to cause the Obama administration to fail. They've tried to keep that promise.

Posted by: ptgrunner | October 14, 2010 11:59 PM | Report abuse


Accurate description of events has a liberal bias as you are surely aware, being part of the reality-based community. The country, the world and the economy are going through changes largely incomprehensible even to those who try to pay attention and investigate what is going on. For those along for the ride, it just feels like a sick-making amusement park ride, and they want off. It's hard to ask for perspective from people who are tossing their cookies.

Posted by: askalib-CA | October 14, 2010 11:57 PM | Report abuse


Quite an astute observation on the AEI health care plan or as right wing k00ks call it "Obamacare", but you are wrong about Obama. Obama is right of center. Look at his policies and look at the policies of Richard Nixon or Gerald Ford, and then tell me who is more lefty after that. The fact is that the right is so far right of center, they have fallen off of the edge of their flat world. At the rate that they complain about how the left "discriminates" and "oppresses" them, you would think that they had fallen into Purgatory, if not Tartarus. Funny people, these right wing k00ks, they will not be happy until they turn the USA into 19th Century England (Dickens anyone?!), then they will blame liberals for the Randian hell they created.

Posted by: bushidollar | October 14, 2010 10:03 PM | Report abuse

Marxists=Democrats=progressives =liberals=decay.

Posted by: jornolibist | October 14, 2010 8:40 PM | Report abuse

"The left is on its fainting couch of disillusionment" pretty much sums it up.

Posted by: chaunceygardener | October 14, 2010 8:34 PM | Report abuse

President Obama just said the other day the he let himself look like "just another tax-and-spend liberal Democrat." Economics 101? Where? Berkeley? Your confusion of the politics of the Democrats is not surprising Mr. Toles. The voters will explain it to you in a couple of weeks.

Posted by: bobbo2 | October 14, 2010 6:56 PM | Report abuse


I have to say you hit the nail on the head on this post. Every comment you made today seems quite accurate to me. Obama is in the center (taking old GOP ideas and trying to get GOP votes in the Senate... how did that work?), Republicans moved further to the right, and the left is disenchanted. Let's hope everyone votes in November.

Posted by: PhilMeInOnTheTruth | October 14, 2010 5:08 PM | Report abuse

Get off the fence Tom. How do you really feel? I agree with your observations in toto. Especially your observations about Romney-the-Communist!

Posted by: andy317usmc | October 14, 2010 4:28 PM | Report abuse

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