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The Accidental Wedding Guest

John Deiner

Let's get this straight: I love weddings. I've actually been a groom in one before and had a good time. But when I came across this story out of St. Augustine, Fla., I sort of had to agree.

Seems some locals are tired of the chaos that ensues on city streets when folks hold weddings on the beach. Their solution? Ban them. Some days, three or more weddings are held in the same spot, and residents want a break. The issue will be addressed by the city commission soon, but I can see the angry constituents' point. Okay, I don't care that there's traffic -- indeed, it's pumping money into the local economy, because the story notes that guests occupy area hotels.

But as a beach lizard, I've been an unwitting attendee at my share of destination weddings -- and a victim of the tumult that ensues. I'm sure I've been dubbed "Slob No. 1" in more than one wedding video ("Who's that guy without the shirt clutching the margarita?" "I dunno. I thought he was from your side of the family"). At a resort on Maui, I remember counting the brides and grooms walking down to the cliff at the edge of the pool area for oceanfront ceremonies -- and being shooed away from nasty photographers (or mothers-in-laws) so the wedding party could have the area to themselves. I once slept in a hotel directly under the dance floor of a wedding that rocked till 1 a.m., and when I complained to the front desk was told there was nothing they could do.

I'm all for matrimony, and it's always great to see folks tying the knot. But if they're going to mess with my vacation, can't they at least throw me some Jordan almonds wrapped in tulle for my trouble?

What do you guys say? Have you ever been a surprise guest at some else's nups while vacationing?

By John Deiner |  June 22, 2007; 10:20 AM ET  | Category:  John Deiner , Wedding Travel
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