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Cuccinelli: Shannon doesn't know the job

Anita Kumar

Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican nominee for attorney general, is up on the air new with a new TV ad that accuses his Democratic opponent Steve Shannon of not knowing much about being attorney general.

At their last debate, Cuccinelli asked Shannon to name all the divisions in the attorney general's office.

Shannon said he would get back to the question, but that first he wanted to return to a previous issue. Later, when he did return to the question, he said it didn't matter. He never did answer the question.

"Shannon didn't answer the questions ... because Shannon doesn't know the job,'' the ad says at the end.

Check out the ad here:

(For the record, Office of the Attorney General spokesman David Clementson shared the following divisions off of the department's internal organizational chart: Administration; Civil Litigation; Financial Law and Government Support; Health, Education and Social Services; Technology Real Estate, Environment and Transportation; Public Safety and Enforcement; and STAG (Sexually Violent Predators, Tobacco and Agriculture) and Debt Collections. The only place these appear to be listed and described online are in annual reports from the state auditor (pdf file).

By Anita Kumar  |  October 21, 2009; 1:38 PM ET
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Yet another stupid stunt by Ken Cuccinelli, who has been so hammered by the nutty things he has said and the nutty things he will do as AG.

Cuccinelli is a unquestionably a total nut job, and now he is desperate to slice/dice video clips to make a commercial.

Posted by: HumbleGovWorker | October 21, 2009 2:17 PM | Report abuse

HumbleGovWorker (aka: UnabashedParasiteOfTaxpayers) claims that this ad is slice and diced to portray something that didn't happen. Well, I was at this debate and the WaPost reporter's account is entirely accurate. I invite UnabashedParasiteOfTaxpayers and others to view the entire episode here:

There's nothing "nutty" about actually understanding the job that you're applying for, in this case Attorney General of the great Commonwealth of Virginia, UnabashedParasiteOfTaxpayers. Unless that job is, perhaps, surfing the net for 25 hours a week -- at the taxpayers' expense -- in whatever government cubicle you currently occupy. Then you don't have to know too much.

I'd dislike Cuccinelli too, if I were you. He's not a big fan of big, bloated, useless government largess. He is, however, a big fan of growing real jobs and sparking real innovation in the private sector. You know, the sector that makes your survival possible.

Posted by: jpknig | October 21, 2009 3:19 PM | Report abuse

Why is there no more substance to Cooch's campaign than underhanded campaign stunts?

The facts are that Cooch has a weak record on many of the public safety issues he touts. Look beyond election year grandstanding and see a voting record that consistently opposed the State Police on drunk driving legislation. See a candidate who announces that he will selectively enforce justice by not prosecuting cases he opposes--and refuses to call for justice for a corrupt politician. A polemicist with such extreme social views that he home schools his children because the area's Catholic schools are too liberal.

If you look at all the advertising for this campaign, Cooch never has run on his record or on who he is. The question was especially asinine, since VA code lets each AG organizes his own office according to the budget given to him by the General Assembly...Moreover, Cooch has already stated that he intends to selectively ignore components of VA code he doesn't support. Like he's already shown in his record in preventing drunk driving, public corruption, payday lending scams, domestic violence.

Posted by: ViennaBelle | October 21, 2009 3:45 PM | Report abuse

Dude, asking your opponent a government-related trivia question during a debate? Is Ken Cuccinelli in 3rd Grade?

He even got his supporters to boo Shannon for not answering the question.

Admittedly, Shannon should have just said "I don't know" but if Cooch was just planning to use that immature bs in an ad then I don't blame him for not answering.

As for the end "no wonder the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Cuccinelli" - yeah, no wonder, he has an R next to his name! FOP doesn't endorse Dems. Other law enforcement groups actually look at records before they endorse.

Posted by: antoniomelias | October 21, 2009 4:53 PM | Report abuse

More "substance" for you, ViennaBelle, in the links below. I too have heard that Cuccinelli homeschools his children--not sure what this has to do with the AG race, or why this scares you and you think it should scare others, but you're certainly entitled to your bizarre prejudice in that regard.

More substance: Recall that Shannon flat-out didn't know the law on the all-important Melendez drunk driving decision and called Cuccinelli's call for a special session of the General Assembly "a political stunt" (read more here:

Good thing for Virginians that Gov. Kaine (a Democrat) agreed with Cuccinelli (a Republican) and accepted his call for a special session--and Kaine ignored Shannon's attempt to put politics ahead of safety in Virginia. And thankfully, 3 of the 4 proposals Cuccinelli put forth to fix the Virginia drunk driving law passed. You know, for a guy who can't go two seconds without talking about safety, it's odd that Shannon tried to score cheap political points at the expense of prosecuting drunk drivers and keeping our roads, families and children safe. Odd...and dishonest.

No wonder the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Cuccinelli and flat-out turned down Shannon. Shannon has tried hard to bill himself as the choice for a "safe Virginia." Too bad all of the brave men and women who know the most about keeping Virginia safe want nothing to do with him.

At any rate, enjoy your substance...

Posted by: jpknig | October 21, 2009 4:58 PM | Report abuse

Cooch has never patroned any bill concerning drunk driving, has an active record against it. On the other hand, Shannon has, including a precient bill that would have resolved several aspects of the Melendez case. So putting out a press release somehow absolves Cooches consistent record of OPPOSING stiffening DUI regulations? Just who is putting out the cheap points?

Posted by: ViennaBelle | October 22, 2009 10:02 AM | Report abuse

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