Quentin Tarantino Coaches "American Idol"

Movie-tune night on "American Idol," in which the Idolettes will sing flick songs under the watchful eye of a "legend," show host Ryan Seacrest says.

'Idol' contestant Adam Lambert (Frank Micelotta -- Fox)

Of course, when you think movie legend, you think Quentin Tarantino, right?

Tarantino has lost some of his hair since he last guest-mentored on "Idol," way back in season 3, but what he's lost in hair he's gained in weight.

Tuesday night's show is "kind of an historic evening," Seacrest tells us. That's because, for the very first time ever on "American Idol," only half the judges are going to critique each performance. That's because last week's show ran a whopping 9 minutes long, which meant many of the nearly 3 million viewers who've been DVR'ing "Idol" this season and who had not set it to accommodate a 9-minute overrun did not get to see Idolette Adam Lambert's performance -- not a great idea in a competition show in which viewers do the deciding.

This means Simon Cowell -- the only judge worth listening to -- gets to comment on only half the Idolettes's performances, which means they've taken half the punch out of the show.

On the other hand, they've lined up the performances so Simon will weigh in on all the strongest competitors -- though you could argue that favors the Idolettes who don't draw the Simon card. Anyway, it's the dumbing down of "Idol," which doesn't have many IQ points to spare. And it is historic, like Seacrest says, in that it's the first time the producers have acknowledged that adding the fourth judge was a mistake.

With the clock ticking, and before any Idolettes can sing, we must first suffer through a big fat plug for Tarantino, and his new flick "Inglourious Basterds."

"In a world of motion pictures," we are told, "one man defied them all -- the renegade storyteller....[who] changed the course of cinema forever. He is Quentin Tarantino."

It's so over-the-top it sounds like an elaborate joke set up. Sadly, it's not.

Quentin Tarantino takes a break from filming his new flick -- with Brad Pitt -- to coach the Idolettes on a movie-scoring stage that was named after Alfred Newman, who, we are assured, was also legendary, but whose name means nothing to about 99 percent of those watching at home.

Finally, Allison Iraheta gets to sing, "I Don't Want to Miss A Thing" from the flick "Armageddon." At last Allison's hair makes sense -- it's Aerosmith hair. It's an uneven performance, but even on a bad day she's far better than the other chicks in this year's competition.

Judge Paula Abdul reads one of her prepared speeches, in which she explains that Allison possesses the same "special sauce" as Idolette Adam Lambert -- this year's "Idol" winner apparent. Simon mocks Paula's sauce reference and praises Allison.

Anoop Desai wears some sort of letter jacket to sing "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" from "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves." Tarantino has advised him to sing it with a guttural voice. Anoop ignores Tarantino's advice. Anoop is reviewed by judges Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi -- he's not a player.

Adam Lambert sings the Steppenwolf tune "Born to be Wild" from the "Easy Rider" soundtrack. Tarantino admits Adam did not actually perform the song for him during rehearsal, which begs the question, exactly what advice did he give Adam? Adam's hair has been cut, so he no longer looks like Tinkerbell, and, once again, he delivers the night's most memorable performance.

"My God!" Paula gasps; she is so overcome by his performance she struggles to remember her speech: "You dare to dance in the path of greatness...Fortune favors the brave." Wow -- her publicist actually checked out both "Bartlett's Familiar Quotations" and "The Bhagavad Gita" from the library!

Simon pronounces Adam's performance "vocally incredible" but a little "Rocky Horror Show"-ish. But it wasn't camp at all. Now Simon's stuck that image in viewers' heads. Why? Because Lambert wears mascara? So does Prince, pookie.

Tarantino tells Matt Giraud to sing clearly the lyrics to "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman," which was used in the Johnny Depp flick "Don Juan DeMarco." Randy calls it pitchy. Kara slams him for genre crossing, a dreaded "Idol" flaw -- nearly as bad as "I don't know who you are."

Danny Gokey plays the dead-wife card again, singing "Endless Love" from the flick of same name because, he says, the song touched his heart. Tarantino tells Danny not to do his annoying hand gestures during his performance. That's because, Tarantino explains, while wildly waving his hands, hand gestures dissipate emotion and it's better to have the emotion go out through your eyes than through your fingers.

Gokey ignores Tarantino's advice and by the fourth word in the tune, is doing his annoying hand gestures, though he does seem really aware of it and nervous, like he's afraid Tarantino is going to leap up on stage and pin his arms back. In a concession to Tarantino, however, Gokey is not wearing glasses on stage for the first time ever, so that more emotion can come out of his eyes without interference from the lenses.

Paula's tells Gokey his magic is the timbre of his voice. Simon said Gokey's performance was boring but "I can see you were emotional, so I congratulate you for that." Once again -- the Gokey Pass.

Kris Allen decides to sing "Falling Slowly" from the movie "Once." During rehearsal, Tarantino comes up with the brilliant idea he should maybe play an instrument while he sings. Kris also ignores Tarantino's advice; he does not play an instrument.

Randy Jackson says it was pitchy from note one. Kara, on the other hand, thinks it was one of his best moments ever, while doing her Big Lean-Forward of Sincerity, which makes her look like someone applying for a mortgage loan. Seacrest cuts her off after that because it's 8:52 p.m.

And, finally, Lil Rounds sings "The Rose" after Tarantino advises her to commit as much to the portions of the tune she sings straight as she does to the portion she makes into a gospel tune. We wish he'd advised her to commit to singing the notes in tune.

Paula recites some quote about the road worth taking -- maybe Robert Frost, maybe Jack Kerouac -- it's unclear.

Simon says Lil has run out of excuses for her performances, adding she is not the artist they thought they'd met eight week ago. Lil shoots back that she's into R&B and she put it into the tune -- though, in truth, there was surprisingly little of that in the performance, given the buildup in the intro.

Simon points out that it was a Bette Midler number. Lil snaps back that she knows Midler is not an artist Simon sees her doing.

"Those who matter don't mind," Paula interjects.

By Lisa de Moraes  |  April 15, 2009; 6:00 AM ET "American Idol"
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Nothing about Gokey dressing like Don Johnson in "Miami Vice" circa 1984?

Also -- rob of the night was Randy dissing Kris's performance of "Falling Slowly." We thought it was amazing, Randy blew it, so let's hope viewers/voters give Kara her mortgage loan.

Posted by: Booklover1 | April 15, 2009 6:51 AM

I used to like Lil, so I'm disappointed that she's lost it. Every night I hope she will finally deliver a really great performance, but I've given up now. She deserves to go home tonight. And it was just annoying when she talked back to Simon. It's not going to make her popular with viewers.

Posted by: kuku2 | April 15, 2009 7:52 AM

The half and half thing is BS, we need Simon for everyone. He's right, it is the girls' fault. Paula, with her fortune cookie babble, is just worthless and takes up more time because Simon can't keep her hands off of her and can't go without commenting on what she says. I'd rather Paula go than Kara.

What 80's hair band is looking for a comeback with a new lead singer? Have we got the guy for you. That was terrible.

Lil was a mess. It's one thing to be an artist and make it your own, but it is another to sing in tune. She did neither last night. See ya!

I didn't think Allison was that great. I really enjoyed Anoop though. I don't care for either song because they were beyond overplayed, but Anoop did a better job with his.

Posted by: MaltyCharacter | April 15, 2009 7:54 AM

Simon to Paula...

"I have no idea what you just said".

Paula's response...

"Neither do I".

Posted by: mstaines | April 15, 2009 8:02 AM

Adam is just a dress-up circus, to me. I agree, Kuku, so disappointed in Lil. EW.com has turned the Paula-babble into comical free verse poetry, and last night brought lots of new material for that.

Posted by: kirstenpaulson | April 15, 2009 8:18 AM

I didn't think Lil's performance was that bad. I actually thought Allison was more "pitchy" than Lil. Adam was the best. Anoop did well. I couldn't tell you who is who of the other three.

Posted by: barbnc | April 15, 2009 8:22 AM

I didn't think allison was that great. That said, tonight was the first night I noticed a pronounced speech impediment on her when she sings "S"es. Has she been doing this all competition? It's like listening to Sylvester the Cat.

When I heard that 'Noop was going to sing a song from "Robin Hood: Prince of Theives" I knew what it was, and was dreading it. I actually thought he did very well and was arguably one of the top 3 performances of the night. He's still dressing like he's auditioning for "West Side Story," though.

I have no comments on Matt's performance because I was too busy waiting for him to finish singing so I could give him the keys to park my car. My reservation was 10 minutes ago.

I thought Gokey and Kris were both a combination of horrible and forgettable. Does anyone else think that Kris looks like he could be Hal Sparks' little brother?

This is the...8th(?) week of the competition now, and we've seen approx. 34 different haristyles from Lil, I'm actaully kind of impressed by that. Not impressed by her performance, though.

My Bottom 3: Matt, Kris, Lil
Predicted bottom 3(chance to go home): Matt(50%), Lil (30%), Anoop (20%)

Posted by: VTDuffman | April 15, 2009 8:49 AM

Nobody sings Lionel Richie like...David Cook.

The 2-judge judging was the worst possible solution they could dream up. The Idolettes not judged by Simon either got a free pass, or would put at a significant disadvantage (Kris). Randy is so out of touch with what's relevant today. For Kris to tackle a song like "Falling Slowly", which would be far less recognizable to many, but is a beautiful and challenging song, was gutsy. And for Randy to dismiss just shows what an irrelevant ass he truly is. At least Kara got to spit out a sentence fragment defending him before Ryan cut her off.

Like Adam a lot. Didn't care much for last night's performance.

And Anoop is the worst-dressed Idolette since Season 1's Ryan Starr (who made all her own clothes out of sweat socks and safety pins).

Posted by: jljardon2 | April 15, 2009 8:50 AM

Have to say, I wasn't thrilled with last night's performances. Lil's singing was painful and I think it's probably her time to go. Matt sounded weak. Didn't like Allison's song at all. Those are my bottom three.

Posted by: MILW | April 15, 2009 9:19 AM

Ryan is as much to blame for the time problem as Kara and Paula. I wish they could do the show without a host or with someone less arrogant and stupid.

P.S. Kara obviously doesn't watch the Academy Awards - "Falling Slowly" obscure??? Can you say Oscar winner!

Posted by: avwhit | April 15, 2009 9:21 AM

Best performance last night... Kris Allen.

And here's the thing about Lambert... I can't not laugh when he gets on stage. Anyone else have this reaction to him?

Lil Rounds has got to go. I'm surprised Simon hasn't pulled out the classic "karaoke cruise ship singer" response to her.

Posted by: lsac | April 15, 2009 9:26 AM

WRT to the time thing, did anyone notice that they *STILL* went over?

This can't be this hard. You have an hour show. The idolettes only sing for 1 min 20 sec. The judges are the only other part anyone cares about other than the singing.

Cut the Fluff/Filler Montages. Cut Seacrest's yakking. Give us singing, judges, and commercials to fast forward through on DVR.

Posted by: VTDuffman | April 15, 2009 9:27 AM

VTDuffman: Wordy McWord to everything you just said. It's simple math. The songs take so long, the commercials take so long, the pre-recorded clips take so long. What's left? You divide by 4 and give to the judges. Quite easy.

Posted by: jljardon2 | April 15, 2009 9:32 AM

My bottom 3 would be Danny, Matt and Lil. I actually like both Matt and Lil, and I kind of doubt Danny would lose support this early (he'll probably be sent to safety if he's a B3). I could easily see Kris in the B3 rather than Danny, but he, too, would be sent to safety. So we're down to Matt and Lil. Since Matt's been in the B3 a few times and Lil had the last spot, I'll say it'll be Matt who's eliminated. If so, he'll get the judges' save this week. If Lil ends up with the fewest votes, Simon's as good as said, she will not receive unanimity for a save. I think at this point, Lil is the only one who wouldn't receive the save. Otherwise, I predict it'll be used tonight.

Posted by: SheldonAlexandria | April 15, 2009 9:47 AM

Nobody else found Adam annoying? He sang a song about freedom yet couldn't have been trying harder. It's like he was doing "wild" by way of summer stock teaching methods.

Lil was terrible and talked back, so she's gone.

Posted by: sarahabc | April 15, 2009 9:54 AM

I actually thought Allison did ok last night, per usual setting the bar high.

Anoop, suprised me again but I wasn't impressed with him as much as the judges.

Adam flew way over that bar Allison set and I was smiling the entire performance. I can definitely see me buying some of Adams music in the future even though he weirds me out a little bit.

Matt's performance was dreadful but his piano playing did impress me.

Yep, Gokey did play the dead-wife card especially when he looked up to Heaven on the last note. However, like Simon said, I do believe he was sincere but that doesn't mean it helped his performance.

And what was Randy thinking??? I think I like Kris Allen better than Adam last night. Falling Slowly is one of my favorite songs, and I agree, not obscure. I bought the cd the day after I heard it the first time, highly recommended. I also have to say, I think Kris did it better than the original artist and brought a lot of emotion to his performance. He got my vote yesterday.

Lil, time to pack, honey. The gospel twist was a brilliant idea but you failed to execute. I was annoyed she pronounced all of her o's as ah's, for example she said "lahve" instead of "love" and she took away the richness of the vocal. Her voice sounded very weak and out of tune. This was my mother's all time favorite song and I expect she was rolling in her grave over this one. You also did not do yourself a service by arguing with Simon. You can't win with him even if you were right.

Except for Lil, I think most of them did ok. Top 3 Kris, Adam, Allison. Bottom 3 Lil, Lil, Lil.

Posted by: hodie | April 15, 2009 9:55 AM

Ack, DialIdol has Lil in possible 2nd place. Vote for the Worsters, maybe?

Posted by: sarahabc | April 15, 2009 10:08 AM

I didn't get to see Allison's or Matt's performances but judging from the previous comments, neither did that well.

Out of the rest, I thought Adam was the best although I thought his chorus (Born to Be Wild) entered screech owl territory yet again.

Lil was beyond bad. I think her time might have come...but will she be saved???

Posted by: AmuseMe | April 15, 2009 10:10 AM

Last night was Kris's night. He sang beautifully and was sensitive and vulnerable. Adam's performance was the most energetic and vocally amazing performance, but Kris was more appealing. Anoop also sang well. I think Lil should be leaving this week, based on her recent performances. She tries to take on too much and then can't follow through.

Posted by: nthwoods | April 15, 2009 10:27 AM

Simon judges only half the performances? Say what? Are they trying to ruin the show?! And Simon was right, Kara and Paula do ramble too much. For all the teasing he gets about his ego, the two of them -- and Seacrest -- seem to love the sounds of their own voices too much. Wish the three of them would cheer down.

Matt and Lil were both a mess last nice, and Allison WAS lisping in part of her song. All three of them were, I thought, trying too hard, those performances all seemed labored to me. The only one who came through okay was Allison, but not as good as usual. It was a relief when Adam lightened things up. Anoop and Kris were the surprises to me -- I thought Anoop sounded really good and performed well (though that jacket was an odd choice) -- he's really improved. About Kris I'm with Kara, I felt the emotion there and thought he was one of the best last night. My husband was not as impressed, but I have a feeling one's responses to Kris in particular are gender-based. As I explained to him, here's this really, really cute guy, and he's singing sweetly...just to you.

Posted by: owingsmills | April 15, 2009 10:29 AM

Allison was amazing last night, as she usually is. She set the bar high and I do not think anybody else was able to match her. She is strugling because most people base their votes on looks rather than talent, which explains why Megan went as far as she did. Having said that, I still think Allison will do well no matter where she finishes in this competition because she DOES HAVE TALENT.

Posted by: pcca | April 15, 2009 10:35 AM

owingsmills, you could be on to something with the gender thing. I thought Kris was excrutiatingly boring last night. I almost fell asleep in the middle of his performance, which could have been really dangerous considering I was on the elliptical machine at the time.

Posted by: VTDuffman | April 15, 2009 10:39 AM

VTDuffman and Owingsmills, you are probably right. Falling Slowly is totally a chick song which is why we all dug it. Trust us, he performed it beautifully.

Posted by: hodie | April 15, 2009 10:56 AM

I'm not sure why everyone is so enamored with Adam. He screeches in his falsetto voice and runs around the stage with the hair band. Overall, I'm not overwhelmed with any of them. I do like Gokey, he has a well trained voice, but not alot of magic. I don't feel like there is anyone who I'm excited about this year. Anyone else feel that way?

Posted by: lrobin1 | April 15, 2009 11:01 AM

What a show. From the moment in the beginning that Ryan Seacrest did that "A la Cuisine" hand chop from "Iron Chef" when he said "This is American Idol!", I knew we were in for some giggles.

Closely followed by the ridiculous intro to Quentin Tarrantino.

Lisa, you were charitable. Is it "Lisa Gives Back?" day?

I would have written:

"the renegade storyteller....that [SIC]"

This show is now so dumbed down that not only can they not do basic arithmetic (i.e., Studio 57 - and those apparently innumerable "little words") - but they also don't know basic grammar.

And the generally most verbally challenged judge (Randy) thought Kris Allen's singing was off key????? Oh wait - once the legally blind contestant was off the show they needed another one from Column C, so they added the tone deaf judge to keep the demo going?

I agree with all that Kris Allen was the most ripped off performer last night. If I were a teenybopper who texts, I would surely have voted for him. The song from "Once" (I guess Randy's just not into small but wildly critically successful indie flicks?) is completely beautiful - not your typical "Top 40 Tune" - and Kris sang it perfectly. There's nothing wrong with my ears or musical taste.

Speaking of musical taste . . . What else isn't your typical Top 40 Tune -in 2009? "Born to be Wild". Adam is undeniably talented - but his true love - and natural fit - seems to be the musical theatrical stage.

"Rocky Horrow Picture Show" completely summed it up. And while I cannot get the mental image of Adam in the eyeliner AND the garter belt and stockings out of my head now, I'm glad Simon made it.

Glam Rock is so over. It's not current. And in the current economy, live theater is taking a big hit. Sure - there's a new "Hair" revival - but to do "Hair", Adam would have to lose the excessively coiffed and groomed look and (as the Idol judges love to say) - dirty it up.

Hippies in the late 1960s were actually truly dirty. Not "stage" dirty. Think wallowing in the mud at Woodstock dirty. They didn't use hair product.

Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side" was really "dangerous" - not costume leather wearing faux scary. To me, Adam is about as threatening as that poodle in a leather-studded collar Simon used to tell certain other theatrical contestants they reminded him of - like Margoulis.

To me, Adam's was the Mantovani Steppenwolf - and, well, yeah, he sang it really well. I shall now think of him as "The Phantom of the Rocky Horror Picture Show" (in a garter belt and black fishnets).

Posted by: jqw3827 | April 15, 2009 11:01 AM

Randy was way off base, Kris did an amazing job last night. While I was a bit bored by all the ballads, I was pleased that he picked something very contemporary. For a moment there I thought it was going to be Bryan Adams night. All that was missing was the song he did for The Three Musketeers.

When I saw Adam, my first reaction was, "oh my god, its Steppenwolf meets Limp Bizkit."

Did anybody else notice that Quentin Tarantino was wearing the butt and thigh firming workout shoes?

Posted by: StuckatWork | April 15, 2009 11:15 AM

"Kara, on the other hand, thinks it was one of his best moments ever, while doing her Big Lean-Forward of Sincerity, which makes her look like someone applying for a mortgage loan."

Pookie, you make me laugh out loud at work, for which I receive strange looks from my colleagues. But I don't care, that was a great line!

Posted by: jpstang | April 15, 2009 11:27 AM

"Gokey is not wearing glasses on stage for the first time ever."

Not so, Lisa. Danny sang sans specs a couple of weeks ago -- probably the week you consigned your readers to the utter tedium of your stand-in.

Posted by: kjohnson3 | April 15, 2009 11:46 AM

Still love, love, love Adam and Allison. Kris was good last night - the rest can take a walk. Adam does scream - but totally on key every time. He is absolutely fearless! Paula was right - he's up there with Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler. He'll around for a long time.

No one listens to guest experts anyway - they nod and say they will - but they never do. It was nice to see and hear Quentin, although the big buildup was really too much.

I disagree that the judges will use their save tonight - not gonna happen.

Posted by: ryjus | April 15, 2009 11:50 AM

I shall now think of him as "The Phantom of the Rocky Horror Picture Show"

LOL! jqw.

Posted by: hodie | April 15, 2009 11:53 AM

Lil Little is not only a consistently poor and flat singer, alternately boring and excruciating to listen to. She is now being mouthy and obnoxious to the judges, especially Simon (never a smart idea, though dopey Paula tried to run a tag-team filibuster to squelch Simon's spot-on castic comments). She is achieving the near-impossible: Making Danny Dorky look good by comparison. She needs to go tonight.

Posted by: Brookelover | April 15, 2009 11:54 AM

Ryjus - Here's where we have to agree to disagree. (and also with Lisa)

Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler were (are?) actually dangerous. They did drugs. They would give you diseases.

Adam is Androgynous "Rock" Star Lite. He might whip you to death with his cape, but he's about as scary as the original Japanese host of Japanese "Iron Chef" - complete with Zorro-esque costume and faux scowling demeanor.

I do think Adam is camp. And camp has its place - it's just that his particular version is so over to me. It's not just the eye makeup - it's the whole package.

Would Mick Jagger really do a head banging dance in high top tennis shoes with a stage band - even on Ed Sullivan? No. Mick Jagger scared Ed Sullivan to death. Mick Jagger made Ed Sullivan queasy - in the very good way.

Prince may well wear mascara, but even though he's a little feller, he also looks like if you provoked him, he might cut ya.

Mick Jagger rolled his eyes at Ed Sullivan "for you youngsters out there." I think Adam would wink at him (as he has done to Simon Cowell upon occassion) - and that, sister, is camp.

Posted by: jqw3827 | April 15, 2009 12:04 PM

allison does have a lisp but that's because she's wearing some sort of dental corrective device on her lower teeth. i noticed it the first time she talked on screen to ryan - i think that's why she was so initially shy.

was it just me or did these guys pick some REALLY OLD songs? i mean, "endless love"? talk about the gokey-card - he was TERRIBLE. how far do you think the gokey-card is going to get him? anoop was better than i thought he would be tho i hate bryan adams. KRIS WAS ROBBED! that song was beautiful - i re-wound it over and over and over AND ended up buying the album on iTunes. AI now has me dvr'ing Fringe cuz i can't figure out how to set my dvr to end later than the timed end of the show.

adam reminds me of axel rose - i think he'd be great for a hair metal band - but i thought "born to be wild" was a weird song choice. and Lil - how could you kill such a great song? PLZ SEND LIL HOME TONITE!

Posted by: mortii | April 15, 2009 12:10 PM

After last season, I haven't been able to sit through any performances except for the auditions because you knew you would at least get to laugh at the poor, clueless souls who think they can sing. From the comments, it seems this is the worst season ever. Is it?

Posted by: cwarddc | April 15, 2009 12:15 PM

Last night I made a point of listening to each one with my eyes closed -- as though I had a CD of them and could only listen, not look at clothes and performance, etc. (Had to make an exception for Adam, at least for a few secs, just to see what he was going to wear).

Allison - good. Anoop -- good. Adam -- screechy.

What I don't like about Adam is that every performance has to be a big, fat production. He can't just sit in a chair and sing, he has to glam it up even when he's doing his version of a ballad. For me, it's too much distraction and it makes me wonder what he's hiding. Would I really want to listen to an entire CD of him? No.

Gokey -- tired of him. Sounds exactly the same to me each week. Rarely takes a risk, sounds like Muzak. And the dead-wife thing -- trying to use her tragedy to win a game show, er. . . talent show? Disgusting.

Matt -- great piano work.

Kris -- for me, performance of the night. Would definitely buy his CD.

At this point, keep Kara and dump Randy. His "dude, dawg, listen up, yo" crap is really annoying, very 90s, and his critiques are virtually useless: that was great dawg, or, it just didn't do it for me, dawg. Who cares?

Lil -- wow, how have the mighty fallen. We've seen the headstrong, I want to do it my way types before -- and they always lose. Plus, arguing with Simon was tacky. Will be happy to see her go, she presents no relevance to the show at this point. At the beginning of the season I would have put her and Gokey in the final 2, but now? Unvote her off, already.

Posted by: lanehatcher | April 15, 2009 12:18 PM

Eh… sorry, but Lil Rounds was just awful last night. Every note sat just under the pitch and the “straight” part of the song shows why she has NO CHOICE but to sing in that R&B style that wiggles and twists every note longer than a half note—she simply cannot hold a steady pitch. Her voice may sound pretty but her vocal mastery is even less than Scott’s—and that’s saying something! @_@ She cried and made the judges look like they were picking on her out of meanness (completely untrue—in fact, they gave her excessive, unwarranted love for most of the season), so I’m sure she’ll be sympathy-voted to safety. @_@ So undeserving…

Adam was incredible as usual but “Born to be Wild” isn’t my kind of rock song. Still had to vote for him out of respect for the awesome performance, though.

Poor Allison got a recycled version of David Cook’s “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”—poor girl! Ricky Minor and company are getting lazy or something—they didn’t even raise the key for her and made her sing in a really low David Cook range that didn’t hit her “sweet spot” range at all. What a shame—it could’ve been a really good performance.

Kris—sweet but boring. Two people sang Bryan Adams songs last night, but not him, despite the fact he was BORN to sing Bryan Adams (Kris + “Everything I Do, I Do it For You”—would that not have been perfect?? Though Anoop wasn’t too bad on it…). Seriously, what a wasted opportunity!

Matt needs to go home right now. God awful vocal—I even gave him the benefit of closing my eyes so I wouldn’t be distracted by his creepy-as-all-hell “here’s lookin’ at you, babe” expressions (why does he ALWAYS pick the suggestive songs when he’s so not hot? So creepy…)—and he STILL sounded awful. Lil’s at the end of her rope and deserves to leave, but I’d be even happier if Matt left instead tonight.

Posted by: Kureno | April 15, 2009 12:51 PM

The only place I see the death of Danny's wife brought up every single time, is in this comment section. I haven't heard one word on the show about his wife since the auditions. Why don't YOU people let it go. Geez.

Posted by: MILW | April 15, 2009 12:52 PM

my prediction: despite her sassy mouth, Lil will be kept around another week or 2 to balance out the group racially.

Posted by: topwomanexec | April 15, 2009 12:55 PM

"The judges are the only other part anyone cares about other than the singing."

Randy has nothing to say so he fills in his time with "yo dawg"s.
Kara and Paula both sound like they have scripted lines, but Kara seems to rehearse hers more, to practice her exaggerated facial expressions and gestures. Paula just babbles her way through her comments (which I doubt she understands) then gets back to flirting with Simon.
Simon is actually quite sensible compared with the others, but he's already picked his favorites. He's not tough enough on Danny.
At this point in the competition, it wouldn't matter if the judges were cut.

Posted by: kuku2 | April 15, 2009 1:03 PM


I didn't mean to imply that the judges added anything of value to the show. Just that they are the only thing anyone cares about. Mostly so we can make fun of them, but still I'd rather listen to the judges than filler intro segements or Seacrest vamping.

Posted by: VTDuffman | April 15, 2009 1:31 PM

To jqw3827:

I'm sorry but everyone is prejudiced against Adam because of the style he chooses to portray. THE DUDE CAN SING!! He's already proven he can sit in a chair and sing very simply and from the heart. Everyone fell over themselves raving about his talent last week. My point is that it is his choice as to his persona - he is not limited (as the others are). From the beginning, I kept saying to everyone around me - one of these weeks they're going to clean him up and comb his hair back and everyone will love him. It happened and it will happen again. What does it matter what someone looks like? I don't care if he's gay, wears makeup, paints his fingernails black, etc., etc. He touches me when he sings - he has real passion. If you don't like his screams (totally ON KEY every time), wait for the next song without screams. He does make presentations every week - some popular and some not - but talent? He's a rare bird that we're lucky to hear. Jennifer Hudson and Melinda Doolittle were told (over and over) that they didn't look like an idol - what does it matter what someone looks like? Especially when you're buying a CD! Why do they have to comment on Allison's clothes and hair? So many, many people focus on the outward appearance and miss the big picture. As for Adam not being dangerous, that's your perception. He can create whatever facade he chooses because he's also a great actor! If he chooses to strut and preen (ala Jagger), he's totally able to do that. I love the fact that he's the only one to acknowledge the orchestra and thank them almost every week before he turns to the judges. Thank you, American Idol, for giving us true talent every year. LOVE THIS SHOW!!

Posted by: ryjus | April 15, 2009 1:42 PM

Also (regarding Adam)- what about Roger Daltry's screams on Won't get fooled again? What about Led Zepp's screams? What's so wrong about being able to scream on key? I think it's awesome! The guy has choices (more than I can say for the others)!

Posted by: ryjus | April 15, 2009 2:02 PM

Ryus - it's because that style will be very successful on Meatloaf Rock Opera week - and you may find that CD on the shelf right next to "Bat Out of Hell". That's got nothing to do with looks - and everything to do with genre/niche.

If/when they are recasting Frank-N-Furter - he will definitely get the lead - and be very good in the part. In that sense, he might have done better to have chosen to be on "Any Dream Will Do." John Merriman and Sir Andrew would probably cast him as Joseph in a London heartbeat. I'm just not sure a mainstream pop idol show is the natural venue.

You're right - it's my adult female perception that Adam isn't dangerous. That's why female teenboppers will love and vote for him (and why they like a certain genre of soft gay manga in Japan) - the androgyny goes a long way to ameliorate the threat of (hetero)sexual menace.

You're also right about "create a facade" - which is the key element I think differentiating him from Allison, which I've written about on this board before.

When Susan Sontag first theorized camp back in 1964 - aside from the exaggerated sturm and swish, she also made a point about it involving middle class pretentiousness. Real hippies were really dirty; pretentious middle class kids wore fringed vests, bell bottom pants, long hair - and created a facade.

The swath of blue light made last week's performance not "sitting in a chair and singing simply" - it made it over-the-top - or "camp", although the delivery and beauty of the song itself made it somewhat less ironic than last night's "strut and preen".

Why ironic? Because, I happen to agree with you - that when he thanks the band and judges he sincerely means it and shows me he's really a nice boy - a nice boy from a good middle class family. And boys like that aren't dangerous or threatening - blue lights and studied lip curling aside. Teenyboppers know it; and I know it.

Posted by: jqw3827 | April 15, 2009 2:23 PM

I can't believe no one has said anything about Gokey not wearing his signature glasses. Gokey wearing contacts is like Simon wearing a button down dress shirt.
And last night was the worst most boring idol of the season. Nupe was probably the best but that's not saying much. My 2 favorites of the season, Allison and Adam were really awful. Everything else just bored to tears. Lil goes tonight.

Posted by: dovelevine | April 15, 2009 2:32 PM

ryjus - good call re: Adam. Dude CAN sing, and on key in all registers -- falsetto to "Axel Rose".
kureno -- right on the money re: Lil. She does the vocal equivilent of shotgunning -- warbling a "supposed" R&B run to cover the fact that she can't hit the correct note first time out. She was terrible, plain and simple. And the talk-back sealed her fate.

I thought that Adam and Allison should've switched songs last night. "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" is a soaring song that Adam would've nailed (too). It requires an F-22 sort of soar, not the glider soar that Allison gave it. I really wanted to like her performance but after watching it over, it just sat there. Her voice is better suited for "Born to be Wild" with its more gutteral-delivery. She sang IDWTMAT in her low register, never really reaching up/up/up when the song called for it. The judges have all drunk the Allison potion and fawned over HER -- not her song delivery --last night. She could've coughed for 2 minutes and Paula would stand and cheer. Still, she was #3 behind Adam and Kris.

Anoop did his usual cover version best. Danny was predictable and as such, got yet another Gokey pass. Nothing new each week from him. Matt was out of whack last night and all over the place with his song. Randy's critique was correct. Kris was good, but, eh, so what, in company of Adam and Allison?

The two-judge reviews are so patently worthless as to ask "who's running things there?!" VT and others pointed out they STILL messed up / hurried / and missed the sign off. Amazing! Utterly amazing.

QT was a ridiculous choice as mentor. He may be a fan but he is not a music impresario.

B3 = Lil, Anoop and Matt, w/Lil to go.
I stand by my prediction that the save WILL be used tonight, but I will amend that now to add "on anyone except Lil". They've had it with her. Simon's comment to Allison (you are the only real girl with a chance, or whatever) was proactively mean. He can think it (we ALL can think it) but he didn't have to say it in advance of actually hearing Lil last night.

Posted by: redrocket | April 15, 2009 2:34 PM

I've got a different theory on the time problems. I DVR most of the TV I watch. When forwarding thru commercials, it seems like AI has sold more than the other shows. Maybe it isn't as much the on-air babble, but milking the advertisers. Or most likely, a combination of the two.

On Adam - I don't ever remember a contestant in any season that has been so consistently good - his versatility is unbelievable. Having said that, it will be interesting to see what direction he goes in when he starts his own career.

If he does the Axl Rose screaching style, he'll have one audience. If he tones it down, he'll have a different audience. Either way, I expect he'll do well.

I suspect that if either Lil or Anoop is sent packing, the save won't be used. Anyone else, I think they'll use it tonight. The final three SHOULD be Adam, Kris and Allison.

Posted by: brianb27 | April 15, 2009 2:38 PM


Posted by: dovelevine | April 15, 2009 2:50 PM

Did anyone notice that in one of the Randy/Kara review times that the camera showed all four judges and that Simon was doing sort of a Chevy Chase "mock, mock mock" thing with his mouth while Kara was talking. Like "oh there you go again." Someone with a DVR? Am I nuts or did that really happen?

I am hating this season and only watching it for the loathing factor at this point.

Posted by: kitcarlson | April 15, 2009 2:56 PM

ryjus: Right on, man!

I love Adam! So sexy! ;)

Posted by: kuku2 | April 15, 2009 3:15 PM

kitcarlson: yes! I saw that too! I'll have to review the Tivo recording to see who Kara was talking to, but Simon looked like a ventriliqist dummy moving his mouth up and down--it was hilarious!

Posted by: anny11 | April 15, 2009 3:33 PM

kit you weren't seeing things. I noticed too. Simon is very childish sometimes. I hate when he is right.

Posted by: hodie | April 15, 2009 3:33 PM

"Did anyone notice that in one of the Randy/Kara review times that the camera showed all four judges and that Simon was doing sort of a Chevy Chase "mock, mock mock" thing with his mouth while Kara was talking. Like "oh there you go again." Someone with a DVR? Am I nuts or did that really happen?"

It happened. I noticed it too and pointed it out to my fiancee. He was mocking her doing the fake talking and also "leaning in" as she so often does.

Posted by: VTDuffman | April 15, 2009 3:34 PM

I thought Quentin Tarantino's advise to Anoop was ridiculous. He has such a pure quality to his voice and to make it gravelly would not be right for him. Everyone does not have to sing like Danny and Allison. I don't think Anoop considered following the advice for one second, and I'm glad he didn't.

Posted by: nthwoods | April 15, 2009 3:57 PM


The blue light last week made Adam "camp"? You're being ridiculous now. Not to mention pretentious -

That's Jagger's choice of persona - dangerous. He's one VERY intelligent fella and also a good actor. He studied finance in England and is a fabulous business person. I don't think he's really very dangerous, although quite a ladies man. He's got you fooled, though.

Posted by: ryjus | April 15, 2009 4:19 PM

I shall now think of him as "The Phantom of the Rocky Horror Picture Show"

And now so will I. Thanks for that!

As many have pointed out, Adam may scream, but he screams on key. That is not a talent to be dismissed lightly. I didn't think that last night was one of his best performances, but I do think that I'll be interested to see what he will do Post-AI.

Lil was terrible, and talking back to the judges was inexcusable. She was off key for the whole performance. I agree that Alison wasn't at her best last night, but she was still miles better than Lil or Matt.

Lil should go tonight, but I wouldn't be surprised if Matt went, too. And I'm worried about Alison because she isn't pulling in the votes for whatever reason, even though she deserves to be in the final three.

Posted by: inkydog | April 15, 2009 4:22 PM

Lil should go home. She was TERRIBLE and her sulky attitude toward Simon was last straw for me. SADLY, she is listed behind Gokey as SECOND in voting on Dial Idol. This season is becoming ridiculous. I'm beginning to think people vote for the song choice, not the singer. Endless Love and The Rose and Born to Be Wild are such boomer songs, but only Adam did justice to his pick. I could find 10 teen girls from my son's high school who could have sung The Rose far better. Lil was pitchy and unimpressive from first note to the last. I couldn't believe she could be that bad.

Liked Allison best, and really appreciated Kris. Yeah the song won Oscar last year, but it is unfamiliar and hard to appreciate it the first time you hear it (as I did watching Awards). I rented the movie (Once) and promptly fell in love with the song - couldn't get it out of my head. Kris improved it, very difficult to sing. I agree he got robbed in judging comments. He is in bottom at dialidol which he shouldn't be.

I'm so tired of and bored with Matt and Danny. Talk about karaoke and forgettable. I think the producers like them, because they get extra screen time with little interviews before their clip with QT.

QT - most ridiculous mentor in awhile. He is irrelevant to this show. Shame on AI.

Judging: Let Simon judge all of them, and the other three useless ones can rotate with him. Paula was particularly useless last night and Randy was all wrong on Kris. For once, I appreciated Kara standing up to him.

Posted by: MarriedMom | April 15, 2009 6:14 PM

I totally agree with JQW3827. (I'm on the West Coast, so I sign in to this thing way after all you good folks have had your say...so forgive any redundance and late enthusiasm.)

Lambert's a nice young man with great instincts who plots out his performances and nails them every time, whether you like the song or not. If he doesn't win the contest and walk off with a recording agreement, he can always be hired for production purposes...production concept, possibly even direction. He's a natural, and because the others aren't as far ahead on the learning curve as he is, they often come across as karaoke or frumpy or boring. And he IS sincere when he thanks people for their applause and critiques. More power to him in this day and age of rudeness that is increasingly more socially accepted.

As for the rest of the gang, don't cry for them. They'll be paid while on tour this summer, some will have recording contracts, and the others will be approached to act or be in TV ads or just plain perform at their local VFA hall or Elks' Lodge. Their lives have already been changed for the financially better - and with good management, they will continue to be in our faces even off the Idol stage.

My vote: Matt leaves (finally - too much of a Timberlake wannabe and I don't care for Timberlake) tonight. Last three standing: Lambert, Gokey, Iraheta. Lambert wins by a country mile. Gokey remarries within a year and Iraheta is signed by Fox for a new series about teenage garage bands in L.A.

Posted by: AmericanIdolHoopla | April 15, 2009 6:39 PM

--"it's because that style will be very successful on Meatloaf Rock Opera week - and you may find that CD on the shelf right next to "Bat Out of Hell". -- 2:23 post

jqw3827 -- BOoH is one of the biggest albums of all time -- 37M copies and counting. So ryjus and I take that as a BIG compliment to AL. Thanks!

Posted by: redrocket | April 15, 2009 8:02 PM

Matt just saved moments ago . . .

Told you, told you, TOLD you they would use the save tonight! Ok, so I couched my bet with "excepting for Lil" because 1) she was so awful last night 2) Simon is on record once saying "(only) a guy will win" and last night saying effectively that only Allison held any girl's chance, and 3) the producers would not wait to use a drama-less "must-use" save next week. Originally I opined that the save existed solely to promote the judges favorite (in the event s/he got booted) but the save has since morphed into a PR dream to promote the double elimination. FOX will milk this for the upcoming week.

Posted by: redrocket | April 15, 2009 10:08 PM

RR - you were sooo right. When I saw Bottom 2, I knew they would use save because: A)they don't want to lose the only other female, even though she was AWFUL, (B) they just LOVE Matt - God knows why, and (C)the save's greatest p.r. value was this week.

Posted by: MarriedMom | April 16, 2009 8:13 AM

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