Early Briefing: The 2008 Local Economy Challenge

On Mondays, we turn the Business section over to local news. Here's a sample of what's in today's Washington Business:

Illustration by Mark Zingarelli for The Washington Post

Making predictions about the region's economy during the past few years was a fairly straightforward exercise: count on steady growth across the board. This year, however, with the U.S. economy threatening to tumble into a recession, prognosticating about the Washington area's economic future is a lot trickier. See how 23 participants in the 2008 Local Economy Challenge rate the region's prospects.

Who won the 2007 Local Economy Challenge?

One major local industry got a boost from last week's federal budget: defense contractors. The proposed 2009 budget released by the White House contained increases in allocations for programs dear to several major local companies' hearts - and businesses. See story.

In tomorrow's Potomac Primary, federal workers in the Washington region will have a vested interest - they'll be voting on who should be their boss come 2009. See Stephen Barr's Federal Diary column.

Two weeks from now, E. Anthony Rankin will be sworn in as the first African-American president of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Rankin, who credits a series of mentors and role models for helping him over the years, plans to use his new position to advocate for his profession and boost diversity among new doctors. See story.

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Monday Morning

He's back: Phillip Merrick, the founder of WebMethods, is launching today a new Internet company called VisualCV that seeks to put a Web 2.0 twist on the traditional resume. See story.

Battle of the marketing rivals: D.C. convention officials last week played host to representatives from dozens of other major U.S. cities - all of them hoping to lure lucrative business from meeting planners. See story.

Commentary: Frank Baitman, president of Petards Inc., a Baltimore-based video surveillance firm, writes that patchwork state and local regulation of images captured by security cameras provides inadequate privacy guarantees. With more of these cameras being deployed each day by government agencies and private businesses, Congress needs to write laws governing how video images should be stored and distributed. See his article.

By Mike Shepard  |  February 11, 2008; 1:00 AM ET  | Category:  Morning Brief
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P.Merrick , F. Baitman and other owners of the web companies ; would be no where quickly were it not for MSN , Google, Yahoo and other more established companies.
While we all wish good fortune to the latest start ups ; it would be disasterous to overlook the occurances of today, Feb,11,2008 regarding the business between MSN and Yahoo.
Will the companies just beginning to grow , struggle for years only to meet such a fate ?
Today , in brief :
As of a couple of hours ago yahoo officially refused microsofts bid.

The street expected this likely-hood , even tho shares in yahoo sold for 1/2 what microsoft offered.

MSN is now open to consider a hostle take over of Yahoo.

The real issue is overlooked by both; neither has the engineering capabilities to stand as a viable force.

Software will not replace the search capability yahoo gave Google for the years they had used google as search engine.

As engines stand yahoo is second with google launching new capabilities unusable to yahoo .

Google could save yahoo, but merger is prohibited under anti-trust.

The next weeks may show the end of yahoo as an independant entity. Would seem they over-looked the obvious, a search engine without engineers cannot compete with one with.

As for microsoft, a hostile bid may cause them to go into debt indefinately and soft ware engineers will not create the hardware needed - search capability is not there.

As a desk top MSN works, as a competor to Google in Googles playing field , MSN desk top does not have the Web capability to stand.

Should be interesting , unless they pick up their marbles and go home.

Posted by: P A..Pointon | February 11, 2008 6:22 PM

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