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Archive: May 4, 2008 - May 10, 2008

The Friday Photo: It's Almost Summer!

It's a dreary day in Your Nation's Capital, so we were in a daydreamy mood when we chose this week's Friday Photo. Thanks to Lauren Kotkin of Washington for sharing this scene. As she puts it: "I was visiting a friend earlier this month in Hermosa Beach, California. Her daughter...

By John Deiner | May 9, 2008; 4:25 PM ET | Comments (0)

What's the Deal?: Putting Spirit's $19 Fares to the Test

Spirit Airlines is an upstart discount carrier that often offers crazy fares. "Can you believe it?" says its current fare sale. "Spirit has (fares) from only $19 each way." So can we believe it? Is it possible to get a $19 fare? And where do these fares get you? From...

By Carol Sottili | May 9, 2008; 12:24 PM ET | Comments (11)

It Came From the Chat: Summer Savings Tips

Monday's chat with the Travel section Flight Crew (most Mondays at 2 p.m.) was a busy one, with readers weighing in on such varied topics as Hawaiian B&Bs, Charlottesville dining, honeymoon planning and pickpockets in Italy. We asked for ideas about how to save $$ on summer travel, and we...

By Christina Talcott | May 9, 2008; 6:01 AM ET | Comments (0)

Insta-CoGo: Congress Bickers, Travelers Lose

Don't hold your breath for improvements in the air traffic control system -- or for a time when business jets will pay their fair share of the cost of the air traffic control system. Legislation including those provisions -- to say nothing of reauthorizing the FAA for another five years...

By Cindy Loose | May 8, 2008; 3:05 PM ET | Comments (0)

Nature Calls: Beetle Mania Hits Western Parks

The beetles have arrived, but it's nothing to yeah-yeah-yeah about. An invasion of the destructive bark beetle has caused a number of parks and forests in Colorado and Wyoming to close or delay openings of several camp and picnic sites. It's hard to imagine that a bug the size of...

By Andrea Sachs | May 8, 2008; 11:52 AM ET | Comments (0)

Insta-CoGo: Even Higher Airfares?!?

Shopping for summer airfares, shocked at the prices, and wondering if you should wait for a sale? You could do that, and maybe you'd get lucky, but the experts aren't betting on it. Big reason: jet fuel prices. You may be thinking, "But they've already added some hefty fuel surcharges,...

By Cindy Loose | May 8, 2008; 6:18 AM ET | Comments (0)

When in Venice: Feed the Birds, Tuppence (and 1,000 Bucks) a Bag

In pigeon advocacy circles, these are perilous times indeed. For one thing, the birds have been targeted by local governments around the world, many of them tourist hot spots like New York, London, Los Angeles and now ... Venice. Buying a bag of bread crumbs and feeding the winged residents...

By Scott Vogel | May 7, 2008; 9:28 AM ET | Comments (5)

Insta-CoGo: What's in the Cards for Tropicana?

I recently wrote about the state of Atlantic City in this space (it ain't pretty), but now comes word that an entire chain of casinos is in trouble: Tropicana Entertainment LLC has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company says it will keep its properties open and staffing will...

By John Deiner | May 6, 2008; 1:49 PM ET | Comments (2)

Insta-CoGo: Skycaps, Tipping and You

The income of skycaps who check bags at curbside is said to have dropped drastically when many airlines began charging $2 a bag for checking at curbside. The workers depend on tips, with salaries generally at minimum wage or less. According to testimony in a recent lawsuit, many passengers stopped...

By Cindy Loose | May 6, 2008; 6:36 AM ET | Comments (14)

The Monday Rant: A Fool for Fuel

Yes, it's easy to complain about gas prices. So let's. There's a gas station I pass each night in Takoma Park, Md., that I've been using as my barometer of incredulity. It's $3.33 a gallon on Monday, then $3.45 on Wednesday, and $3.67 on Friday . . . you get...

By John Deiner | May 5, 2008; 6:37 AM ET | Comments (14)


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