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Archive: March 4, 2007 - March 10, 2007

Travelers, Check Your Watches

Daylight Saving Time hits us with an extra hour of sunlight early this year: This Sunday (March 11) at 2 a.m., we spring ahead one hour. Oh what a lovely euphemism for losing an hour of precious sleep on a weekend! So if you're flying from the States this weekend,...

By Anne McDonough | March 9, 2007; 10:21 AM ET | Comments (2)

Discounted Hotels in the Sun

With snow blowin' around along the East Coast and temperatures in the subfreezing ranges, a getaway to somewhere warm is in order. Scouring the hotels in warm destinations, we have come across some good deals, including one place offering rooms at 50 percent off in Miami. * If you book...

By Gary Lee | March 8, 2007; 2:00 PM ET | Comments (0)

Kitsch and Tell

Got some big news from Hampton Hotels yesterday: The chain has dubbed 2007 the year of the "World's Largest Landmarks." It's actually good news if you're a decrepit giant roadside attraction in need of some work. For eight years, Hampton has been refurbishing landmarks across the country, and then promoting...

By John Deiner | March 8, 2007; 10:20 AM ET | Comments (8)

The Anti-Orlando, Anti-Vegas Travel Wish List

The National Trust for Historic Preservation just released its annual list of "America's dozen distinctive destinations" -- alternative vacation spots across the country that will never make the travel industry's Top 10 list, but are lovely examples of beautifully preserved towns and cities, and definitely worth building a vacation around....

By K.C. Summers | March 7, 2007; 1:11 PM ET | Comments (3)

Veep Vein Thrombosis

See. We told you it could happen. The worst clots at airports aren't the snarled lines at security, they are the blood clots that can form in the legs of long-haul flyers. Turns out Vice President Dick Cheney came off of nine days of war-zone hopping with a nasty one...

By Steve Hendrix | March 7, 2007; 10:44 AM ET | Comments (5)

Spirit Airline: No Free Bags (or Sodas)

Spirit Airlines deserves some sort of spin award for its latest press release, which notes, by the way, that it's going to start charging for checked luggage and beverages. The headline on the release reads, "GREAT NEWS! Spirit Airlines Lowers Fares, Many Up to 40%, and Now Gives Customers The...

By Carol Sottili | March 6, 2007; 3:22 PM ET | Comments (19)

Black History Month: An Anachronism?

Now that February, officially designated as Black History Month, is past, I have been reflecting on whether it is an anachronism. This year, as always, some extraordinary events have been staged commemorating the occasion. The offerings, ranging from the Pan African film festival in L.A. to a reenactment of a...

By Gary Lee | March 6, 2007; 9:50 AM ET | Comments (16)

Private Tour Guides: Worth It?

Most times I like poking around cities on my own. But sometimes a great tour guide offers glimpes of a place that I would have a tough time discovering on my own. Not long ago, I found myself in need of a guide who could take visiting friends around Washington....

By Gary Lee | March 5, 2007; 3:51 PM ET | Comments (19)

Favorite Airports: Vote Here

Being slightly paranoid eminently practical, I recently scheduled a connecting flight from Washington to Paris with a six-hour layover in Philadelphia. In fact, there were plenty of earlier options for the Philly-to-Paris leg of the trip, but this was in late February and I didn't want to take a chance...

By K.C. Summers | March 5, 2007; 12:55 PM ET | Comments (63)


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