Another Metrorail shutdown this weekend

Yet again, there will be a major disruption in Metro service on a weekend. Last weekend, the eastern side of the Orange Line was shut. This weekend, and the following weekend, the impact is on the western side of theline. There will be no train service between East Falls Church and West Falls Church stations from 10 o'clock tonight through the rail system's midnight closing on Sunday. The pattern will repeat March 18-20.

These shutdowns clear room for work that will eventually link the Orange Line with the Dulles Metrorail line. During the work, both stations will remain open, and Metro will operate free shuttle buses between them, to link the two segments of the Orange Line. But this will add half an hour to a journey between the stations.

At East Falls Church, riders will find the shuttles at bus bays C and D. At West Falls Church, they will be found at the bus loop outside the Kiss & Ride by the south entrance to the station.

While that's the major disruption for the weekend, there will be plenty delays in other parts of the system for maintenance.

By Robert Thomson aka Dr. Gridlock

Details on work on the roads and rails this weekend and beyond

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