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Archive: Tourist Traps

Insta-CoGo: Line Rage at Disney World?

Love Disney, hate Disney, sort of love Disney, really hate Disney: Travelers are generally of mixed opinion on the place. But man, what to make of this? According to a report on Orlando's Fox TV affiliate, a woman named Aimee Krause has accused Alabama native Victoria Walker of beating her...

By John Deiner | March 25, 2008; 07:11 AM ET | Comments (46)

There's Something About Six Flags

Mr. Snyder, open up those rides . . . I like theme parks as much as the next person, unless the next persons are those seated around me, who generally detest them. But even I've had an aversion to our very own Six Flags America, part of the chain controlled...

By John Deiner | August 17, 2007; 12:29 PM ET | Comments (11)

Tourist Trap or Trip Highlight?

Last month I sat in a large auditorium at the Shanghai Centre Theater, one of many, many Western tourists there to see a performance by the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe. Tickets cost $24 (the most I've ever paid for entertainment in China, where you can invite six people out for dinner...

By Anne McDonough | June 5, 2007; 09:51 AM ET | Comments (28)


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