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Scott Vogel

Is it possible to cast your net too widely in search of travel ideas? Judge for yourself as we take a whirlwind spin through a few of today's (other) Travel blog offerings. Expand your horizons, or just read some really weird stuff. It goes without saying that you could discover these pearls on your own, but really, who has the time?

There is a winner in the no-one-in-Europe-hates-Rick-Steves-more-than-me contest, and the intrepid Bespectacled One has the temerity to revisit her home. [Rick Steves]

Sure, we SAY we want less crowded planes and better on-time percentages. But Delta knows what will really improve our air experience: margaritas. [Delta Blog]

James Brown never got his own museum, but that's okay, because a new exhibit at Georgia's Augusta Museum of History (title: "I Feel Good") will do 'til one comes along. And yes, they have the King of Soul crown. [Still Traveling]

In animal luxury transportation news, you can now valet park your dolphin at Sea World, or something like that, and the reptiles are arriving by limo at Gatorland. [Tourism Central Florida]

Love British theater but too cheap to splurge for tickets? Welcome to Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park, where for nada you can watch old ladies threaten sweet blond towheads with eternal damnation. [Viator]

And finally, nobody loves Britney more than the Uzbeks, but ... well ... maybe that's cuz everyone's keeping the news of her personal problems from them. Be there as Lonely Planet's correspondent breaks the news about the shaved head and all that custody stuff. [Lonely Planet]

By Scott Vogel |  June 26, 2008; 1:01 PM ET  | Category:  Scott Vogel
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Well, I will say that the items found on the Orlando Sentinel link were interesting indeed. A BUSCH project for Dubai in the shape of Shamu, and the enterprising Brit who is thinking of a Downtown Bagdahad theme park specifically. While I can see the Dubai project being successful, I would think that the Iraq project very iffy indeed, and a bomblast just waiting to happen.

Posted by: rja112 | June 27, 2008 1:33 AM

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