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MaxJet Feedback, Please

Cindy Loose

A local reader who bought a ticket to London's Stansted Airport for June says her flight was canceled on the way out, and MaxJet gave her the option of waiting until the next day or taking a Pace Airlines plane rented by MaxJet for this flight.

Her return flight also was canceled and she was given the option of waiting eight days or flying an alternative carrier to an alternative airport. A couple of weeks later, her sister was booked on MaxJet; her flight too was canceled. We've got a call into MaxJet and will be checking around for further insights we'll share in the Coming and Going column.

In the meantime, knowing that three out of three is neither a good sign nor a scientific sampling, we're wondering if anyone out there has had good or bad MaxJet experiences in the last month or so.

By Cindy Loose |  July 25, 2007; 11:41 AM ET  | Category:  Airline Industry , Cindy Loose
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I flew MaxJet back in January. I left on the Wed. before MLK Day and Friday evening they shut down the IAD to London route effective the following Tuesday (remember Monday was a holiday - god help the people who had emails going to their work email and didn't check them). I was on vacation in the UK and determined not to check my email the entire time - luckily I did only to find their email 3 days before I was scheduled to fly home. My options - they'll give me 1/2 my money back and I'm on my own, I can take an earlier flight out to JFK and JetBlue home (which left 4 hours earlier) or get myself to Heathrow and I can fly Virgin direct to DC but in coach and Heathrow was at least another 2 hour drive from my location (MaxJet is all business class).

I took the JFK & JetBlue route - almost missed the flight because I had a 4 hour drive to get there and I didn't allow enough time (my original flight was supposed to leave at 3pm not 10:45am) and they lost my vegetarian meal for a time on the plane - that's when I lost it. The chief flight attendant took me under his wing and did his best to comfort me.

When I got back and sent them an email - complaining about the way they handled the situation they responded with a letter (a real letter not a form letter) and an AmEx gift certificate. I was willing to give them another shot when the DC route came back but it doesn't sound like its gotten any better.

A real shame - the flight itself was very good.

Posted by: MaxJet hasn't improved | July 25, 2007 12:47 PM

Left IAD for Stansted. They called to say the flight was delayed, and wanted to make sure I was still going.

On the return to IAD, they called to say the flight was delayed, please report to the airport at 12:30 am. I showed up, and the ticket agent said that the flight was cancelled, and they would be more than happy to rebook me on the next flight with availability - TWO DAYS LATER!! I asked for help finding a flight with another airline, and hotel. They said that was not their responsibility. I gave up checked into a hotel, caught a coach flight back out of Heathrow, and vowed NEVER EVER to fly them again.

I got a refund for the return, which didn't cover the expenses. I was so fed up just trying to get the refund of the unused fare, I didn't want to waste any more energy begging for reimbursement of hotel, and airport transfer.

Posted by: Maxjet was bad last year | July 25, 2007 11:32 PM

You can find another discussion of MaxJet's reliability in serving IAD-STN on the Flyertalk frequent flyer site at:

Posted by: MaxJet Discussed on Flyertalk | July 26, 2007 11:04 AM

I have flown with MaxJet twice and must share my experiences with this new business class airlines. My first experience was from IAD to Stansted in August 2006. In short, the ticket agents were professional and congenial, the lounge offered everything it boasted, the flight attendants were not only extremely congenial but overly efficient. The flight is filled with exquisite food and drink combined with a personal entertainment system. The seats are off-centered so other passengers are not in full view...and extremely comfortable. I suggest taking full advantage of the partnership with the Radisson Hotel (few short steps from baggage claim)in Stansted because they seem to cater to MaxJet passengers.

My second flight with MaxJet was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving 2007. Despite heavy airport traffic at IAD, I found MaxJet to be a haven to the crowds and security lines. Our bags were checked and we were escorted to the lounge for drinks, appetizers and current newspapers. Once again the flight was stupendous and we arrived before the scheduled time with the option to freshen up at the beautiful Radisson Hotel (btw - everyone should experience the 4 story wine tower with "cirque" rope-wine climbers").

If MaxJet had issues with cancellations, try them again!!! (I have not stopped flying into Atlanta just because every 7 out of 15 flights are cancelled or delayed.)

Thank you, MaxJet, for setting the standard in business class.

Posted by: paz14 | July 26, 2007 3:49 PM

We moved to the UK in Feb and have tried to fly Maxjet 3 times--one way to UK, and recent roundtrip to DC from London. All 3 times they canceled or had a different plane--fortunately they rebooked Virgin first class twice and the PACE plane is actually very nice (used by Dallas Mavericks and rock starts) thought it has 3 distinct classes of seats. For the PACE flight, we each got $500 vouchers. Basically, Maxjet doesn't yet have enough planes and DC is getting the shaft until they do--Maxjet does the best it can when they cancel, but they shouldn't be flying the route until they can offer what the advertise.

Posted by: dcgent | July 30, 2007 5:28 PM

We flew Maxjet April 2007 to Vegas; from STN and the flight left on time; food, seats, staff all were absolutely wonderful...however the previous Summmer we flew to Washington DC from STN and were delayed 12 hours, that's right folks, in STN and offered a hotel room at the Radisson and a lunch/dinner voucher for the delay...arrived in NewYork for a 2 hour delay and told we were to do the Blueflight to IAD leaving at 6 a.m. Provided with a Holiday Inn room for a couple of hours but the point is: we were a day late to our destination! That isnt' a holiday; that's a life sentence when you're already stressed BEFORE you fly. And if you're a diabetic don't forget to take those tablets and kick a few buckets for exercise~! The trip from IAD was cancelled on the way back to STN but were offered the next day's flight back which went most agreeably. So, if you want to wait around for a day and never know quite sure when you're going to leave; take Maxjet. And of course they'll be very nice to you on the flight because by that point they'd be accused of murder if they weren't kind. You pay for what you get and with no real schedule; perhaps too much here. Wish they had more planes then it would probably work. Shame they're so unreliable if you want to be somewhere on time.

Posted by: sara monk | August 13, 2007 9:23 AM

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