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Archive: Weddings

It Came From the Chat: Honeymoons

On yesterday's Travel Chat, we had many more questions than usual about honeymoon destinations, from Aruba to Spain. Here are some tips readers doled out to the soon-to-be-wed: Silver Spring MD: For the potential honeymoon in Aruba -- the Renaissance hotel has a private beach that is fabulous. A small...

By Christina Talcott | January 27, 2009; 09:22 AM ET | Comments (4)

Party Like a Newlywed

Not so long ago, I met a young woman from Atlanta who was about to be wed. I was on a bike tour of New York City's Central Park that included this perky blonde and her equally adorable bachelorettes. It was her last hurrah before she became a Mrs. As...

By Andrea Sachs | September 11, 2008; 07:52 AM ET | Comments (2)


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