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Conan talks about Conan at Turner bash

"Can anyone explain what the hell happened?" Conan O'Brien asked advertisers as he kicked off Turner Entertainment's upfront presentation in Manhattan Wednesday morning.

Conan was there to tout his new TBS late night series which will debut Nov. 8. But, naturally, the conversation wound its way around -- immediately -- to how shafted Conan feels at the hands of NBC. DId you see his interview with Steve Kroft on "60 Minutes"? It was like that.

"The plot to 'Lost' is more plausible," Conan said of his professional life over the past 12 months. Conan began to tick off what he'd been doing the past year: he debuted as host of NBC's iconic "The Tonight Show," he "lost" the franchise a few short months later (actually, he walked away from it when NBC wanted to change his timeslot), he embarked on a 32-city "Legally Prohibited from being Funny on Television" tour, he took a position with the Obama administration, he resigned from his position with the Obama administration in the wake of scandal, and he perfected a mechanical heart. And now, he noted, he's here at Turner's upfront presentation, ready to rumble, looking particularly thin in a blue suit and red beard -- just like Paul Bunyan with an eating disorder.

"I really believe in basic cable television," Conan told advertisers jammed into the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan.

"Basic cable is what makes America great," he said, cynically we think.

Conan said his tour (which is coming to Washington June 8) has been the happiest experience of his career. "I've learned stuff on the road that has changed me as a performer," he said.

Those things he's learned on the road he plans to incorporate into his new TBS show (which is bumping George Lopez's TBS late night show to a later timeslot but it's okay because Lopez is totally fine with it, right? There is only room in Conan World for one victim -- and that victim is Conan, okay?).

Specifically, Conan told advertisers, "I have a hunch that what 32-year-old males want to hear a lot of are corny jokes -- and country music!"

He promised his new show would be a new take on the TV classic, "Hee Haw."

He was kidding.

We're pretty sure.

By Lisa de Moraes  |  May 19, 2010; 10:42 AM ET
Categories:  TV News  
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You're the worst. Would you like some sarcasm to wash down that snark? Talk about a one-trick pony. Yeesh...

Posted by: MarylanDChris | May 19, 2010 12:44 PM | Report abuse

Do you actually have evidence or proof that George Lopez is upset at being bumped back? Conan was quite upfront with his feelings - he addressed a letter to the people of earth - at the move while I've seen nothing from George Lopez indicating the same level of ill-will.

And does George Lopez's show have the history and pedigree of the Tonight Show? And was George Lopez's timeslot/show used to keep him from jumping to other stations for five years?

Why all the bitterness? Articles like this makes me want web sites to implement "Advise against reading" buttons alongside the "Recommend" buttons.

Posted by: cuadro | May 19, 2010 1:11 PM | Report abuse

Conan O'Brien is not Undersecretary of the Interior of the Obama administration

Posted by: gpoi | May 19, 2010 3:08 PM | Report abuse

Does Conan plan to build the rest of his career on the NBC thing? It does look like it. Maybe someone should tell him there is such a thing as over playing your hand.

I love the comment "there is only room in Conan World for one victim-- and that victim is Conan". Well put. Conan does seem to be in his own world. I'm honestly beginning to believe there is something seriously wrong with the guy. Never have I seen such total self absorption paraded as a virtue. Those around him aren't doing him any favor by feeding into it.

The next thing I expect at his next public appearance is for a curtain to open with Conan in a loin cloth hanging on a cross. Maybe that's why he grew the beard.

Posted by: Wellington2400 | May 19, 2010 8:39 PM | Report abuse

You people who are offended by the snark and sarcasm are clearly new here. May I suggest that if you are so upset by what Lisa writes that you read another writer more to your liking, or just stick to the press releases that your fave star's publicist puts out, and leave us who love the snark alone to enjoy it without having to endure your whining about the column. The Net is a big place, go find the part you like.

Posted by: onlytheshadowknows1 | May 24, 2010 6:44 PM | Report abuse

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