Disco Night on "American Idol"

This crazy cockeyed world in which we live does not give us much to believe in, but one thing we should be able to count on: When "American Idol" tells us it's disco week, by gum we expect them to deliver disco -- and disco like god intended: loud, cliched, and uptempo. But no -- the Idolettes are too sophisticated for that. They've got better ideas!

Contestant Lil Rounds (Michael Becker -- Fox)

Disco night starts off well enough. Lil Rounds did not actually hit a single note of Chaka Kahn's "I'm Every Woman" but she seemed to have a great time dancing around them. And nobody can pull off a catsuit and platform heels like Lil. Okay, maybe Adam Lambert. Still, Lil looks sensational -- the spangly hoop earrings, those ever-growing hair extentions, those incredible shoes. Her performance is followed by the weekly Judges Pull Long Faces After Lil Performance, which is followed by the never-gets-old Lil Tears Up, the ever popular Judges Say They Still Don't Know Who Lil Is -- that's "Idol" talk for "hasn't hit a right note yet" -- and the traditional Lil Goes Out Rebutting.

After Lil, Kris Allen shows us what Carlos Santana would sound like were he forced to perform Donna Summer's "She Works Hard for the Money." Here's my impersonation of Kris doing his number:

"Look, I just met these cool percussionists two minutes ago and now we're jammin' together. Hope the tips are better than when I perform as a solo act, cuz usually nobody in the subway station can hear me over the trains."

Kris's performance has nothing to do with disco, so the judges lavish him with praise, saying "It's so original because you didn't actually try to do disco!" Really, we know, they just can't resist his waifish pastiness and his parallelogram mouth. And judge Paula Abdul wants him to know she's never met any man willing to shop in the women's department whom she liked better.

"Are you saying he buys ladies' underwear?" asks judge Simon Cowell, and I think I can say he is speaking for us all.

Paula and Simon are locked in a deathmatch these days to see which of them can gin up the most reports they are leaving "Idol" any minute now. Paula has no answer to Simon's ladies' underwear question, because her assistant did not anticipate it and put no response in her script.

Danny Gokey puts Earth Wind & Fire's "September" through his Michael McDonald-does-smooth-jazz strainer. And, once again, it's accompanied by Danny's hoe-down dance and his service employee's I'm-being-nice-to-you-cuz-I-have-to smile. Simon finally notices, and tells him he lacks star power. Thank you! Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi, and Paula continue to give him the Gokey Pass.

Allison Iraheta, dressed in a black rubber number, gives Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff" the Rocker Chicks Don't Modulate once-over. The judges praise her "authenticity" which we've learned over the years is Idol-speak for "you do the same thing every week."

This week they've stuck Adam Lambert in the middle. Let's pretend we've not been counting the days until we get to see extra-flamboyant Disco Adam.

Only he's gone and picked "If I Can't Have You" as his disco tune of choice.


Adam's already done a disco tune in the competition, a few weeks back when he sang "Play that Funky Music." He explains this to show host Ryan Seacrest as the Coca-Cola red-and-white undulates rhythmically in the background. This time, Adam says, he wants to find a disco tune he can "connect to, emotionally." Dressed in a stunning black sharkskin-ish suit, Adam is once again bathed in blue light; his thick bottle-black hair upswept into the most perfect pompadour ever imagined by a hairdresser. And the Yvonne Elliman number becomes a dreamy ballad, oozing aching, yearning, over-the-top emoting. The judges praise him for taking a disco song and not making it cliché and uptempo like, you know, a disco song.

"I felt your pain, your vulnerability," Paula wailed. "It's as if you tore your heart out and left it on the stage." We'll wait while you try and wipe that sickening image from your mind.

Lil is so far the night's only Idolette who even tried to sing disco, and she stank. But now, Matt Giraud steps forward and does an actual disco-ish version of the Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive," which Simon finds unforgivable, saying it lacked originality. Of course it does -- it's disco, fool. Anyway, Simon tells Matt he's got to "get out of 'Idol'-land and into the real world," by which, we think he means viewers need to send Matt packing even though the judges used their one precious Judges Save on him one week earlier.

Anoop Desai rounds out disco night and he, too, tries to mess with the genre when he performs "Dim All the Lights." Anoop's style is a little disco, a little misbegotten Ralph Lauren male model. Seacrest compliments him on his perfectly tweezed eyebrows. Paula focuses on his pink sweater. "Real men known how to wear pink," Paula marvels, adding that she loves his early-beard look, but why doesn't he smile more when he has such beautiful teeth, while the American Idol Decency Police creep slowly toward the judge's table with a large butterfly net. Simon pronounces Anoop's performance "mediocre at best" and his worst ever.

By Lisa de Moraes  |  April 22, 2009; 8:28 AM ET "American Idol"
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Is Randy channelling another year when he repeatedly says this crop of Idolettes is the best ever? This group is mostly forgettable, not memorable.

Posted by: mr1040 | April 22, 2009 8:44 AM

Full disclosure re: today's comments on last night's show: I am a disco freak. There, I said it. It's one of my favorite eras of music, and I listen to it as often as I can (Internet & satellite radio), much to the chagrin of my office mates having to listen to the boom-boom-boom emitting from the sub woofer (this is where being one of the bosses comes in handy). Having said that ...

1. Lil: girl's got some junk in the trunk. Use that trunk and pack up your hair, hon. You're going home.

2. Kris: He was the best of all contestants last night. Period.

3. Danny: was just ok. And then it dawned me, that's his problem - he's the King of Mediocrity.

4. Allison: appeared to be channelling Earth Kitt in the beginning - I was ready for her to start purring! She was good. I'm thinking if Eartha Kitt and Pat Benatar had a 3-way with Bonnie Raitt, out would pop Allison.

5. Adam: did anyone else think they were seeing k.d. lang up there in all of her androgyny? Both the Yvonne Elliman and Bee Gees versions of "If I Can't Have You" are one of my all time favorite songs. AND IT'S BEEN RUINED for me forever. Damn you Adam. Damn you, screaming mascara manboy!

6. Matt: Ugh. Somewhere down under in the ground of Australia Maurice Gibb is rolling in his grave. Simon was spot on in his critique of Matt. When it's all over, he'll make a decent wedding singer. P.S. to Matt: when Lil's finished with the packing tape, seal your boxes and say your goodbyes.

7. Anoop: Thank goodness he sped up the song after the opening. He gave a good performance. 2 words for Anoop: Eye. Brows. They looked like wax.

Posted by: jpstang | April 22, 2009 8:53 AM

Ah, Lisa, the American Idol Decency Police bit never gets old, ever, it is one of the biggest laughs of my day. Seriously, I always interrupt my wife's routine to read it to her, and we both nearly fall down. This time, you checked out with it, and it gave the whole column an endorphin-racked glow. Love ya.

Posted by: Booklover1 | April 22, 2009 8:54 AM

The show was "Meh" last night. I'd like to see Lil and Anoop get the ol' heave ho.

For the life of me though, I can't understand why Anoop keeps gettin' a pass from the judges (minus Simon) and Matt gets raked over the coals. Clearly Matt has more musical talent than Anoop.

As I said ... "meh".

Posted by: sknyluv | April 22, 2009 8:57 AM

I just don't understand why people gush over Kris. While he's very pretty when he goes through the motions each week, he's just going through the motions. I thought it was telling when Seacrest asked him what meaning the song held for him, and he said something along the lines of "um, it's about a woman who works and she makes money." When he sang it, he clearly had no idea what the song was about. He was more concerned with keeping a goofy grin and delivering a musical product than making a connection to the song or relating to the non-prepubescent teen girl audience.

While I thought Adam's version of If I Can't Have You was touching, it was somewhat predictable. You just knew that he would try to turn disco on its head, like he turned Tracks of My Tears on its head.

I think it's really just silly that they call this disco night. As others have said, there was absolutely nothing disco about these performances. The original versions of the songs may have been disco (though even that's debatable, there were a couple of mid-80s pop songs in there), but the idols didn't do anything to try to channel the spirit, the liberation, the joyful desperation, and the style of high disco.

Overall, I was disappointed with everyone. I guess it's too much to ask a bunch of 16 to 28 year olds to channel disco.

Posted by: rmcnyc | April 22, 2009 9:10 AM

I think Adam did the best last night. I don't get Kris' appeal either, he is cute but I still think his voice is weak. Then again, the voters of America kept voting for that dreadlocked airhead from last season too. My picks for the bottom three are Lil, Anoop and Matt.

Posted by: MILW | April 22, 2009 9:37 AM

They did disco the same way they always do country: 1 or 2 actually perform within the genre (maybe 1 will do it successfully) and the others fake it and call it being original. Very disappointing.

While the predictions are that Lil & Matt are the 2 leaving, I think there will be a surprise...by which I *don't* mean Anoop. Putting Adam aside, who is under the umbrella of protection, and Kris, who's never been in the B3, that leaves Danny or Alison as a shocker eliminee. Alison, having already flirted with the bottom, is my bet for one of the two to leave tonight.

Posted by: SheldonAlexandria | April 22, 2009 9:44 AM

As we were watching AI last night, my husband astutely noticed that it looked like a Cheetos bag had exploded all over Randy's shirt. Sure enough, when I hit rewind on the DVR, there he was, in all his neon orange glory, complete with what looked like a day glow orange hand print on one of his shoulders.

Posted by: StuckatWork | April 22, 2009 9:45 AM

Best column yet, Lisa! But you forgot my favorite line of the night from Simon to Adam: "I bet $10 you would do Donna Summer".

Lil and Anoop should pack but I think it will be Lil and Matt.

I really loved Kris for the second week in a row. Except for the "parellogram mouth" (ROFL!), he could be my son's twin brother. No wonder I'm partial.

Wasn't impressed with Gokey although later that night, it was his song that was stuck in my head. I give Earth, Wind, and Fire the credit for that , though.

I always like Allison and jpstang you are right on the money about who's love child she is. Someone, please tell her stylist, however, to give her bangs (it dawned on me last night it was the amount of forehead that bothered me about her look), and stay away from tight rubber leggings. Otherwise she is a cute girl.

Yes I realize Adam has talent and his song was original, but I didn't like it at all. Mr. Hodie, who was walking by in another room, started howling when he heard it. (I mean like my dog does when a firetruck goes by).

I actually didn't think Matt did too badly. He sang it Disco style but it didn't sound old. Not sure why the judges hated it so.

Anoop, looked good last night but hated the song. It was way too slow and weak. I think he was also trying to go for current but only succeeded in moving the song forward to the 80s. Thought I was listening to Wham.

Top 3, Kris, Allison (and I know no one will agree with me) but Matt. Bottom 3, Lil, Anoop, and Gokey.

Posted by: hodie | April 22, 2009 9:45 AM

I liked Kris Allen's performance, but it was a little too reminiscent of Katherine McPHee's AI-5 performance of Black Horse & The Cherry Tree. (I found it at YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nGYi39bPZM)

Who did Randy call indulgent last night? Not Adam - and as LdM has pointed out before, it's ridiculous to call anyone out as "over indulgent" as long Adam (and his Joan Crawford shoulder pads) gets a pass on that.

Gokey, ugh, boring. So were Lil and Anoop.

Allison brought her A game. Matt on, the other hand... re-auditioning for the Mouseketeers maybe?

On another note: pretty tired of Paula and 3x5 card pithy notes of encouragment. Come to think of it, I'm just pretty tired of Paula. Period.

Posted by: molsonmich | April 22, 2009 9:49 AM

I thought Lil's performance was frantic, if not fun. She'll go home tonight. My husband, who suffers while I watch, said "that's how you bring it."
I absolutely loved Kris' performance. It was the best of the night.
Danny's was just OK for me. I love Danny, but I didn't love the song.
I also liked Adam's performance, but I really think I'd like to see him do something in the middle--not hyper and not sappy.
I love Matt, but I think he's the other Idol to be axed tonight. He struggled with the falsetto a little too much.
Anoop...he can sing, but who dresses that poor guy? He wears so many layers that he has a permanent sweat mustache that just creeps me out. He's my other pick for bottom 3.

Posted by: earlysun | April 22, 2009 9:57 AM

Posted by: hodie | April 22, 2009 9:45 AM

Mr. Hodie, who was walking by in another room, started howling when he heard it. (I mean like my dog does when a firetruck goes by).


Posted by: waterfrontproperty | April 22, 2009 10:10 AM

Lisa...have you ever met an episode of Idol that you actually liked? Apparently it is such a crappy show that all 20 million plus of us who watch it are idiots.

As for the show...Kris was awesome. I can see him as the next Jason Mraz type artist. If you can take She Works Hard for the Money and make it sound that current you have some skills! And Allison has some serious pipes and will definitely be following Kelly Clarkson into the stratosphere!

Posted by: happydad3 | April 22, 2009 10:14 AM

surprised there was no comment on how AI was able to fit remarks from all four judges to all the contestants this week...

Posted by: harpua737 | April 22, 2009 10:21 AM

Oh Allison. How can I defend you when you walk out on stage wearing THAT? Seriously.

For weeks I have stuck up for you against the critics and the haters (aka Adam lovers) but last night all I could do was shake my head in defeat. How do you expect America to vote for you when you look like a fabric store on acid?

I LOVE you. I think your voice is amazing and far beyond your years but it took a good 30 seconds for my eyes to adjust enough to take in your entire outfit. The sequined mini dress, the rubber corset, and the latex leggings - It was just too much!

Please do me a favor. When you are getting dressed for tonight’s show, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself. "Self, would Paula wear this?" If the answer is yes, please strip off at least 2 layers. Just a suggestion.

On the other hand, your performance was insane last night. You rocked a disco song like no other, and your last note was killer.

Also, Kris's performance was good. He normally comes across as boring and average but I thought he had some oomph last night.

Posted by: AmuseMe | April 22, 2009 10:46 AM

Random thoughts as we lurch inexorably towards the inevitable Kris-Adam Showdown at Kodak:

Lippy Lil will mercifully go tonight (probably first). Then it's the Matt-Anoop playoff. Expect Anoop to get the boot as Matt rides his 'save wave' for another week of mediocrity.

Hokey Gokey Karaoke has two personae. one is the clumsy (Thank you, Simon) flailing dork wildly stumbling around the stage doing up-tempo Grade D karaoke. Last night was a prime example. Boy, that awkward leg kick at the end was a perfect punctuation point for that atrocity. The other Gokey persona is the restrained grieving balladeer, looking to the sky to remind us of his dead wife as heavenly harps play in the background. That was last week.

Hope Danny Dorky lasts long enough to sing in a 60's Week so he can sing his perfect song: "Honey". This would be a classic kitch moment in AI history: Danny singing "and Honey, I miss you" while pointing tearfully upward as harps play angelically in the background.

Best line of the night: Seacrest about the teary Paula Puddle during Adam's performance: "a pool of Abdul".

Allison for 3rd place (a spot which should rightfully have been Brooke's last year)

Posted by: Brookelover | April 22, 2009 11:24 AM

Am I the only one to notice that Adam's performances receive much higher production values from AI than any other contestant? (Lighting, etc.)
He is obviously the "anointed one" since the beginning.

Posted by: Slinger61 | April 22, 2009 11:41 AM

I thought Adam's "rendition" was like having cats in heat stuffed into my ears.

I was literally crouched in a fetal position on the couch until it was over.

And the judges just smile and tell him how awesome he is. YUCK.

Posted by: kitcarlson | April 22, 2009 11:57 AM

jpstang - your secret is safe with me.

In fact, I'll share one with you: I *WAS* a Disco Queen.

No, I never went to Studio 54 (or 57, as Kara would say) - but I ****did**** dance at Xenon.

Unlike Mr. Hodie, I didn't exactly howl - but I didn't really like the "disco that isn't really disco", either. It was interesting - but not in an especially good way.

Yes, Adam made a track from "Staying Alive" completely unrecognizable - but that's not necessarily a good thing. And, no - it has not "stuck with me" today.

In fact, it's Blondie's "Rapture" that's been rattling around in my head the past 24 hours - and none of the Idolettes will ever strap on a pair to equal Debbie Harry's, IMHO. Oh - I meant "a pair of vocal chords" - so you don't have to call the Decency Police on me.

I think what bothered me most about the show last night was the hypocrisy.

Other tunes are so iconic and "sacred" that contestants are routinely drubbed for messing with them. Disco? Fair game. ACOUSTIC DISCO - oh get out of my face - with your oddly shaped pie hole. Save the acoustics for "Unplugged" Night.

And if "authenticity" is doublespeak for "you do the same thing every week" - then it really needed to be said to Adam - though it would mean "you do the same thing every time you sing a ballad" - because I freely admit he doesn't ALWAYS sing a ballad, but when he does, it's the same screech at almost the same point in every one of those songs.

I happen to have always really liked Michael McDonald - and - in the FWIW columnn - Danny's "September" was the only song that made me actually want to get up and dance - unlike Ms. Abdul, who apparently would "dance the phone book".

So, personally, I'd give Danny the nod, because as they used to say on American Bandstand, "I could actually maybe dance to it." As for the rest - bleh.

Posted by: jqw3827 | April 22, 2009 11:59 AM

Props to Kris - whether or not you liked his take on "She Works Hard for the Money" (personlly, I liked it), he at least finally separated himself from the "Kris/Matt interchangeability" problem, and left Matt in the dust as he did so.

jpstang - your comparison of Adam to k.d. lang is brilliant!

What I liked most about Adam last night was that he grabbed the mike away from Seacrest to give a shout-out to the guy who helped him with the arrangement. Now, what I really want to hear from Adam before the season ends is "Sweet Child of Mine" - I think he has the pipes for it, and it has great potential as either a triumph or a glorious train wreck.

Posted by: NotDoc | April 22, 2009 12:04 PM

I dunno, Brookelover...I think the showdown will be between Adam and Gokey.

So this means that if Simon leaves, Paula won't have a punching bag. If Paula leaves, Kara becomes The Only Girl on the show, thus necessitating hiring another female judge for fairness's sake. Dare I say they'll seriously consider Britney Spears, as she attempts to resurrect her career that's DOA?

-"As" to be awarded for effort: Kris and Adam. I dug the Santana beat, and I dug the Adam-In-A-Suit look once again. How much product did he have to put into his hair to make it stay that way?

It was one of the most boring episodes ever, once you got past the obvious discomfort all these whippersnappers have with disco. I can't say I blame them; I don't love the genre, either. It was the musical equivalent of Cringe Comedy: Cringe Crooning. Move over, Steve Carell.

Posted by: AmericanIdolHoopla | April 22, 2009 12:36 PM

Lisa maybe you should join an office pool so you would have some motivation to actually root for something about this show. I love your shoes and decency police comments as much as the next weekly reader of the column, but it seems like you've hit a wall as far as finding anything enjoyable about the show.

A few suggestions for non-mocking:
* Any awkward, refreshingly candid thing Allison will say to Ryan in interviews

* the thinly concealed (and apparently growing) annoyance Simon shows whenever Kara says anything

* Gokey's insecure dance moves (should I or shouldn't I)

* Ryan Seacrest tweets before/during/after idol shows (where wierdly he still makes fun of Simon like if the two were flirting on camera)

* When Paula is actually the most perceptive and telling person on the panel

* When the idols choose to not subject Americans to a night of disco songs

Posted by: repricer | April 22, 2009 12:39 PM

I was OK with the disco songs not sounding like disco because I hate disco. However, the themes become moot when the Idolettes take songs from any genre and "make them their own." If they sang the songs the way they were done originally, they would be "karaoke." It's a no-win situation, unless you get the Gokey Pass.

I think Allison deserves to win the whole thing. She and Kris should be the front-runners. Adam has talent but some of his performances are cringe-inducing. There's a fine line for him and it's painful when he crosses it. Cool that he gave credit to the arranger, otherwise we would have another Daughtry/Cook controversy over where the arrangements came from.

Posted by: rme465 | April 22, 2009 12:48 PM

jqw3827, I ♥ u :-)

Posted by: jpstang | April 22, 2009 1:10 PM

jpstang - do u wanna get funky with me?

Posted by: jqw3827 | April 22, 2009 1:19 PM

IMHO, the "themes" are just a launching point from which to pick a song. The "artists" are NOT supposed to actually DO Disco. What would be the point of that? Disco is not coming back as a genre.

The American Idol is supposed to be someone who is new, fresh, inspiring, original and someone who can take a song and, indeed, "make it their own." Of course, all the finalists can sing, I think we've all grown a little jaded here in judging them week after week.

Who is the best fit to be the next IDOL on a pedestal is the one that pushes themselves to their limits every week and give us something new. It should be an artist. Again, IMHO, its Adam.

Posted by: itsmyparty | April 22, 2009 1:44 PM

jqw3827 - only if we make Peter Brown proud! Cause as you know, the idle mind is a playground for the devil ....

Posted by: jpstang | April 22, 2009 1:53 PM

"Really, we know, they just can't resist his waifish pastiness and his parallelogram mouth."

Oh, Lisa, you just killed me with that sentence! XD Parallelogram...!!

Personally, I think Kris is adorable and unusually good-looking for a "boy next door" type (not to mention musically gifted). But yeah, he's a bit too understated and grassroots talented to make much of an impression on the Idol stage. Whether he or Allison go on to win Idol or not (I'm guessing "not"), they are going to be such solid, awesome recording artists... if I were a record producer, I'd be itching to jump those 2 before even the super-nova talent of Adam (not that any non-Simon Inc producer would have a chance--the Idol machine probably wouldn't let this cashcow slip out of their hands).

Adam was very good last night, per usual (cool arrangement too), but I don't think that performance trumped that mesmerizing "Mad World" he did a few weeks ago. And I'm a little "blah" about his outfit; granted, I'm more a fan of the Emo!Adam look than the Suit!Adam look, but for a gay guy, he surprisingly DOES NOT know how to pick a well-cut suit. @_@ He looked so stiff in last night's getup--a real shame, b/c with that gorgeous, tall frame of his, he'd look stunning in an expensive Italian suit or something. Don't know why he didn't go that way if he was going to do the suit thing again...

'Noop Dawg had a great vocal (and that pink shirt was kinda cool in a pimpin' sort of way... appropriate on Disco Night, I guess?), but I agree that the arrangement was a little cheesy. His voice is very contemporary/radio-ready, but that backing track would've shot it straight off any respectable radio station in a heartbeat. Still, the judges were right that he really excels in the ballad section and he should get props for the vocal. Here's hoping the Pimp Spot will save him from elimination tonight.

My Ideal Bottom 3: Matt, Lil, Gokey (ha! like that will ever happen...)

Probable Bottom 3: Matt, Lil, Anoop

Here's hoping my dear Allison will be safe~

Posted by: Kureno | April 22, 2009 1:54 PM

Oh My God, will you two get a room already? ha ha

Posted by: topwomanexec | April 22, 2009 1:56 PM

Topwoman - as long as the room is NOT at Plato's Retreat (now, I think known as BYOB). That place was so Bridge & Tunnel. Not that I ever went there.

Posted by: jqw3827 | April 22, 2009 2:12 PM

Gotta agree with most posters that the most likely bottom 3 are Lil, Anoop, and Matt. Don't have a good guess on which one might squeak thru. Probably Anoop, but that's a guess. I'd prefer to see Danny and Lil go.

Lisa, I'm surprised by the snark about the ladies department comments. I thought it was a rare lucid comment by Paula that Simon just didn't understand. Maybe because it was lucid...

Posted by: ArlingtonGay | April 22, 2009 3:10 PM

Adam Lambert - I am mystified by the love. He physically looks like a plastic android from FutureWorld, and sounds plastic too.

Although I must admit that I'm over iDull, apparently. I haven't been able to sit through an entire show this season. Everything about it just seems pretty tired. And to me, there's just no one to really root for. It is rather enjoyable to see close-ups of Paula and the amount of makeup spackled on her face. But the whole show/format seems threadbare. I can't even seem to enjoy it for the kitsch factor. Not sure if it's jumped the shark or I have, but I tune in for a couple of minutes then wander off the reservation.


Posted by: NW_Washington | April 22, 2009 3:15 PM

NW_Washington: You're right. I think the marathon, that is Idol, is far too long and moves way too slowly. It is predictable, so that's a death knell. We need more surprises and a faster pace—not to be had in this tired format. I hope the producers are tuned in.

Posted by: itsmyparty | April 22, 2009 3:29 PM

No comments about Ryan yanking the singers, immediately after singing, to the camera spots. He almost pulled Allison down with her tall, tall shoes. And it seemed like Anoop resisted his pull and was big enough to make Ryan pull harder.

Posted by: skip2dead | April 22, 2009 3:34 PM

Seem to be in the minority here, but I love me some Danny Gokey. Paula was right, he has a sexy voice. Have always loved Michael McDonald and thought Elliot Yamin should've won back then. So I dig that husky R&B guy voice thing. Danny doing Earth, Wind and Fire? Ouch! You had me at "Do you remember?"

Posted by: ILoveToSinga | April 22, 2009 3:50 PM

ILoveToSinga - then we'll be a minority of two.

I'll bet, if you like that Blue Eyed Soul sound, you probably also really love the saxophone, too. Yep. I guess I'm musically bipolar.

I never really thought of Michael McDonald as particularly good looking - but have you seen his current webpage? Oh my - the Silver Fox thing just makes the Blue Eyed Soul - even bluer.

And while I don't really find Danny good looking, either, he seems somehow fun to me - and I'll share a secret with you - not only did I feel maybe I'd get up and dance to his song last night, I voted him the contestant I'd most like to have gone on a dinner & dancing date with - and no - we would not have been "doing the Freddy" - because I don't think he's as "clumsy" as everyone tries to make out.

He actually seems like a lot of fun - and frankly - nothing is sexier than that to a woman of a certain age at the end of the day.

Posted by: jqw3827 | April 22, 2009 4:20 PM

jqw3827...sistuh, you speak the truth. I have front-row season tickets to our orchestra's Pop series, and you can imagine how excited I was when Michael McDonald and his band performed with them last year. It was a total freakin' thrillfest to sit just a few feet away from this incredibly talented man that I have adored for so many years. Just fantastic. He hasn't lost it, honey...not one bit. Seriously, what a voice. And velvet keyboard player. Conversational and charming, even shook my hand at the end (sigh). I had to stand up and dance those last couple numbers...ants in my pants! I've seen a lot of fab events in my life, still smiling over that one.

Posted by: ILoveToSinga | April 22, 2009 4:56 PM

LOOOOOVE Michael MacDonald. "What a Fool Believes" is one of my favorites.

The great thing about this forum is that it reminds me of so many great singers/songs. Eurythmics/Annie Lenox anyone? Melissa Manchester? It would be great to see any of their albums of work be a theme and one of them as a coach/mentor.

There was great music of the late 70- 80's, so why is it distilled into disco week AGAIN? I happen to love disco - to dance to. My inner disco queen drives my kids nuts - in a good way. "Oh no, Mom is cooking and dancing to "Dancing Queen"!

But I don't think dance music is the best way to challenge idolettes as vocalists. For me, great dance music is an ensemble effort, not a soloist gig. But these folks are auditioning to be soloists first.

Possible bad news results: Lil is tops on DialIdol (Vote for the Worst has an impact). But then she was 3rd last week but was in bottom 2. I'm praying that half the voting has shifted to texting which DI doesn't appear to capture. Otherwise Allison and Kris would not still be here (I like them both, along with Adam).

I do think Adam gets special production treatment, but that annoys me less than the Gokey Pass or the fawning over Matt. Pullease!

Posted by: MarriedMom | April 22, 2009 5:34 PM

I think Adam gets special production treatment-- especially the blue lights-- in an attempt to hide the acne scars that are fairly obvious in closeups. I don't say this to be mean-- I noticed them early in the competition, and figured that was why he went for the full makeup, hair in the face look. One thing's for sure: He's the most interesting performer this year and he has BEAUTIFUL eyes! And I agree with someone else's observation that he seems like a genuinely nice guy-- when he thanks the musicians and arrangers every week, you get the feeling that he really means it.

Over all, I think this may be the nicest bunch of Idols ever. Kris apparently has helped the others with their arrangements, song choices and practices and it's clear that Danny and Anoop have taken a big-brother approach to Allison.

Nice kids. I wish them all well. At this point, they all have careers ahead of them, hopefully doing something more productive than cheesy reality TV shows. Sanjaya.

Posted by: inkydog | April 22, 2009 6:39 PM

This is the second straight week that Kris had the best performance...by a mile.

I think it is shaping up into an Adam/Kris finale. I think Allison rounds out the top 3.

As for the bottom, Lil is gone. The other pick might be a surprise. I have been noticing a lot of folks jumping off the Danny ship, and his fans think he is safe.

Not sure if there is a bottom 3 tonight, but if there is...Danny has a good chance to be in it. Matt, or Anoop should go now. But they might not.

But, as i said, when the dust clears, the top 3 will be Adam, Kris and Allison. It is Adam's to lose, but peaking early on isn't always the best thing. His career might even be better if he doesn't win. And he most certainly will have a career.

Also, how absurd is it for Paula to continually announce that Danny and Adam will be the 2 finalists? She is a judge, those comments are moronic. And an insult to the other contestants. Her judgement is, as usual, wretched.

Posted by: scootmandubious | April 22, 2009 6:55 PM

Regarding Married Mom's Dial Idol comment...

The Dial Idol numbers are way off because of the small sample. Want to see what is really happening, look at the raw vote totals. Lil is always way at the bottom (so why are her lines busier?) and Danny is always 2nd from the bottom. The top 2 vote getters on Dial Idol this week are Allison and Kris. They are not going anywhere.

If you want to check out a better site, try this:

They allow one vote per person, every 24 hours, so it is far more representative. And they have been getting about 6 million votes.

This week, their number 1,2,3 are Adam/Kris/Allison. Lil is last and Matt and Danny are duelling it out for 6th. Anoop is only a little bit ahead in 4th.

Posted by: scootmandubious | April 22, 2009 7:02 PM

thank you scootmandubious for the info. I need to be relieved of my fear that Lil will stay on for another week. Worse, that we'd lose Allison and Kris.

Posted by: MarriedMom | April 22, 2009 8:36 PM

scootmandubious, totally agree it's just silly for Paula to tell anyone "You're in the finals". "Put it on your record" is still OK, but the judges are only commentators at this point. And too many seasons have produced a winner that went no where...

I may be biased, but I love Adam and hope he does have a career. Whether it's albums and tours or on Broadway, I'd be happy either way. I like more than I liked D. Cook last year, but I bought D's album and love it. Many idolettes have ended up on Broadway and as my husband and I visit at least 3 or 4 times a year, I would see a show to see Adam. He could step in tomorrow as Fierro in WICKED. But he could also have a pop/rock career.

Danny Gokey? Might work on the radio, but I can't see a tour working for him or Anoop. Maybe as opening acts, but neither are DAUGHTRY level.

Posted by: ArlingtonGay | April 22, 2009 9:01 PM

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