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Insta-Q&A: Compromise Campgrounds

Scott Vogel

As the belt-tightening continues and Americans begin planning summer vacations closer to home, we're keeping it local with Today's Insta-Q&A question. It comes from a reader who's looking for a tent campground somewhere between Boston and Washington, and seems like the ideal query to throw out to our knowledgeable and tent-friendly readership. If you've got a favorite site, by all means divulge it for Beth from Baltimore. And if you have a question yourself, e-mail us at

She writes: I am trying to find a tent-friendly campground with modern facilities somewhere approximately halfway between Boston and Washington, DC. Besides state parks (which don't always have modern facilities), we haven't had much luck. Most campgrounds are geared toward RVs. If possible, am also hoping to find a site with activities for children (ages 9 and 3).

KOA claims to enthusiastically welcome tent campers at its sites, although as the reader indicates, the company is a magnet for RV culture. A logical meeting place for campers coming from Boston and Washington would be a site somewhere in central Pennsylvania. Reeds Gap State Park offers modern facilities and two pools (although one, the kiddie pool, will be closed during the 2008 season). Further north, in the Appalachian Mountain region, is Little Pine State Park, which has showers, flush toilets and a few tent-only sites. Ravensburg State Park, also in central Pennsylvania, is a tent-only campground, but there the facilities are, shall we say, rustic. With regard to private campgrounds, check out the searchable database sponsored by the Pennsylvania Visitors Network. There you can browse through loads of places, or customize your search for certain areas or requirements.

(And if you want to stay in the area, don't forget about Patapsco Valley State Park in Maryland, the subject of today's Escapes column. Campsites are $20 a night.)

But I know I'm just scratching the surface. What are some of your favorite campsites in that area and beyond?

By Scott Vogel |  April 23, 2008; 1:55 PM ET  | Category:  Insta-Q&A , Scott Vogel
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I loved tent camping at Dingmans Campground in the Poconos last spring - I would definitely go back. They have a very nice general store - sodas, snacks, firewood, etc. and the bathroom/shower facilities were large and clean. We stayed in an area that is devoted solely to tent camping - and it was very large. It didn't happen to be busy, so we had our large campsite to our selves, and the ones immediately surrounding us were empty too. We hiked and read - but I think you could find other activities too. No complaints at all!

Posted by: Philly | April 23, 2008 3:42 PM

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