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McAuliffe Gets Some Obama Star Power

Anita Kumar

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, who has been hammered in recent days about his efforts to defeat Barack Obama in last year's presidential race, found a way to fight back today in a big way.

McAuliffe annnounced an endorsement from former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, one of Obama's earliest supporters and one of his national campaign co-chairmen.

"I was impressed by the time and energy Terry put into traveling across Virginia and the country on Barack Obama's behalf during the general election,'' Daschle said in a statement. "From the day Hillary Clinton ended her historic bid for president, Terry worked tirelessly to unify our party around Barack Obama and get him elected President. His energy and enthusiasm were tremendous assets on the campaign trail and we were grateful to have him on our side.

Rival Brian Moran has attacked McAuliffe for his work as Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman and just yesterday unveiled a radio ad that declared "If Terry McAuliffe had his way, Barack Obama wouldn't be our president today."

Obama mominated Daschle to serve as secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, but he eventually withdrew his name amid a growing controversy over his failure to accurately report and pay income taxes.

Daschle's son, Nathan, now works as the executive director of the Democratic Governors Association, which is expected to pour millions of dollars and extensive resources to keep a Democrat in the Virginia's governor's mansion.

The DGA has already put more than $2 million into the race. The DGA does not endorse a candidate in the June 9 primary, but is working to discredit Republican nominee Bob McDonnell.

By Anita Kumar  |  May 18, 2009; 2:26 PM ET
Categories:  2009 Governor's Race , Anita Kumar , Brian J. Moran , Creigh Deeds , Election 2009 , Terry McAuliffe  
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Terry has been running ads in the same areas saying he is the one who brought the party together to elect Obama when what he was doing was repairing the damage he had caused.

Posted by: ToddMSmyth | May 18, 2009 3:43 PM | Report abuse

I would not be bragging about an endorsement from discraced former Senator and HHS nominee Tom Daschle.
I also doubt Terry sees any problem with this.
Maybe John Edwards will endorse him next.

Posted by: steveincville | May 18, 2009 3:59 PM | Report abuse

Inescapable feeling that these politicians will say or do anything to gain Power. McAuliffe is particularly scum worthy.

Posted by: Tupac_Goldstein | May 18, 2009 9:43 PM | Report abuse

Terry McAuliffe did far more to assist candidate Obama than Moran. Terry McAuliffe certainly had a bigger impact in Virginia and certainly throughout the county. Moran didn't declare for Obama until late in the game. To me that's Moran. Play it safe and go with the crowd. Keep your head down. Avoid the incoming. Blame someone else when there is a problem.

That's not going to cut it over the next 4 years. We have serious economic problems in this country. The Obama administration can not solve these economic problems alone. We need a governor with proven leadership and management ability. Someone who has created thousands of jobs in the private sector. Someone who has a Business Plan for Virginia; the basis of which is good jobs with good benefits for all Virginians. Someone who knows our national leaders, has worked with them and knows how to work with them today; and starting on day one knows how to take the necessary steps to put Virginians back to work. That's Terry McAuliffe.

We can not waste time being distracted by Moran's old school vote suppression shenanigans. If Moran has a real comprehensive jobs plan, produce it. A series of disconnected sound bites with no details and no strategy for implementation will not help suffering Virginians. As valid today as it was in the 90's, "It's the economy, stupid!"

Posted by: Willis3 | May 18, 2009 10:48 PM | Report abuse

Willis3 wrote: We need a governor with proven leadership and management ability.

Willis3 is a McAuliffe hack who posts the same campaign message points on ever article about McAuliffe. He/she/it is most likely a campaign staffer.

The only leadership and management record McAuliffe has of late is one of disaster. He left the DNC in a shambles that thank G'd we had Howard Dean to repair. He bogged the Clinton campaign down with the same insiders that botched the Kerry and Gore campaigns.

The only business experience he has is to profit personally from insider sweetheart positions. He has never created a job in his life except perhaps for his household staff, maids, butlers, gardeners and the like.

Most importantly, though no politician is perfect, McAuliffe has no moral center. He operates from a set of values and priorities better suited to the discredited era that has brought us to where we are then to any sustainable future.

To allow this man even the credibility of a decent showing in the primary would be a disaster for Virginia, the Democratic Party of Virginia particularly.

Tom Daschle has gone completely to the dark side, good riddance.

Posted by: SoCali | May 19, 2009 10:43 AM | Report abuse

Wonder if it was McA who taught Daschle how to be a tax cheat? Anyway, as Mom used to say "lie down with dogs, get up with fleas".

We do know McA made a bundle off of Global Crossing, often seen as the role model for Enron, while lots of other folks lost their shirts. We do know that McA was the desk clerk for the sale of nights in the Linclon Bedroom, one of the minor scandals of the Clinton era. We do know McA as DNC Chair was part of the Democratic Brain Trust led by Daschle that in 2002 decided to give Bush the vote on the war so they could get back to talking about the economy, stupid. That really worked out well. We do know that in 2004 he was part of the "Blue State Strategy" that wrote Virginia off the map. That worked out really swell too didn't it? Then there was the Clinton campaign last year with McA as Campaign chair. No matter what else you think about that campaign, there is no doubt they spent more money to less effect than any other campaign in history. That's management expertise like none other in this campaign, thank goodness. He's doing it again, trying to buy the primary.

McA is like the Captain of the Titanic, the pilot of the Hindenburg and the Launch Control Director for the Challenger all rolled into one, now asking us for a promotion on the basis of his experience.

McA, GO AWAY, you have caused more misery for Democrats than anyone else in recent years. Leave Virginia alone. We don't want you to single handedly destroy the progress we've worked hard to make.

Posted by: cliff6 | May 19, 2009 2:02 PM | Report abuse

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