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Archive: Destination Weddings

It Came From the Chat: Honeymoons

On yesterday's Travel Chat, we had many more questions than usual about honeymoon destinations, from Aruba to Spain. Here are some tips readers doled out to the soon-to-be-wed: Silver Spring MD: For the potential honeymoon in Aruba -- the Renaissance hotel has a private beach that is fabulous. A small...

By Christina Talcott | January 27, 2009; 09:22 AM ET | Comments (4)

Destination Weddings and You

Been invited to a destination wedding? After sending in your response card, ponying up for the airfare and hotel, picking out your outfit and selecting a gift, all you have to do is show up, right? Well, as frequently as weddings and travel go together these days, taking a...

By Christina Talcott | September 10, 2008; 10:49 AM ET | Comments (22)

Destination Weddings: The Horror

Planning a destination wedding? In a recent Travel section chat, we asked readers to chime in with stories of nuptials in far-off locales -- the good and the bad. Most of the reports we received were positive tales about beautiful ceremonies in beachy/tropical settings: Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, Mexico;...

By K.C. Summers | June 18, 2007; 09:36 AM ET | Comments (14)


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