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Last Minute Attack Ads Underway

Tim Craig

An outside group is airing a harsh ad in the Richmond television market that seeks to connect Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama to William Ayers, who has confessed to domestic bombings as a member of the Vietnam War-era Weather Underground.

Obama has admitted to cursory interactions with Ayers, who lives in the Illinois senators Chicago neighborhood and teaches at a local university. But a man in the one-minute ad suggests people should be afraid of Obama because of Ayers.

"Senator Obama, we live in a world where terrorists wish to destroy us. How can we, with a clear conscious, elect a president with such, close documented ties to a terrorist?" the man states. "Senator Obama, How can we trust you? What happens when we elect the colleague of a terrorist to the White House? Please America, lets never find out."

The ad notes that Obama and Ayers once served together on a nonprofit board that distributed educational grants in Chicago. The independent group has called the GOP attacks on Obama for serving on the same board as Ayers "malicious."

By Tim Craig  |  November 1, 2008; 11:38 PM ET
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Hi, my fellow Americans!
I'm 40 years old, writting from Argentina. I always support GOP candidates in my coutry (It is normally unusual).
I shout NO NO NOBAMA! And I say: Vote McCain/Palin 08!
Let me tell you about the situation of my country. We are currently rule by the Kirchners, a Chavez's very good close friends.
The Kirchners were members of a terrorist organization in the 70's: Montoneros. They have a lot of ministers, secretaries of state, and public employees, who were members of differente terrorist groups between the last 60's and the middle 70's (Montoneros, ERP, FAR... all of them enemies of the United States).
Kircher said at the United Nation's Assemebly he is "a son of the Madres de Plaza de Mayo (Mayo Square's Mothers)". He and his wife are all the time joining different meetings with Hebe de Bonafini, a woman who said "Cheers" wiht islamic terrorist destroyed Thin Towers on 11-S-2001. Bonafini adopted a man, Sergio Shocklender, who killed their parents in 1981. Chavez an Bonafini were together in different meetings with Fidel Castro.
Bruce Springsteen, a Nobama supporter, participated with Sting and Peter Gabriel in a rock concert in Argentina (1988) where they were dancing and singing with Bonafini's Madres de Plaza de Mayo.
Kirchner, Chavez, Evo Morales and another Latin American characters are speaking all the time about the "unfare distribution of the wealth"... as Nobama!
Kirchner, Chavez, Evo Morales and another Latin American characters are saying "we must to keep dialogue" with Iran, ETA, FARC... as Nobama!

Please STOP Nobama if you don's convert USA in a leftist extension of Latin America!

Good Bless you! And God Bless America!

Carson Marsh

P.S.: Excuse me if I made some mistakes. My Spanish is better than my English.

Posted by: Solyd_Truth | November 2, 2008 9:24 PM | Report abuse

Please, try to convince hispanic people that voting Nobama is the SAME thing to live under the most dangerous and leftist Latin American regimes!

I propose this message:

"Tú, o tus familiares antes que tú, han venido a los Estados Unidos para hacer realidad TU Sueño Americano. Algo que era imposible en tu país porque no se respetaba el derecho de propiedad, el valor de tu trabajo y los impuestos eran insoportablemente altos.
¿Quieres lo mismo para América? ¿Quieres un presidente que se parezca a Castro, Chávez, Kirchner o Morales para "distribuir la (TU) riqueza? ¿Quieres que tu presidente hable con terroristas, o sus aliados, que hicieron daño a tu país, probablemente matando a amigos tuyos?
Si quieres esto, Nobama es tu candidato.
Pero si quieres trabajar duro para alcanzar tu Sueño Americano, deja atrás tu pasado y pon tu país primero ¡Vota McCain/Palin 08'!"

"You, or your relatives before, have arriving to the United States to make YOUR American Dream a reality. It was impossible in your country, because governement do not respect your property, your efforts and taxes were very high.
Do You want the same thing to America? Do You want a president similar to Castro, Chavez, Kirchner or Morales to "spreading the (YOUR) wealth"? Do You want a president who speaking with terrorists, or their allies, that made damage to YOUR country, probably to your own friends?
If you want, that, Nobama is your candidate.
But if You want to work hard to obtain your American Dream, put your past last and your country first. Vote MacCain/Palin 08!"

Posted by: Solyd_Truth | November 2, 2008 9:25 PM | Report abuse

I don't want American people suffer the same things than me and my country.
We have had a very important and big country until the first years of the 20th Century.
We had our own "Madison": Juan Bautista Alberdi.
We had our own "Teddy Roosevelt": Julio Argentino Roca.
We had a great Constitution than the American one... but populism, socialism and the "spreading the wealth" defeated our spirit of free citizens!

Unfortunately, We couldn´t have our own Ronald Reagan. But We have had Perón and his two lovely wifes (Evita and Isabelita), Che Guevara, terrorists like Firmenich and Santucho, etcetera. Most of our "democratic" presidents (Alfonsín, Duhalde and the Kichners) decided an "abstention" vote when the United States propose some investigations to prove crimes, tortures againsts Cuban citizens in order to protect Fidel Castros' regime.
Please STOP Nobama!!! The United States must be continue being a Lighthouse of FREEDOM to the entire world!

Posted by: Solyd_Truth | November 2, 2008 9:26 PM | Report abuse

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