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Archive: September 14, 2008 - September 20, 2008

Travel Insurance, Wall Street and You

Are you wondering if that travel insurance you bought from Travel Guard is still good now that its parent company, American International Group (A.I.G.), needed to be rescued from bankruptcy by the government this week? Fear not. You're still covered, according to the company. When asked about the recent turn...

By Christina Talcott | September 19, 2008; 8:15 AM ET | Comments (1)

Spirit Airlines Uses Ads to Cut Fares

Why didn't someone think of this earlier? Spirit Airlines will be the first airline to sell advertising space inside its planes, the company announced yesterday. Michael Pewther, Sales Director of the program dubbed Mile High Media, is quoted as saying that inviting companies to use cabin space to advertise will...

By Christina Talcott | September 18, 2008; 1:39 PM ET | Comments (4)

Airplane Safety and the FAA

Last week, the Federal Aviation Administration released a study of airplane safety that cited eleven airlines -- including Southwest -- with flying old planes that the FAA deemed unsafe. Facing a fine of more than $10 million, Southwest may have to pay up for flying planes without checking for fuselage...

By Christina Talcott | September 17, 2008; 1:19 PM ET | Comments (5)

Please Sir, May I Have Another (Plane)?

I have a wonderful friend named Pilot Bill. He used to fly for American Airlines, but now steers planes laden with packages. The man knows his aircraft and noises. When Pilot Bill and I took a trip together years ago, we played the "What's That Sound?" game. He was able...

By Andrea Sachs | September 16, 2008; 10:10 AM ET | Comments (5)


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