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Oprah no match for Barbara Walters and Bill O'Reilly and 'The View'

Oprah Winfrey got gobsmacked by Babara Walters on Thursday.

Oprah has been aggressively ratcheting up the noise on her syndicated show these days, trying to keep herself in the headlines during this, her last season as the Queen of Daytime Talk TV.

And what could be noisier, or more headline grabbing, than sitting down with the guy who recently married his fourth wife and stars in TLC's "Sister Wives," which is gearing up for its season finale this Sunday? (TLC is part of Silver Spring-based Discovery Communications, with which Oprah is in bed to launch her new cable network in January.)

But Walters, who's no dummy, invited Bill O'Reilly. Turns out, a polygamist is no match for Bill O'Reilly, even with four wives in tow.

Kody Brown and his Four Wives discussed in detail -- well, pretty much everything except what we were wondering about: that potential felony bigamy investigation by a Utah district attorney.

"This is the first time they're speaking publicly about the felony bigamy investigation they are facing," Oprah told viewers breathlessly. She turned Kody and three of his wives, sitting on her couch, and looked at them sternly:

"What does that mean, to be facing that charge?"

"It's scary," Kody confessed.

"Mm-hmm. Did you expect it?" Oprah continued.

"Actually, I didn't," Kody said.

Meanwhile, O'Reilly, an old pro on the talk show circuit, decided as he sat on the sofa with The Ladies of "The View" that, just for fun, he'd bring up the mosque being planned near Ground Zero in lower Manhattan.

O'Reilly, who said 70 percent of Americans don't want "that mosque down there," declared the mosque "inappropriate."

Show moderator Whoopi Goldberg asked him why, noting Muslims were among those killed in the Sept. 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center.

"Because Muslims killed us on 9/11, that's why!" O'Reilly replied heatedly.

"No! Oh my God! That is such [hooey]," Goldberg responded (only she didn't actually say "hooey").

"Muslims didn't kill us on 9/11?? That's what you're saying?" O'Reilly snapped.

"Extremists did that!" Goldberg shouted back.

"I'm telling you -- 70 percent of the country --" O'Reilly huffed and puffed.

And then this loud pop seemed to go off, though maybe it was just in our head, and the air was filled with the mangled fragments of a daytime talk-show interview:

Joey Behar declared she couldn't sit on the same sofa as O'Reilly and stomped off with Goldberg. Walters told the studio audience she loved Behar and Goldberg like they were her own children but "that should not have happened." Then she turned to O'Reilly and began to scold him like he was a bad little boy, telling him he needed to apologize. O'Reilly grumbled a while but finally said, "all right: if anybody felt that I was demeaning all Muslims I apologize," while Elizabeth Hasselbeck declared the whole thing President Obama's fault because, she explained, he won't let us use the word "terrorist." And Goldberg and Behar returned to the stage because, Behar noted, O'Reilly had apologized.

Meanwhile, over on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," Kody the polygamist clarified to Oprah that he's only legally married to one of his wives. Oprah, wanting to get things back on track, wondered what will happen to the family's 16 children if the adults are charged and thrown in jail. Wife No. 3 said she didn't even want to think about that. Oprah gave up and moved on to wonder if the wives get jealous of each other (yes), if they have any issues with the new, fourth, younger model (yes), and if Kody is allowed to "fool around" with any other women besides his wives (no way).

Better luck tomorrow, Oprah.

By Lisa de Moraes  | October 14, 2010; 6:15 PM ET
Categories:  TV News  
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My grandparents were Christians in Northern Ireland. She was Protestant, and he was Catholic. They had to flee after death threats. When I became of age, I volunteered and joined the Army, and I served as an 11B Infantryman. Most of my time in the field was in squad or platoon size operations. We would have discussions about what we were fighting for. It always came back to the “Bill of Rights”. To me the most important was “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

Posted by: lynnlm | October 14, 2010 7:36 PM | Report abuse

Billy boy wouldn't know a statistic if it bit him in the butt.

70% is a made up number, just like Fair and Balanced is a made up tag line.

Neither based in FACT

Posted by: AnotherThomas | October 14, 2010 8:15 PM | Report abuse

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Posted by: pasteurluis13 | October 15, 2010 1:55 AM | Report abuse

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