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McDonnell's National Address

Anita Kumar

Republican Bob McDonnell's address to the nation this morning sounded a lot like other speeches he has given on the campaign trail -- with an emphasis on jobs, the economy and the federal cap-and-trade bill.

"As I travel throughout Virginia, I listen to our people who are concerned about the jobs they have, worried about finding the jobs they need, and concerned about what jobs will be available for their kids in the years ahead,'' he said. "As a father of five, I share those same concerns; that's why our main goal is to bring Virginians together to create jobs and more opportunities all across our state."

McDonnell also mentioned education (even praising President Obama on the issue), healthcare (opposing the Democrats plans on Capitol Hill), offshore oil drilling and, of course, this being Virginia, transportation.

U.S. House GOP leader John Boehner tapped McDonnell to deliver what is commonly referred to as the response to the president's radio address (though it never actually responds to that speech).

Read the full speech below:

"Hi, I'm Bob McDonnell from Virginia.

"Times are tough in our state, and in yours. Yesterday's jobs' report is yet another reminder that families and small businesses are struggling as unemployment remains high.

"Here in Virginia, we face unemployment rates at a twenty-five year high. As I travel throughout Virginia, I listen to our people who are concerned about the jobs they have, worried about finding the jobs they need, and concerned about what jobs will be available for their kids in the years ahead.

"As a father of five, I share those same concerns; that's why our main goal is to bring Virginians together to create jobs and more opportunities all across our state. And we want government at all levels to be a partner in promoting small businesses and entrepreneurship.

"As Republicans, we believe you create jobs by keeping taxes and regulation low, and litigation at a minimum. Americans succeed when government puts in place positive policies that encourage more freedom, and more opportunity.

"Right now Virginians are particularly concerned about federal cap-and-trade legislation. This legislation would amount to a huge new national energy tax. If implemented, electricity rates would skyrocket and jobs would be lost.

"Two weeks ago I was in Covington, in Western Virginia; I visited Mead West Vaco, an international packaging company. It's the largest employer in the area, providing 1500 good jobs. They told me the cap-and-trade legislation, if passed, would threaten those jobs. Mark George, the vice-president of the facility, told me this, 'I feel that the next governor of Virginia, and every representative we have, should care about keeping those good jobs in Virginia;' I agree.

"We must do everything we can to keep and grow jobs in Virginia, and every state in the Union. That's why we strongly oppose cap-and-trade, a job-killing energy tax that would put American companies at a tremendous competitive disadvantage with employers in other countries; it's the wrong policy for a nation struggling with the worst economy in generations. That's why we've fought against the job-killing card-check legislation being pushed by big national labor unions and Democrats in Congress.

"It's why we are committed to helping more Americans get the healthcare and coverage they need; not through nationalizing the system with a costly government-run plan, but rather by supporting free-market incentives and helping small business owners make covers more accessible and affordable, and ensuring that Americans can keep their individual private policies.

"Government must be more efficient, and more accountable; which is why we are calling for an end to new government spending that is leading to an exploding deficit and burdening our children with new debt that they will have to repay.

"The cornerstone of our founders' image of federalism is that the states are the laboratories of democracy, where new ideas can be tried and innovations unleashed. I'm calling for environmentally friendly offshore drilling, selling our state-run liquor stores to put more cash into transportation, and expanding access for Virginian students at our college.

"I've said that the President is right in his call for real education reform, with more charter schools, and performance pay for great teachers and principals. Now that's a bipartisan reform that will help all our children get the education they need today to get those good jobs of tomorrow.

"Together, we will use innovation and free-markets to bring new jobs and more opportunities to Virginians, and America.

"Have a great weekend!"

By Anita Kumar  |  August 8, 2009; 6:00 AM ET
Categories:  2009 Governor's Race , Anita Kumar , Election 2009 , Robert F. McDonnell  
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What a dingbat,....I guess the polls are showing enough ignorance in the population to suggest that these distortions of truth are not only forgiveable, but believeable. I pray for the game players on his strategy team, that they do not burn...

Watch out Virginia, here comes another smoke and mirror campaign like not paying a car tax....something the state never did and cannot, and now can't afford to reimburse your county which does tax your car. Get a clue

Posted by: gregp2 | August 8, 2009 2:50 PM | Report abuse

If McDonnell's speech sounded familiar, then he has something in common with the Supreme Leader.

I haven't heard anything original out of his mouth in months.

Posted by: Curmudgeon10 | August 8, 2009 4:57 PM | Report abuse

Is his Name McDonnell or Gilmore? The speech sounds just like Gilmore.

I notice they weren't worried about how high electricity prices would rise when they deregulated the electrical industry some years back - and prices have soared.

As for Jobs, Mead West Vaco is gonna go where? China? some where in southeast Asia?

Wat a moron. Cap and trade is a national bill, and something very similar is being looked at world wide.

Gilmore promised jobs too - and there were none created. Over the last decade the VDOT has shed thousands of jobs and construction companies have shed thousands of Jobs because people like McDonnell/Gilmore have refused to fund transportation, becasue to do so would interrupt the "Starve the beast out of existance" policy that Virginia politicians, democrats and republicans have pursued for 3 decades.

VDOT MUST be discredited so they can dismantle it with the full support of the public. A fully funded VDOT, building needed roads, fixing potholes, repairing roads, operating rest stops and building bridges would be a disaster for the politicians who have farmed out such jobs for very lucrative kickbacks in the form of junkets and campaign contibutions and insider deals.

This cat ain't interested in saving jobs or bringing jobs into the state, if he were, he would have exposed the shell game the current administration is using to wack VDOT employees off the payroll and farm the jobs out to consulting firms at MUCH HIGHER COSTS.

Instead all we here is the crickets chirping.

Posted by: maxtor0 | August 8, 2009 5:14 PM | Report abuse

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