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Archive: November 16, 2008 - November 22, 2008

Megabus Rolls Out Free Seats Offer

In this economy, every buck counts. (Courtesy of Megabus) In effort to help travelers save those 100 pennies, MegaBus, the cheap-o bus line that offers fares starting at $1, is giving away 100,000 free seats. The gratis tickets are valid for travel between Jan. 14 and March 18 along...

By Andrea Sachs | November 21, 2008; 7:38 AM ET | Comments (3)

Bush Moves to Free Up Airspace for Holiday Crush

This holiday, give a little thanks to President Bush, who is committed to getting Americans home for turkey and pie. In a Transportation Department speech earlier this week, the president ordered the military to open its airspace to commercial carriers, which will ease traffic in the higher atmospheres and hopefully...

By Andrea Sachs | November 20, 2008; 11:27 AM ET | Comments (1)

Insta Q&A: Non-Frilly B&Bs

No need to wait for Sunday to get your Q&A fix. Here's this week's bonus question, from reader Beth Dahlman of D.C.: I'm looking for an affordable getaway not far from the District (less than two hours, ideally). Virginia wine country or the areas around the Bay would be perfect,...

By Christina Talcott | November 19, 2008; 7:09 AM ET | Comments (2)

New York, Cheap & Fancy

It was my mother's 85th birthday Friday, so we decided to meet in Manhattan for dinner, a play and an overnight stay. When I started pricing out the one-night event, it was looking as if the night would cost more than $1,000, so I started looking for ways to save...

By Carol Sottili | November 18, 2008; 11:33 AM ET | Comments (5)

Raving, Not Ranting, About Air Travel

We're all used to the travails of flying. Delays, cramped planes, random fees, missed connections -- you know the drill. But it may not be a bad idea to share when things go right. Last week, I flew to San Jose, Costa Rica from Reagan National, connecting in Houston, on...

By Carol Sottili | November 17, 2008; 7:53 AM ET | Comments (6)


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