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Posted at 4:35 PM ET, 03/ 3/2011

Herndon Republican takes on Fairfax County Chairman Bulova

By Fredrick Kunkle

A Herndon businessman who had been pursuing a run for Virginia's state Senate announced Thursday that he now plans to seek the post held by Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairman Sharon S. Bulova (D) this fall.

Michael "Spike" Williams, 42, a Republican, said he had previously been laying the groundwork to run for Sen. Mark Herring (D)'s seat in the 33rd District, which includes part of Fairfax and Loudoun counties.

But Williams, in a telephone interview Thursday, said that after talking to people around the county about its needs and analyzing likely boundary changes during the state's upcoming decennial redistricting, he decided to take on Bulova.

"I think there's a greater need for my talents here in Fairfax County rather than in Richmond," Williams said. "I think Sharon Bulova hasn't done a good enough job to merit running unopposed."

The seats for the entire Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, representing its nine magisterial districts and the county at large, are up for grabs this year.

Redistricting also would probably pencil him into Fairfax districts where other Republican candidates have already lined up against Democratic Sens. Chap Petersen and Janet Howell, Williams said.

Williams said he is a lifelong Fairfax County native. He and his wife, Julie, 47, are co-owners of Williams Realty Group. He has served as the Hunter Mill District Committee chair and president of his homeowners' association.

Williams said his nickname came about when he was applying for a job the former Champions Sports Bar and again encountered a crowded field.

"We have eight 'Mike's' here, so I can't hire another one,'' Williams said the manager told him. "I said, 'How about Spike?' "

It wasn't really his nickname, though now and then kids had called him "Mike the Spike" when he was young, he said. But it was enough to land the job -- and the name stuck.

By Fredrick Kunkle  | March 3, 2011; 4:35 PM ET
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Yeah, because what we need is some bozo that has a nickname spike from his college days.

My friends called me, Bob "beer guzzlin" Jones but I didn't feel the need to keep my frat name around.

Do these people ever grow up?

Posted by: mikefromArlington | March 3, 2011 4:46 PM | Report abuse

Not going to happen Spike!

Posted by: mcbkrn | March 3, 2011 10:29 PM | Report abuse

I don't really care for someone who expects to be taken seriously by using his nickname. I agree with MikefromArlington. Grow up.

Also, the whole giving up a run for State Senate so he can be Chairman of the Board of Supervisors is a crock. Look at the facts - Williams lost a campaign not too long ago. What was he? Third in a field of four? And now, rather than having an impact on the greater Northern Virginia area as well as the state we're to believe that he has some altruistic motive to stay at the local level??

Sounds more like someone quit so that he could try for lower hanging fruit that he might be more likely to win. And even THAT position, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, I wouldn't trust him with. What are his POLITICAL credentials? What posts has he held, what awards has he won? At least Bulova can point to her experience.

I'm a moderate. I'm neither a Dem or Republican, liberal nor conservative. You can believe what you want to about me. But just looking at his website and researching him you come to realize that this isn't someone who is serious about being a productive member of the LOCAL government. He's playing everyone just so he could get into a political office. He's waved the Republican flag and then identifies himself as a Tea Partier and parrots all the talking points and rhetoric that he thinks are popular.

How about this, Mr. Williams (I refuse to call you Spike because it is stupid and I would only call an elected official by a nickname if they earned my respect): Why don't you focus your talking points on the local issues rather than giving me your prefabricated thoughts that you picked up off of the Huffington Post or Fox News/Nation? Why don't you focus your campaign on the issues important to the LOCAL constituency and communities?

You want to represent the local communities then give us something of substance rather than talking about how the federal government is too big, how you think the Health Care bill should be repealed or attempting to show you're a patriot by supporting the troops. Those are all fine and well and good but, in all honesty, how is that pertinent to local issues?

I've seen your site and read your fairly general and virtually meaningless stances which offer no substance. Don't wrap yourself in the Tea Party flags if you're really a RINO.

You know what scares me the most? This campaign based on opportunism feels like it is more like a high school election. And unfortunately it seems like Mr. Williams has about the same type of grasp on history, events and experience.

Posted by: carport1 | March 3, 2011 10:35 PM | Report abuse

Come on... seriously... I'd rather have "Beer Guzzlin" Bob running the County than the seven dipsticks we have now... The Dems have run it for 18 years... are you really happy with things? I'm not. So if Beer Guzzlin Bob or Spike or Bluto can offer a better alternative than the status quo then I plan to vote for them.

Posted by: Tikkanen08 | March 4, 2011 12:22 AM | Report abuse

mikeinarlington: You can stay in arlington with Favola and her crusade against restaurant tables on the sidewalks.

So what, he has a nick name? Big deal. Those making a big deal out of a funny nickname are really looking for an excuse to be a hater.

Spike has an impressive resume of local service experience and involvement. Typical of the liberals to comment and attack people for reaching out to all citizens of Fairfax, Tea Party included.

I agree with Tikkanen, anyone is better than the current board and Sharon especially. She is a relic of the past with no vision for anything this county needs to move forward. Lookin forward to unseating Bulova.

Posted by: iluvnova | March 4, 2011 12:24 PM | Report abuse

Go Spike!
Yeah, that's right, I said Spike.....cause I'm not a jealous 8 year old mad that I don't have a nick name.
The current Board in Fairfax is a joke and the Dems that control it have run the County into the ground. We need a Chairman with a plan for the future and that person is Spike. Oh, excuse me, Michael Williams......

Posted by: LikesFX | March 4, 2011 12:35 PM | Report abuse

Anyone but Bulova. Fairfax deserves leaders that aren't blind to the needs of the county.

Posted by: freedomlover3 | March 4, 2011 1:11 PM | Report abuse

Nickname aside, all I'm hearing from people who've commented is they want anyone else in the board. Great, but don't you think you should be more discriminating when it comes to picking your politicians? He wants to be CHAIRMAN and he really hasn't done ANYTHING.

Or do you just go by "he's a great guy" and "he's a nice guy". Big deal. It doesn't mean he can can lead.

Show me. Show me this incredible record of his accomplishments and public service. Otherwise, it isn't on his website. I don't have any records except for google searches which turn up comments that are similar to what's here or by people he knows and the minuscule information on

I'm not about to pat some inexperienced unknown on the back when our County is at stake. I don't want to elect someone who may only be taking this campaign because his prospects of winning a seat in the State Senate were slim to nonexistent. I definitely dont want to elect someone who seems to wrap himself in whatever is trendy just to grab an office. Don't give me someone who wants to "play" politics and walk around complaining about national items that have absolutely no bearing on a local campaign.

Give me someone I can elect who is tru to his/her convictions and doesn't go where the opportunity is. Give me someone who has at least a little bit of political experience before throwing him/her into a chairmanship seat. Give me someone that is more interested in tackling the local issues that affect out county.

Fairfax deserves better than this.

Posted by: carport1 | March 4, 2011 2:15 PM | Report abuse

Letter to Readers:

Michael "Spike" Williams has a fine political and community resume that will serve him well in both his candidacy and hopefully as Chairman of Board of Supervisors.

While some on this blog might focus on William's nickname (I may remind them that President Theodore Roosevelt was affectionately called "Teddy") I would like to focus on a more substantive topic: After 18 years of Democratic control of the Board of Supervisor's are we any better off? What is the condition of our schools? Is our traffic problem solved? Are our taxes as low as they could be? Is the Board being good stewards of the taxpayer dollars?

The answer to each of these questions is: NO. FCPS is surrounded in drama from Clifton Elementary to a extreme Zero-Tolerance policy that has resulted in two unfortunate suicides. Our teachers are not paid adequately, while the School Board continues to grow meaningless Administrators.

We developed Tysons' Corner without an appropriate transportation plan, and much of our road infrastructure cannot deal with the capacity.

Our taxes have skyrocketed and in the middle of a budget crunch, our Board is considering the purchase of a $417.5M incinerator plant, based on the recommendation of the County Executive.

So, while Fairfax is a wonderful place to live, we are far from where we need to be and the leadership that many on the Board have provided is less than stellar.

At the end of the day, I could not care less what a person calls himself as long he/she does a good job and provides effective, common-sense leadership.

And for the record, I would love for Bob "Beer Guzzling" Jones to run for office.

Posted by: NovaRep4467 | March 4, 2011 2:24 PM | Report abuse

Wonderful. I woul love to believe you but all I'm hearing is that he has a fine political and community resume. Give me something substantive to believe in. Give me proof and documentation. Otherwise I couldn't tell you if electing him would be better or worse.

Posted by: carport1 | March 4, 2011 3:42 PM | Report abuse

Carport1: It is not my job to do the research for you. Its your job as a concerned citizen to do the research. Stop being lazy and check out his website or better yet, e-mail his campaign OR go to a campaign event.

Posted by: NovaRep4467 | March 4, 2011 3:53 PM | Report abuse

NovaRep4467, I'm not being lazy. Did you happen to read anything I wrote? I have been doing my research but so far everything he's put out is useless, talking point pablum. If you want to be sheep and toe a party line that's great. Kudos to you. I prefer to make an informed decision rather than take whatever some candidate gives me at face value.

I think it is telling that you are starting to resort to bullying and name calling when I feel that I'm raising a valid point.

Face it the onus is on Mr. Williams to provide information about himself and to make public what his vision is and his stance, ideally with some depth and thought rather than mindless rhetoric.

Posted by: carport1 | March 4, 2011 4:43 PM | Report abuse

Thanks for your comments Will Radle...oops I mean "carport1"

Posted by: iluvnova | March 4, 2011 5:46 PM | Report abuse

I KNEW you would say I was "bullying" you! I knew it. I never called you a name, I said stop being lazy. The guy has been announced 48 Hours ago, so he might not have had time to get it on the website. Which is why, I suggested you call the campaign and inquire: The answer might surprise you!

I prefer to make informed decision as well. I only have to look at the current Board composition to realize what should be obvious: Current leadership (Democratic) is not solving our problems.

Posted by: NovaRep4467 | March 4, 2011 7:48 PM | Report abuse

I KNEW you would say I was "bullying" you! I knew it. I never called you a name, I said stop being lazy. The guy has been announced 48 Hours ago, so he might not have had time to get it on the website. Which is why, I suggested you call the campaign and inquire: The answer might surprise you!

I prefer to make informed decision as well. I only have to look at the current Board composition to realize what should be obvious: Current leadership (Democratic) is not solving our problems.

Posted by: NovaRep4467 | March 4, 2011 7:49 PM | Report abuse

If you knew that I would say that you were bullying me then maybe you shouldn't have said it. I thought iluvnova's comment was funny and it made me chuckle. Yours, not so much. When I said 'give me more' I wasn't asking you for information it was intended as a request from the candidate. Hence, I don't think you read much of my prior comments or maybe you didn't comprehend it.

So, the man makes a decision to change his campaign from the State Senate to the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors around 48 hours ago and you're saying he may not have had time to update his website. This is person who writes on his own website:

"He began his career with a Fairfax-based technology company and moved on to a number of different leadership positions, including serving as Chief Technology Officer for a St. Louis-based company"

You would think that he would know the impact of having everything prepared and ready to go immediately after his decision. Which brings up the issue: Does he not understand that his site should have the absolute most up to date information? As soon as he decided to switch then he should have known that people would be hitting his site looking for answers.

Essentially, then, it seems like you're saying Mr. Williams inability to update his website after making such a largely publicized switch in campaigns to his inability to be organized, an inability to think ahead and think strategically.

Oh, but he's currently a project manager at a large multinational corporation.

Yeah, that's exactly who I want representing my county as the Chairman. /sarcasm.

As I look for more information I'm starting to like my alternatives, like this write up by Brian Schoeneman

Posted by: carport1 | March 5, 2011 6:52 AM | Report abuse

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