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Archive: January 14, 2007 - January 20, 2007

Playing With Fire -- or at Least Heartburn

It was the end our day in Ensenada, Mexico, and while ashore I had been foolishly turning myself into a prospective human explosive device by eating freely from the sidewalk food carts.

By Steve Hendrix | January 19, 2007; 5:57 PM ET | Comments (0)

Haitian Vacation?

Spirit Air announced Thursday that it's going to start flying to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, from Fort Lauderdale starting March 22. And to sweeten the pot, it's offering 5-cent fares. It's a bit of a tease, because only a few dates are available at those rates. And when you add the taxes,...

By Carol Sottili | January 19, 2007; 3:02 PM ET | Comments (3)

Dining in the Caribbean

Friends who've been to the French side of St. Martin 10 times want to know: Is there good food anywhere else in the Caribbean? They'd like to try a new island for a change, but every time they've done that on their yearly Caribbean vacation they've been disappointed in the...

By Cindy Loose | January 19, 2007; 12:38 PM ET | Comments (0)

Passports: The Clock's Ticking

I'm nervous. I recently sent my battered, much-loved passport in to be renewed, and now I'm worried that the current upsurge in applications will cause my renewal to be delayed. It's a bad feeling, being without a passport.... I mean, what if I have to skip town in a hurry?...

By K.C. Summers | January 19, 2007; 10:00 AM ET | Comments (11)

Skip the Creme Brulee and Head for the Gym

A new list of the top 11 hotel gyms in the U.S. is the kind of reference that sports-minded travelers will want to keep. However, a close look at the list, compiled by the San Diego-based Athletic-Minded Traveler, suggests that many of the gyms recommended are in the least fitness-minded...

By Gary Lee | January 18, 2007; 2:30 PM ET | Comments (0)

Pretty as a Picture, But Not Quite So Accurate

Last week, Reuters reported something that made this photo researcher's blood run cold. Royal Nepal Airlines printed a poster to encourage tourism to Nepal. Sounds fine, right? Only the poster featured an image of Machu Picchu -- the Inca ruins in Peru. Oops....

By Anne McDonough | January 18, 2007; 11:52 AM ET | Comments (0)

Site Inspection: Southwest's Revamp

If you haven't noticed it yet, Southwest Airlines rolled out a redesign of its Web site this week. Our snap decision: It's bold, brash and decidedly no-frills, much like the airline itself. The design is also uncrowded and clean -- exactly the opposite of how we find the budget carrier's...

By John Deiner | January 18, 2007; 9:15 AM ET | Comments (0)

Good Winter Rates at the Hyatt Chesapeake

I was out on the Eastern Shore last week, looking at the many, many eagles that inhabit Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge during the winter for an Escapes column. The birding is terrific there, but here's a tip that's more about the good life than the wildlife. Only a few miles...

By Steve Hendrix | January 17, 2007; 1:53 PM ET | Comments (0)

Get 'Em While They're Hot

Two airfare sales with short shelf lives: Airtran's systemwide sale ends tomorrow; it features $39 one-way fares to Boston and Rochester and $89 fares to Grand Bahama Island (taxes extra). Jetblue's fare sale ends Friday; I just got an email from someone over at (a good site to locate...

By Carol Sottili | January 17, 2007; 11:25 AM ET | Comments (0)

Welcome to Travel Log

Welcome to Travel Log, the Washington Post Travel section's new blog. I'm K.C. Summers, the Travel section editor, one of eight editors and writers on the staff who'll be contributing to the blog. We're thrilled to have a daily posting ground where we can pass on all the travel tips...

By K.C. Summers | January 16, 2007; 6:02 PM ET | Comments (8)


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