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Archive: November 25, 2007 - December 1, 2007

Hurricanes: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Winds?

So, no ill winds blew our way during this year's hurricane season, which ends today. But how scary is that for the future? There's an interesting wrapup on the season -- which caused mayhem in the tropics (more than 200 people died from the 14 storms that formed, and back-to-back...

By John Deiner | November 30, 2007; 7:02 AM ET | Comments (0)

A Blog for Plog

I recently spent a very illuminating half-hour on the phone with Stanley Plog, a man whose name ought to be better known to travelers. It's Plog, after all, who for decades has conducted market research for some of the biggest names in the travel industry. It all started in 1967,...

By Scott Vogel | November 29, 2007; 10:55 AM ET | Comments (1)

Unclogging the Airways: A Modest Proposal

The three New York airports take the three bottom slots on the list of airports with the worst on-time arrivals and departures, and the delays there ripple throughout the country. In fact, an astounding 75 percent of delays nationwide originate in New York, according to a study by the Business...

By Cindy Loose | November 28, 2007; 11:07 AM ET | Comments (5)

The Other Congress in Town

We don't usually spring for Relais and Chateaux properties in our travels, but we can dream, right? So we were intrigued to learn that the organization is meeting in D.C. this week. Unfortunately, none of the events, which includes a black-tie affair tonight at Union Station, is open to the...

By K.C. Summers | November 27, 2007; 2:28 PM ET | Comments (0)

Park and Cry

Hourly: "Closed" Express: "Closed" Long Term: "Closed" Overflow: "Closed" (Okay, so Overflow is never open, but it still freaked me out.) This was the Thanksgiving greeting I received when I drove to BWI last Thursday at noon, looking for a cozy spot for my car. I felt fairly confident that...

By Andrea Sachs | November 26, 2007; 8:27 AM ET | Comments (8)

What's the 3-1-1?

The cockeyed optimist in me has found something to love about the TSA regulations on liquids in carry-ons. The whole enterprise is a chance to marry my love of traveling with my zeal for repurposing, and it all started with pimples and mouthwash. I'd been traveling a bunch in the...

By Christina Talcott | November 26, 2007; 7:25 AM ET | Comments (6)


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