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Airfare Sale Within a Sale

Carol Sottili

Airtran's systemwide sale for travel through Nov. 12 is offering some decent fares. Good, right?

But now the airline has announced a two-day Extra Savings sale that is far more restrictive, but offers incredibly cheap fares.

The deal applies only to nonstop flights. From Washington Reagan, pre-tax fares are $49 each way to Milwaukee, $59 to Atlanta and $64 to Fort Myers, Fla. From Washington Dulles, fares (before taxes) are $59 to Atlanta and $64 to Orlando. From BWI, 17 cities are featured, starting at $39 each way to Burlington, Vt. (service starts May 21), and $44 each way to Boston; Charlotte, N.C; Dayton, Ohio; and Rochester, N.Y (taxes are extra).

You have only until the end of today (Friday) to purchase, and you can travel only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays through June 11. Plus you have to buy ten days in advance of travel. But if those limits work for you, a great deal can be had. For example, It doesn't get any cheaper than $109 from BWI to Boston round trip, including taxes.

If you want a peek at this week's best deals, check out the Travel page later this afternoon when the What's the Deal? column is posted.

By Carol Sottili |  April 25, 2008; 6:31 AM ET  | Category:  Airfares , Carol Sottili , Deals
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