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Archive: December 30, 2007 - January 5, 2008

New England Snow: It Just Keeps Coming

Strap on those skis and head to New England! Killington, Vt. has already received 10 inches of new snow in 2008, and nearly set a record in December, with 92.5 inches. A grand total of 117 inches have fallen this season, and now the resort is reporting sunshine and soft...

By Carol Sottili | January 4, 2008; 11:24 AM ET | Comments (0)

Iowa After the Caucuses: What's in It for You?

Soon today's "historic" Iowa caucuses will be over -- interpret that however you like -- and the state will abruptly recede back into its customary position in the Midwest as Iowa's outsized reputation is not something that typically lingers. And you can't really blame the Department of Tourism for that;...

By Scott Vogel | January 3, 2008; 12:16 PM ET | Comments (7)

Tell Us: Your Kid Went Where?

Remember when college students shouldered backpacks and went off for a European adventure, alone or with a few friends? We've been hearing more and more about high school students heading off alone -- not on the proverbial school trip, but fancy free, with a friend or two. And many aren't...

By Cindy Loose | January 3, 2008; 7:24 AM ET | Comments (14)

The Year Ahead: Welcome, 2008

Every year, travel forecasters look into their crystal balls and speculate on New Year trends. Italy: In (That country is like Meryl Streep at the Oscars.) Canada: On Its Way Out Airplanes: Still Delayed Let's see what else those wizards -- guidebook experts, travel associations and consultants, ad agencies, the...

By Andrea Sachs | January 2, 2008; 7:08 AM ET | Comments (10)


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